Happy Father's Day Dad


When I was born into this world

An 8lb 15oz healthy baby girl

Before the doctor could

Even put me in mama’s arms

The first thing I looked into

Were your big brown gorgeous eyes

You were happy, you were loud

You told everybody about me

You were so proud

I was as thrilled to see you

As you were to see me

Because you were my daddy!

The moment I looked into your eyes

I knew that I’d love you

For the rest of my natural life

You always had a sixth sense

When it came to my defense

Always at your own personal expense

Everyone I knew would often say to me

Girl, you’ll never amount to s- - t!”

But you told me just as often

“Baby girl, don’t you even worry about it!”

You were there for me every time I needed you to be

You were there comforting me automatically

Every time I got into trouble

Each time I did anything bad

You were always there with me

Right there by my side

Whenever I was physically or emotionally abused

It was you daddy, who came to my rescue

You were the one who consoled me

Who loved me through it all and

Who always held me tight and

You were the one who promised me

That it was okay and that

Everything would be alright

Whenever I got into trouble which

Was way more often than not

You were there for me daddy

Johnny on the spot!”


When I got pregnant at age fifteen

Once again my loving father

You were right there on the scene

Telling me that it was not the end of the world

Loving me and letting me know that no matter what

I was still your little baby girl

When I started using drugs and

No one else in the family showed me love

You always rose above the constant convictions

And the negative predictions

You told me not to worry about the things they said

You said not to believe the hype

You assured me that everything in

My life and my child’s life, would be alright

Daddy, you always kept your word to me

Because you loved me unconditionally

I’ve done things in my life that

I could never be proud of

But you never judged me

You just always showered me

With your unconditional love!

Because of you daddy

Today, I’m better, and I’m wiser

And even though you’re not

Here with me any longer

I want you to know that because of

Your unconditional love for me

You made me so much stronger!


I Love You Dad!




aussiedee   aussiedee wrote
on 8/7/2008 9:02:29 AM
This is truly lovely. It made me think of my father who died over 18 years ago. I miss him dearly. He was one of natures gentlemen and a gentle man too. He was strong as a man, and as a father, and he loved his wife and his children with a strong secure and warm love. He was quiet about it, but we knew, without words or actions. We just KNEW. Thank God for men like my father and yours..... It's some of those qualities that I look for in the men in my life......and in the man with whom I would like to share the rest of my life. Thank you for bringing back the wonderful secure memories.....

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 6/20/2008 7:08:02 AM
Penname, I really appreciate your comments. They mean so much to me. You make me feel inspired by your words and I will continue to try and put out meaningful works. I write from my heart and I love telling stories with my poetry. Again, thanks for stopping by. :) Janice.

lanaia74   lanaia74 wrote
on 6/12/2008 7:36:05 AM
You were a big baby! Ouch! Ihave no parents now, I believe in honor thy mother and father. You have reall honored your dad here!Exceptionally donr!

penname   penname wrote
on 6/12/2008 6:04:08 AM
oh Warriorprincess, this is great. so lengthy and meaningful. i just love your style. its not often i see positive father's words of such uplift and honor. oh the rhyme and flow is superb "johnny on the spot" oh my God that was the best. so creative and again meaningful. i can see you "dont' write no junk" as they say. top quality. keep writing!

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 6/12/2008 5:28:18 AM
Thank you so much for the comment StarPoet. My dad was always my best friend. Wherever I lived, he moved where I was to be close to me and my children. He always looked out for me and I him. When he died last year, I felt like my heart broke in half! I miss him so much! But I'm okay because he knew how much I loved him! I told him as much every single day! And you know I love that song by Luther! :)

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