Expresions of dismatic Kosmic relative consciousness

Expression 1

Bums succumb to the gnarly needle thumb, done was one, he had won the gun. Rat tat tat was this sound of his hat, back crack went the sound of his gat.

Smack this smack that, on the back of a fat cat sits a scrawny monkey, with his whip he commands the ship into the dip and shouts shit.

Snake eyes, American pies, nihilist neighs, short good bys the world dies

From fly to maggot to man, one taste, ergot, eyes maced

Lines traced with out a trace

11, and 11, zeros and ones, no room for puns, forget it were done

Like one to six we crossed the river Styx, bathed in uncertain noise, Christ is reveled alive in five, through the fourth door Huxley greets me, one to two revels me, freeing three.

Expression 2

Coke into beer all in fear was the devils leer.

Liar Liar hair on fire drenched in the mire with the sound of your pyre,

should of read the flyer,

it was going to get dire.

Tryer and jury placed their fury to bury the worry.

Surely the incantation was translated wrong,

this cannot be,

is not,

this cannot be a clot,

what is this dot.

O he fought, truly distraught.

Pierced before him was the man of rocks, drawing the blood of his Christ heart,

satin sneered, combed her beard and spat thorns.

Father's roar unhinged the door, bled like a stuck pig was the child's heart.

Expression 3

He had found a light in the dark,

a torch in the midnight woods,

then lost it,

condemned to wander in darkness once again.

Vanished lights burnt on eye lids lead him to surrender hope of light,

and wallow in dream.

Direction was now conviction, vixen his sin, the moon now dim,

the curse lay in front of him, upon it lay where he had been.

Blind the whole while,

he felt a smile and the world revolved,

with it the arm of the Father.

Placed in light he had no delight,

though the northern wind guide him the apple of sin reminded him.

Was now time for another revolution,

solution & pollution in solution.

In the twilight of the midnight woods he stood,

unheard, hearing, he came bearing, watching, notching.

Darkness sustained him for 12 days and 12 nights,

ever waitful for a dim light,

not enough to pierce the night

but enough to bring light to his eyes.

Revolution of by and for the intuition, ambition for one and for all,

await another fall.

Poised, in a dignified perch, between twilight and sunlight,

the naturalness of the neutralness becomes fathomless,

sun and moon bottomless,

baby motherless,

child fatherless,

Blissful ease is the name of the human disease.

lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 1/30/2008 2:44:59 PM
I really enjoyed this!!

writing Walter
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This poem is a reflection of a critical time in my life, dug pretty deep for it. I know everyone will interpert it differntly but I want you to notice the mood(or not).
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