What GOD?
This was written by a friend a little over a year ago:  

"  Grandfather died

I think the thing that disturbs me the most is not the fact that he died, or going to see him in his bed and seeing his body lying in his bed lifeless with my parents. the thing that upsets me the most is the fact that no matter how hard i try, i really am, and i really want to believe he is in a better place, i just cant. at this point, i am so against religion, and against all the beliefs therein, i just cant believe he is in a better place."

This is much the way that I feel about life right now.  I don't see a point in believing in God and the son Jesus.  To me it seems just to be a story made up to ease the thought of death.  If there was nothing after death many would fear and anxiety would build and cause great wear on the body and mind.  What proof is there of any of it?  NONE!  Believe and have faith people say as they argue with others that their religion is the correct one.  Religion...  You choose one that suits your way of life and once it does not suit anymore you run of unto another one!!!  Further more how can one ever say that God, Jesus, and The Holy Ghost are the same being???  That is an insane notion. 

When was the last time a great miracle happened.  Like the parting of the sea or healing of the sick by one's touch???

It would rather make more sense to believe in a string theory that all beings are closely related by attached string that is unseen to the eye and their fate is already set.  In which I don't truly believe either.  attached by infinite strings that are unseen by the naked eye maybe, but a set fate I shall never believe!!!  Everyone will choose there own fate and none other.

I believe in something I guess similar to the ying and yang.  Everyone begins life with an equal amount of good and bad chi.  A weight that is true balanced.  Throughout your life each side spills and over flows and the opposite must counterbalance.  People go through spurts were life just plain sucks.  Do not fear.  The weight will be balanced.  Also the opposite were people are lucky and fortunate.  The weight will be balanced.  Such is life.

Fairy tales of after life made up by the churches to soothe your fears of dying are not necessary.  You live and you die.  It is nice to think that there would be something after death, but come on let us face reality.   

Wundrmom44   Wundrmom44 wrote
on 5/12/2008 10:38:43 AM
Hey Wags have you ever seen Donnie Darko? OOOhhh, great film a bit string theory related I think although I am no expert on such things. I agree with the seeker you have to find the answers inside yourself. I like to think I have an ecclectic spirituality, I take what I like and leave the rest... ahh freewill at work. To me God is love and sacrafice is just a part of loving something... especially something you've created... ie: a marriage... a child... a work of art... a written work perhaps? Have a great day from Kristina-witha-K

seeker561   seeker561 wrote
on 5/9/2008 12:43:56 AM
You seem to have religion and spirituality all mixed up with little quantum physics thrown in to further confuse things. ......................................................................................... The answers you seek are not out there. ............. The answer lies within. .............. It is not necessary to subscribe to any religious dogma to find your spirit. ............... Learn to quiet the voice inside your head and listen, just listen. ................. Spirit will find you. And the best part of all is that spirit will ask nothing of you. It has no demands, no rules and no requirements.

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