I need to write!
  I write to become stronger, and become strong to be a better writer.  I become discouraged very easily, but I still push through.  Writing is not always easy.  Well, I don't think it is easy very often at all.  I often read something and wonder if I can compare my writing to that?  Sometimes I read and tell myself how much on another field that writer is and can not help but think that I will never attain that level of writing. 
    What shall I do?  Really, I think I just need to try harder.  I am back in school, learning, fighting, trying.  I never really tried when it came to writing.  I just wrote.  I wrote with my heart, putting everything I had into it.  I wrote so much when I was in high school I did not know what to do with it.  I did not care about sentence structure or spelling and just went with the flow.  I can not do that anymore.
    Going to my first college level English class taught me a lot.  Spelling, sentence structure, and style are all very important.  I'm not the best at any of those, and I definitely need to brush up on some old skills.  Here are a few websites with a little help:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dialogue 

Hints for Writers


Making It Magical Hints For Writing Good Fantasy


danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 5/14/2008 5:19:53 AM
It is awesome that you are back in college. I started back a year ago after 20 years out. I'm doing really well and am proud of myself. You should be proud too. It will be tough at times especially with kids but hang in there and the rewards will be great. I can't wait till we can call you .....teacher!!

Wundrmom44   Wundrmom44 wrote
on 5/5/2008 8:44:32 AM
Editing... right? Sometimes I will just sit at the computer and write what comes to mind without worrying about structure or whatever and if I like any of it, then it becomes a project that I will work on and correct, or try to correct. Maybe I'll spend a couple of hours on it or maybe a couple of days... let it flow Waggy. Have a great week... Kristina

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