Don't drink and drive....
  At some point last night after the nine or ten, maybe even more drinks I had fallen asleep.  That was very debatable, maybe I had passed out.  Unsure at this point...
    I don't remember going to sleep or for that matter where and when I went to sleep.  Only to wake up in a dark wooded type place.  My back aching and not knowing where I was.  What to do?  Everything seemed to have a grim grayish look to it.  None of the trees had leaves, and there wasn't a sound of even a mouse scurrying through the woods.  
    It was still night time as I could tell.  How long had I been out?  Was it still today or maybe even tomorrow?  I was confused,    sore,    and lost.  What to do?  No particular direction seemed to lead anywhere.  There was no light, no noise, just a feeling of gloom and confusion.
"Where am I?"
    But there was no one to answer my question, so I started walking.  There was no path I just picked a direction and stretched one leg after another in that direction.  It was a weird feeling.  Each step felt as though I were a giant.  One leg stretching on to what seemed forever before my foot actually touched the ground again.
    I walked for what seemed hours upon hours, looking back to see what seemed like my exact starting point only steps away.  What was going on.  Had I gone anywhere?  I was beginning to become frightened.  Had I been drugged?  What the HELL was going on???
    A little glimmer of a light to the left through the trees.  I know I saw it, only to be gone in a flash.  That's the way I'll go.  Something rustles behind me, but what?
"Hello, is anyone there?"  
    Nothing, not a word or a sound after that.  What ever it was didn't make a move.  Was it afraid of me?  No, this couldn't be.  If it were an animal the sound of my voice probably would have sent it running in the other direction.
"Hello, who is there?  Answer me!"
    Still nothing, not even a crinkle of sound.  It was as though the entire forest had gone silent to the sound of my voice.  It was time for me to go, before I get so freaked out I lose my mind.  That's if I haven't already.  Now which way was that light?  I think to the left.  
"Crunch, Crinkle.." comes a noise from behind me.
    I took off running for dear life.  What ever it is I won't let it get me.  "Run for the light" I kept telling myself.  It is here somewhere.  Please be here somewhere.  A flicker I saw it again, almost there.  
    At this point I can feel something grabbing at me, pulling at my clothes.  I am running scared almost to death.  A million things going through my mind. Could it be a bear, and ax-murder, incest hillbillies looking for there next meal?  I don't care, they are not gonna get me.  I am almost to the light.  I can see it now.   

"huuuuuh, eolk, eolk huuh..."

"We have a pulse chief"

"What about the two in the other vehicle?"

"They didn't make it chief."

What was going on?  I didn't understand. 

", what going.... on ?"  It seemed I could barely move.

"You were in an accident sir.  Apparently you collided with that minivan down in the woods."

All of a sudden I feel a half a dozen hands grab around me!

"Chief he is convulsing!"

"You are going no where friend."

Back into the dark gray forest I fell.  Surrounded by what appeared to be a woman and three small children.  At least I think that is what they are.  They seemed deformed and wretched looking.

"See what you did to us friend.  You did this.  You after drinking all night decided to drive down this road, our road.  You took our lives, and now we will have yours  for an eternity.  We will feast!  You will be our buffet.


"Hey buddy, wake up," falling over on the floor with a thump to the head..

It was all a dream.  I am free!  

"The bar is closing bud, you need to hit the road."

It was a short walk to the door.  An ugly door covered with graffiti it was, but it was the only way out, so  I swung the door open.  Darkness, I was confused.  Darkness with a grim feel like no other.  I looked back to only see trees with no leaves.

 "I told you friend, your soul now belongs to us....."


StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/20/2008 8:27:07 PM
Nicely done. There is a message here for all who drink and drive. This should remind them of the consequences they face not only from the law, but their victims. Good entwining of fiction and real life.

Short Story
writing Waggy
"Something new is on the way!"
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