Sonata from the heart

Sonata from the heart



Here, yes! I’m still here…

And right, my heart is still waiting

For that song from my brother and sister

Who left my soul still wanting…

Dirty clouds above my head

Sadness filled my dreams when I’m in bed

Broken pieces of my soul which I still search for

Smile from his face that I’m still longing for…


I’m down with my bended knees crying…

Asking myself where I should be staying,

Soul so down, heart is regretting…

Oh hope…why? Why are you leaving?

All I want from the beginning

Is security and protection that’ll make my life worth living…

But why oh why? Why my dreams do came falling?

What did I do wrong? Oh please answer me…My soul is asking…


I ran through the woods,

Then nature healed my wounds…

Hope that I thought will never come

Knocked my heart and touched my palm…

Whispered into my ears, calmed my senses

Cleansed my dirt away and shade me from my own curses…

At last! I found my sunset…

A beginning of a new life without any fret


A sonata from my heart belongs to heaven

Belongs to nature and the whole world…

To let them know that anywhere is a lucky seven

That earth is for you and me, for us all!

Disastrous things always make us strong, we should be thankful…

Miraculous things always make us live long, we should all be thankful…

“Universe is beyond imagination”

All living things, you are the answer and the solution” itself…


“Fall is not always the end of everything,

In fact it is the answer to what we’re asking,

Life, yes we are the life…The masterpiece of art…

We must be thankful and share each sonata from each heart!”


I don’t believe in God from the bible,

Yet, I believe that there is a God who created the universe…We are the proof…

prettyflower1_73   prettyflower1_73 wrote
on 10/9/2009 10:26:16 AM
I can feel the emotions that you depict in this piece. I love how it reads, very easy to follow yet the reader has to imagine somethings on their own. It is a read that makes you think no matter who you are. I think it's wonderful.

Deva   Deva wrote
on 9/28/2009 9:29:43 AM
hi wan, remembering me? good approach towards god. i also believe in god...u see, the stories from the bible, Ramayana, Mahabharata, quran, etc.. all make the belief in god very strong. the style of writing is giving super naturality to god. obviously, it is like that, otherwise he cant make such a vast and surprising universe.....and my friend morlockkeeper says, there are somebody, who walk in middle of these two concepts.......without clearing dilemma throughout the life.. and here.... ...........Why my dreams do came falling?, is there not a grammatical mistake? good concept....

MorlockKeeper   MorlockKeeper wrote
on 9/27/2009 2:57:21 PM
"God" could very well exist. Although this god is probably is one without sentience. I don't believe in the bible God either--he seems more like a raving lunatic to me--but I don't completely rule him out either. Thoughtful poem, Wan. Good job.

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writing WAN
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