Chapter 1
Beep beep beep beep beep *Click*

    I shut off my obnoxious sounding alarm, then looking at the time, 5:30 a.m., I pulled myself out of bed. I had came back home around 2:00 a.m., after fighting a losing battle, for a client that was undeniably guilty, even I knew that and I was supposed to be fighting for his innocence!

     My large house was silent as usual, nobody home but me. I walked down the set of stairs and lead myself into my oversized kitchen, where I ate my breakfast in complete silence. This was my normal routine now, ever since I graduated law school, it's the same thing everyday.
  • Wake up
  • Eat
  • Get Dressed
  • Double check files
  • Go to work
  • Work my ass off
  • Get home
  • Go to sleep
    Then it repeats, over and over again. Though it causes me little sleep, I love my job. I am a lawyer and I'm proud of it. I love the feeling of when I prove a client innocent, winning the trial. Just seeing the people's face's when they hear they're not going to jail, is more than enough payment for me. 

     It was time for the third step of my daily life. Get dressed. It never took that long to get dressed, because my outfit is basically the same thing everyday. Either pants or a skirt, undershirt, tie, blazer or a suit jacket, and high heels. My hair was the thing the occupied most of my time. My golden brown hair was down to the middle of my back. 

     I somehow manage to pull it all to my head, creating a nice and neat bun that sits promptly on the higher part of the back of my head. Lastly, it's me struggling to find my thin, black glasses, that I always seem to misplace. I had already set my papers out, checked and ready to be packed, so I can head out straight away.  

       I grabbed my briefcase and headed out of the pristine French doors. As I arrived at the court, I immediately went to the judge's office to gather my client's papers, for the day. I thanked the judge as I walked out of the door and to the cells where they kept the defendants. It was cell 405 that I was looking for. The cell holding case number 795, Aiden Chambers.

     "Hello. I hope I'm not interrupting anything. My name is Riley Sterling, I will be your lawyer for today's trial." I walk in the door, not bothering to look up from the files until I was done talking. I set the files on the desk, watching from the corner of my eye, as the guard slowly moved in closer.

     "So you're going to be my lawyer? Hm, first time I've had one that actually looked younger than me." I kept my eyes to the side and my head down, far more interested in the guard than what this idiot who's on trial is saying. THe guard seems to keep shifting, inching closer to the table, but not my side. The defendant's side. The guard had rarely even taken notice to me, his eyes have been locked on the man across from me since I arrived and who knows how long before that.

     "Okay, so you're here because you openly shot a woman, mid thirties, caucasian, name Dahlia Tanner....." I paused. That was it. The name on the guard's badge read Tanner. The woman must of been his wife. "Name Dahlia Tanner. Maiden name Dahlia Winchester?" I finished my sentence, now noticing how the guard's eyes were blood shot, dark bags underneath.

     "Yep! And you don't really have to try so hard. I shot her. Right in the throat, then right in between the eyes. I'm guilty. Let me rot in prison and you just go home for the day." I looked at him. His blonde hair was tousled, the grease keeping it in form. He had a sadistic smile across his face. If anyone else had seen him like this, they would of believed that he was guilty, but I didn't. There was just something about this situation that seemed all too familiar..... He was innocent and I was the only one who knew.

     I could also tell from the look in his eyes. He knew about the guard, who he had never taken his eye off of him, hardly even blink. Aiden Chambers knew that it was the guard's wife that had been killed, but yet, he was still stating it free and clear that he had killed her out of cold blood. The guard tried to make a swift move, pouncing from his spot in the room, directly towards his prey, which in this case was Aiden.

        He may have been quick, but so was I. As a lawyer I was trained for situations like these, whether it be the defendant trying to kill someone or the guard. I had stood up, the chair falling backwards, then maneuvering around the table I blocked aiden just in time. The guard was aiming to strangle Aiden's throat, but with my arm in the way, his thick, beefy hand wrapped around the middle of my lower arm, quickly cutting of circulation.

     "I'm sorry, but please refrain from making physical contact with the defendants. No matter what the case, you are not, nor will you ever be, permitted to lay a finger on my client as long as I am around. Now release my arm or I may have to go to the judge, who may I remind you is just down the hall, and file a report on you for attempted homicide." I had my poker face on, no matter how much I wanted to smirk at his discomfort.

     "Tsk...!" He clicked his tongue, softening his grip on my arm, then releasing completely, stepping back to his corner of the room, where he just stood silently.

     "Thank you. Now, may we continue?" I glance up at the man, his face still in a state of shock.

     "You really take this job really seriously, don't you. You could have gotten really hurt, I mean, that guy was ready to kill me." He leaned away from the table, glancing nonchalantly at the guard.

     "Yes, I know. But for the time being, you are under my care, whether I like it or not, and that means protecting you, even if that means if I get hurt in the process." He raised a suspicious eyebrow at me, but I chose to ignore it and kept looking through the files.

     "You really are different from most lawyers...." He chuckles under his breath.

     "How so?" I turned one of the pages of the files.

     "For one, you're way younger that all the rest, which are like forty something, while you're like twenty-four or twenty-five?" He smiled cautiously, hoping he didn't offend me.

     "I'm twenty-three." I answer simply, seeing his shocked face.

     "But.... Doesn't it take about seven years to complete law school, so if you graduate high school at eighteen, you would be twenty-five, right?"

     "What years I got out of high school, doesn't no concern you. I am her to talk about and defend your case, that is it." I finally looked up from the files, which I have finished reviewing and had set them off to the side.

     "And you're cold, showing no interest in me at all. Most of the lawyer's I've had would have made at least one pass at me by now, it was actually quite annoying." He looked interested, acting as if I was a strange toy he had never seen before.

     "I'm not like most lawyers. Now let's get to the case." I was beginning to get irritated at his carefreeness, but also at myself. I had a job to do, yet I was getting swept upi my this moron's questions.

     "Okay, that's true that you're unlike most lawyers, but how 'bout.... If you win the case and I don't go to jail, you let me take you out for coffee or something to show my.... Gratitude." He had this sadistic smile again. 

     Quite annoying you said.... Hypocrite.

     "No. I don't tend to see my clients outside of court. Now on the files it said that you have been to jail once before and juvenile detention as a child...." I glanced over at the guard, who had slide down the wall and fallen asleep.

     "How can you say no so easily? It's like you don't care the slightest about me....." I could feel a vein pop out of my forehead.

     "Mr. Chambers. I am trying to discuss vital information with you. At least try and cooperate, so you don't go to jail... again." I harshly slide the files over to him, hoping that he would finally take it seriously, seeing that his ass is on the line.

     "Mr. Chamber's? That's the first time someone has called me that before. See you really are interesting, but you seem like you're getting angry, so I'll tell you everything and cooperate. But I am taking this as a yes to our meeting once we win." He smiles, opening the files himself, taking out the first paper.

     "Okay, you may come over to my house if we win, but you're going to get called up to the stands, so you'll have to be able to convince them of your innocence, also don't you dare say that you're guilty, because I know that you're either covering for someone, or you think that just saying that you did it is the easiest way to get out of this!" I stare at him. My words take a bit to catch up to him, but when they do, his face tells me all I need to know.

     "How..." He looked scared, like he was looking at someone who absolutely terrified him. "How did you know, that I was covering for someone...." The looked remained on his face, his eyes darted around nervously, as if looking for someone.

     "Wait... You aren't just covering for someone, are you?" I knew exactly what was going on. Now I had no choice but to prove him innocent.

     "The trail is about to start, please start setting up at the defendants table." A speaker sounded, suddenly waking the guard up. He grabbed Aiden and lead him out of the door, in front of me.


     "The trail of Aiden Chambers is about to start. He is on trail for the murder of 34 year old, Dahlia Tanner. Lawyer state your name and what you think of your client's case." The judge ordered from his high seat. I nodded and stood up, surprised to hear a small "Good luck" from Aiden.

     "Hello jury, your honor. I am Rilella Sterling, but please address me as Riley Sterling. I will be Mr. Chamber's lawyer, also convincing you of his innocence. I don't believe he is innocent because I am his lawyer, but I heard his story and I looked over his files. My brain pieces information together like a puzzle, until it reveals the answer, that's why I became a lawyer. Hearing Aiden's case, I couldn't help, but to a triple take on his files." The judge cut me off.

     "Miss Sterling, is it? You seem to know "Aiden" very well. Perhaps you know him outside of this court?"

     "No, This morning was our first meeting, I just do a lot of research. Speaking of research I have a little footage from the day of the shooting. May I show it?" I ask the judge, who granted permission.

     "Wait! I object! Video's are irrelevant, especially if Sterling's information is correct, if she thinks that Chamber's is innocent!" The lawyer, who's client was pressing charges, shouted, already getting heated.

     "Your honor, may I speak?" I ask, and am once again granted.

     "Yes, I would like to hear what you have to say about this." Judge leans forward. I know we can both tell that the prosecutor's lawyer is a amateur, but was still very skilled.

     "Okay, I don't think I've heard your name?" I ask, taking a step forward, my poker face still on, not giving away a thing.

     "Adam Smith. My client's name is Kinsley Winchester, the victim's sister." I nod, taking a quick moment to study the sister of Tanner.

     "Okay, Mr. Smith. I would like to know why are you objecting so early? You're obviously nervous about the video. Is there a chance that you know something about the video that you wouldn't like others to know?" I tilt my head and look towards the judge, who was also awaiting an answer.

     "No. I just find that a video taken from someone's phone or something of that sort would be useless, because it could make countless errors." I turn my back on Smith and link my fingers together. 

     "Mr. Smith, you really should learn not to make a assumptions, they could be the ending to your lawyer career."

     "Irrelevant!" Smith yells again, but the judge overrules it and tells me to continue and to get to the point.

     "It just so happens that before arriving at the court, I stopped by the scene of the crime and asked for the street camera, that just so happened to catch everything that happened." I glance at Aiden and smirked in victory.

     They started the video, showing in front of the shop, where the shooting took place. I started pointing out Aiden and Mrs. Tanner, as well as some of the witnesses. 

     "As you can see there is a man next to Mr. Chamber's. They seem to be standing awfully close for just walking down the street. I mean, even if they were dating or something like that... Right there! Pause the video!" I walk up to the screen and pull out a washable marker.

     "You can see the man next to Aiden, wearing a hoodie, handing Aiden something. Some people may not think so, but I can tell this man was prepared for this. You see that as the video plays on, he keeps on looking back, but Aiden keeps his head forward. The man also has a hood, hat and mask on. Now playing a little bit farther, you see Aiden's face twist, as if he had something to do, but he didn't want to." I took a breath, taking one last look at the video before I continued.

     "You see a little argument break out between the two, then Aiden was about to just walk away, when the man grabs his arm and pulls him back, then whispering something in Aiden's ear, he let's go and starts to walk away. Then he looks back one last time, before breaking into a full sprint as Aiden pulls out the gun and shoots. WHat I'm getting out is not that Aiden is the mastermind of this, nor is he covering fr someone. He's being blackmailed to do someone else's dirty work! You can tell clearly from Aiden's face, that he wanted no part in this. Something was being held over his head!" I look to the judge and nod, going to take my seat when the judge calls me back.

     "Miss Sterling? Do you have any clue to who this "Blackmailer" could be?" I was hoping he would ask this.

     "Actually yes. Let me explain. The man in this video is approximately five feet eleven inches, making his an average sized male, but also he had about shoulder length hair, that is a light blonde. There is a small lock hanging out from the hood. He had brown eye, I can tell, because he did not wear glasses to cover them. Also, I've been a lawyer long enough, I've basically memorized how a blackmailer's mind works. I can already tell that the person who blackmailed Aiden is in this court. He may not be in this particular trail room, but I am one hundred percent sure that he is in this building." The judge nods and dismisses me to my seat. Someone in the crowd caught my eye, but I ignored it, because he hand black hair, but there was a blonde streak, right where I saw the blonde on the video. It scared me how much his features resembled mine.

     "Prosecutors turn, lawyer state what you want. And start pulling up the people you would like to question when you are ready." The judge says, making me watch as the lawyer steps up and clears his throat.

     "You did a great job, you really are amazing." Aiden whispers in my ear, but I nudge him away.

     "Shut up, you need to listen, he might call you up to the stands." I hear Aiden chuckle.

     "Sir, I would like to jump right into calling up the people I would like to question. I would like Miss Sterling to step up to the stands and answer a few questions." I was slightly taken by surprise that he would as me up first, but I stood anyway, without question.

     "Ask away, Mr. Smith." I take a seat in the single chair, near the judge's chair. He, again, clears his throat, taking another step forward.

     "Miss Sterling, you said your brain pieces information together like a puzzle, correct?" He asks, glancing at his papers.

     "Yes." I say simply, wondering on where he was going with this.

     "Then why did you're brain leave out a piece of vital information?" He smirks, hoping to have caught me off guard.

     "And what did I miss?" I ask.

     "That, in the video, the man... um, hold on, let me look at my papers...." I couldn't help but laugh and catch everyone's attention, even Mr. Smith's.

     "Why did I leave out that the man in the video couldn't of been the blackmailer? Well, that'll play out later. Mr. Smith. You can't just show your cards so early in the game, that just wouldn't be fun. I'm letting the mystery man piece himself together in my head by himself. I am determined to prove that Aiden is innocent, because he is. I have no doubt in my mind. But, of course, the man that handed him the gun isn't the blackmailer, because he is also being blackmailed, by the same man as Aiden. And I just so happen to know that the man with Aiden did not leave, but instead crossed the street and hid behind the corner for Aiden." I took a breath and continued, because it was starting to get good.

     "Though Aiden never made it back to him. Aiden was immediately arrested, because there was a cop nearby. The man, then seeing that Aiden was arrested, took another gun that he had, waited till the police were gone, to try shooting this place up again, only this time himself. I also happen to know that that man is in this very room, witnessing this trail. But later on he got caught by the pols and now, while watching this trail, he is waiting for his." My eyes glanced up at the man with the blonde streak. Our eyes met and he tore them away quickly, making me chuckle.

     "You're bluffing! About the man in this room, the man in this building, about the trail later, you're bluffing about all of it!" Smith yells at me, but all I can do is look up at the ceiling and chuckle even more.

     "No. I am serious. I'll even ask the judge myself." I turn to the judge, after sliding out of the seat and in front of everyone, while I try my hardest for my voice not to crack, "Judge, aren't you going to the trail for Felix Sterling after this? He was arrested directly after Aiden, for the exact same reason." I explain.

     "Yes, I am. How do you know about this. You aren't even a lawyer for the defendant or prosecutor." I smile and look at the ground, then lift my head again.

     "I may not be the lawyer for either of them, but I know everything about Felix Sterling, except for who is blackmailing him." That was the thing that troubled me.

     "Hey, you're still on the stand, so you have to answer questions directly. Who is Felix Sterling to you?" Sometimes Smith sounded really stupid.

     "Can't you tell from the last names? He's my younger brother." The room went silent, not even the Judge nor Smith spoke, until the Judge looked at the time.

     "Okay, on that note, we will take a lunch break, be back in one hour. Dismissed." He slams his gavel on his desk and everyone starts to file out, looking around them, whispering.

     "Come on. You're eating lunch with me, so we can discuss more." I pack up my files on the desk and put them back into my briefcase.

     "Nah, I think I'll eat alone." Aiden said. He seemed troubled by something, probably the information i had just said.

     "I'm sorry, that wasn't a question. You're coming with me whether you want to or not." I scoffed at him, heading towards the door, him right behind me.

     "Pushy woman." He mumbled, chuckling at the same time. I pushed open the door and started heading towards the cafeteria, I saw Felix standing near the corner, one foot on the wall, his hands in his pockets, a woman standing next to him, but they weren't talking.

     "Sis!" He called, his face lighting up when he saw me. He ran towards us, scaring me a little, because he was quite a bit taller than me.

     "Felix....." I said, sort of in a growl, but Felix didn't hear that part.

     "Yes.....!" He said, wrapping his arms around me, embracing me in a tight hug.

     "You freaking idiot!" I yell, hitting him on the head with my briefcase, making him let go and step back.

     "What was that for, Sis?" I could feel another vein pop.

     "One, do not call me "Sis" while we're in court. Call me either Riley, or Miss Sterling. Two, you got arrested! And you're being blackmailed! And you didn't even tell me!" He took another step back, and covered his face, as if he were afraid I was to hit him.

     "Wow, Aiden did you tell her everything?" Felix leaned to the side, to look at Aiden, who had been standing there just watching.

     "Nuh-uh. She figured it out all by herself. I even told her that I did it, but then she somehow came to this conclusion." Felix looked at me, then started shaking his head.

     "You always had something about you. You were able to figure out, even the most complicated situations, as if they were child's play. You were right when you said that you were going to become the best lawyer ever." I smiled, recalling the day I said that. Felix and I were 7 and we were talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Felix had told me that I would never be a good lawyer because I was too soft, then I yelled at him and said that I would become the best lawyer ever.

     "I also wasn't wrong when I said that your blackmailer is in the building, like, right there." I darted my eyes towards the other hallway, where a guy was perched, his arms crossed. He was staring at us.

     "Um, Riley? He's staring at you. We need to get to somewhere populated, so he can't do anything." Felix said, obviously have jitters.

     "Oh please, he can't do anything now. I need to reveal him to the court, then that would set both of you free with minimal charges.... But I need evidence." I sighed, again, locking my eyes with the man in the hall. He smirked. The same sadistic smirk that Aiden had in that room. He kept locked with my eyes, the smirk now turned into a psychotic grin as he pulled his thumb across his throat, then put his index finger and middle finger to his temple and acted as if he was pulling a trigger. Then falling to the side, he caught himself. He smiled then left the hallway.

     "You lied. You didn't shoot her in the throat, then in the head. You slit her throat, then shot her in the head." I said quickly, the puzzle in my head taking out pieces and replacing them with new ones.

     "Hey, where are you going with this?" Aiden asks starting to get worried.

     "Let's go to the cafeteria. I need a place to sit down and put this all together." I rushed to the double doors that lead to the people filled room.


    We sat at one of the empty tables in the corner of the room. I sat on one side, while Aiden, Felix, and the woman sat on the other. I immediately spilled everything from my briefcase onto the table, spreading it everywhere, so I could see everything clearly.

     "Okay! This doesn't make any sense!" I was starting to get flustered, throwing papers everywhere, just to find another.

     "Sis, you're going to give yourself a headache if you think this much with your hair tied up, you should take it down." I never stopped looking through the papers.

     "As if I have time to mess with my tangled hair! We only have about thirty-five minutes left for me to come up with good proof on who the blackmailer is. And I can't just have you guys point him out, because the JUdge might just think that you are accusing some random person, just to get away!" I could see that Felix smirked as he walked behind me and slowly undid the bun, letting my hair fall past my shoulders, framing me face.

     "Also, you should be wearing glasses when you only need them to see far away, and you're looking at something close up." He went to sit back down. I acknowledged what he said and threw off my glasses, keeping my eyes sorting out the file information.

     "What...." I mumble, jerking my head up and throwing a couple files at Aiden.

     "Why are you throwing papers at me!?" Aiden yell, putting the papers in a neater pile.

     "On the autopsy forms of Dahlia, it shows a slit throat and a bullet wound to the head, just like I said, correct? Well, it also says that there was a puncture wound to the throat, but instead of being in the middle, it was more to the left. Also on the weapons that you had when you were arrested, you were found only to have a gun." I watched AIden as he looked through the files, then a sly grin appearing on his face.

     "I want to see how you figure this out. Go, Miss Sterling. I want to hear every detail." The grin never left his face when I started shifting through the files again.

     "Okay well, we already know that a knife was in your possession at the time, yes? So that means that on the video, the viewers had some blind moment, to where we couldn't see what was going on, because you never once made a move towards her throat, that we were able to see....." My eyes went wide.

     "By God, I think she's on to something!" Felix said playfully, thinking I was completely wrong on something.

     "Yes! I am!" I yelled, standing up and sliding out the bench.

     "What!" Felix said, also standing up, but then sitting right back down as I started to speak.

     "There was this one moment on the video, where something passed over the camera, blocking our view! The whole time you right hand was occupied by the gun! So, that means, that the knife had been in your left hand when you stabbed her throat. No correct me if I'm wrong, but you went to slit her throat first, right?" I paused, giving Aiden time to answer.

     "Yeah, I went after her throat first. What about it?" I smirked and pointed a finger at him.

     "Exactly. You didn't shoot her first. Of course, she would have ample time to move if you swung a knife at her, because she could see you, with you being in front of her and all. So, my guess is that you swung your knife at her, hoping to slit her throat, because I am guessing that's what he wanted you to do. But her seeing you coming and all she moved, causing you to miss." I took a deeper breath and grabbed a file, just so I could hold it.

     So, after missing, you decided it would be easier just to plunge it into her throat, so you did just so. Then going to take another swing at her, you cut her throat. Though, you are a softy, you couldn't just stand there and watch her die that slow and pain filled death, so you shot her in the head, ending all the pain, and may I mention, hope, she had." I was beaming, even though I was talking about how someone brutally murdered someone.

     "You should be a detective! Not a lawyer!" Felix yells, looking back and forth from Aiden to me.

     "I take that as I'm right?" I say, my face now searching the files again, "I may be right, but I know I'm missing something crucial..." I mumble to myself.

     "But see? You found out how she died and you know who our blackmailer is! You solved the mystery! Now all that's left is to get him arrested!" I looked up. Even though I've only know Aiden for a couple of hours, I knew he wasn't this happy-go-lucky guy. He and my brother were hiding something, I knew it couldn't be this easy, nothing was this easy.

     There was a scream from down the hall, the hall that we were just in when I say the blackmailer. It was a woman's scream. Running out there, all I saw was blood, lots and lots of blood was spilled on the tiled floor. The woman was already dead. A puncture in her throat was made with a pair of scissors, there was also a slit in her throat... and a hole in her head. I knew I had heard a loud bang before, but I had no clue it had been a gun. It must of had a silencer on it.

     "Thanks for the advice. I would have never thought of killing someone like this. So creative." A voice whispered in my ear as someone passed. I spun around, but they had already been gobbled up by the crowd.

     "Damn it!" I yelled, bunching up my bangs in my hand, forcing them up, out of my face.

     "Holy crap." Felix gasped, making me even more pissed odd then I already was. I walked over to him slapped him hard, across his face.

     "Stop acting so surprised! Felix, are you happy that this happened?" I ask, my breaths getting shorter.

     "No! Of course not! Why would I want someone to die?!" He defends.

     "Felix! You were caught on the street, KILLING PEOPLE! Because what? Did that man threaten your family? Threaten to kill us? What? Whatever it was people are getting killed, because of what you two are doing. Both of you knew that Mrs. Tanner hadn't died that way, but I played out into yours and our mystery man's hands and came up with this. Felix, Aiden, because you are keeping secrets from me, innocent people are getting killed for no reason, I can't do my job, which is to keep criminals off the streets and protect the innocent people around here, but people like you are making it impossible!" I yell, as the guards come piling through. I grab Felix and Aiden and take them around a corner, because I wasn't done ranting yet.

     "Riley, look...." Aiden tried to say something, but I was smoldering mad.

     "No! You two look! This is my job. Right now, it's not my job to be an older sister, or a friend that you go drinking with, but to be a lawyer. If I can't do that, then why the hell am I here? I can be nice or I can be the Devil, you choose. But I swear, if you two don't stop keeping secrets from me, I will give up on both of you completely. I will have you both locked up for the rest of your lives. I don't care if your my brother, Mom and Dad wouldn't blame me one bit for what goes down. As for you, Aiden, I actually am your lawyer, and you're looking pretty damn guilty right now. I am the only thing between you and that cold cell in prison. Now, I'm going to go out there and try gather more information, and save your sorry asses from being accused." I growl at them. I glare at them one more time, then the anger completely dissolving into sadness that my brother had lied to me. You could see the sorrow on y face, I know Felix and Aiden saw it because, they looked away. 

     I turned and left towards the guard, who was on his walkie-talkie.

     "Yes sir. I will bring Aiden Chambers and Felix Sterling to the court room right away."

     I stopped dead in my tracks.
Chapter 2

     I knew today I wouldn't be going home. I would have to stay here all night and defend them. They weren't even worth defending anymore. I can't believe that I'm saying this about my own brother, but it was true. Aiden and Felix aren't even worth defending anymore, and they knew it. They knew I was was on edge and I was this close from quiting their case, but that wasn't me. Sure I was mad, but that whole quitting thing was just a bluff, so they would quit lying to me.

     "Um, sir, excuse me! Why are Sterling and Chambers being brought to the court room? We still have 10 minutes of break." I asked the guard, who was on his walkie-talkie, asking for the other guards to find the two idiots.

     "I don't know. Judge's orders. Why? Do you have business with them?" He questions me, crossing his arms, as if he was ready to arrest me. I had to choose the right words or else all three of us were screwed.

     "Actually, I was sent by the Judge to distract you. See how 

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Two criminals being blackmailed, a lawyer with a complex, but photographic memory, mystery man, covering up his every track. Sounds fun right? Being sent on a wild goosechase, almost getting arrested, tricking, more like deceiving.