My Beautiful Wee Man

The first time that I held you, you were so small

I knew I would protect you from everything and all

You were so beautiful I had to pause

To realize that you are mine and I am yours


Your eyes, your nose, your hands, your feet

Each so exquisite and each so sweet

Angels’ wings had slowed their pace

To behold the beauty of your sweet face.


While holding you I sighed in rapture

Knew that if you cried your tears I would capture


But you didn’t cry, you barely made a sound

And now it seems that silence is all around


I felt your heart beat as you lay against me

In a way I thought it always would be


But our time together was not to last

Your little life taken from me far to fast.


We never knew or guessed that our moment of bliss,

That our happy time would end like this.


As the tides changed winter’s return began

Turning everything cold in the way only snow can


The doctors words, ‘his heart is still,’

Made me feel so hollow and weak and sickly and ill.


My world turned cool as did your little face

As the snow locked the world in a cold embrace


You looked so peaceful, already at rest

Just how you did when times were best


Back when you lay within my arms

So sweet and small and safe from harm


From everything and all I couldn’t protect you

No way of knowing and nothing I could do


The snow that falls lays heavy on my broken heart

For my darling one we are now apart


The kisses that I laid upon your face

You can no longer feel and are displaced


I held you close to keep you warm

To keep you safe from the bitter snow storm


But my warmth to you is shortly sold

As your little head becomes so cold


You are gone from me now to sleep forever

Sweet dreams my love until we are together.

Trenchtownrock   Trenchtownrock wrote
on 6/23/2009 8:07:38 AM
This is very beautiful and sad at the same time...wonderfully expressed.

MW   MW wrote
on 6/23/2009 8:07:01 AM
Hi Ms. Ve:-d Oh this is a very very sad poem, a sentimental touching poem:(

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/23/2009 3:40:20 AM
A deep and touching piece here. I feel for you and with you for no mother wants to bury her children. My best goes out to you and your family.

Ve   Ve wrote
on 6/23/2009 3:21:56 AM
Be kind guys, I don't think i could take much critisism on this piece

writing Ve
We are all here to make our own mistakes :)
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For my beautiful wee man, (translation: beautiful little baby) For Sam Macalan Day I will miss you forever and think of you till we meet again.