Chapter 16 Dreaming of Dantoor


Dreaming of Dantoor

Lilly relaxed on the mossy bark of an oak tree. A grey wolf ran to her side and licked her hand, making her jerk in surprise but settled down to stroke the young wolf. The man in furs appeared on the branches above her and sat watching her.

“Mia, come here,” he said, lightly patting the tree. The wolf leapt up into the low branches and sat next to the strange man. Ceira sat on the ground and played with her hair.

“Tristan, stop showing off.” Ceira was some what hypercritical to her statement as she was clearly stroking her soft hair to impress Tristan with his rough and dirty strands of wire hair mixed with debris from the ground. Lilly suddenly felt very tired and drained so she curled up beside the tree roots.

“I’m not showing off. I just want Mia to sit with me.” Tristan looked smug and stroked the wolf softly.

“Lilly this is Tristan. He is a guard of the High Council. He doesn’t really have magic, just trickery and illusion. The mirage of false view is a remarkable thing.” Ceira smiled at Tristan.

“And illusions coming to life, and trees moving, or bones dancing are of course the simplest of all party tricks that even a child could master.” Tristan smiled although with spite in his eyes. The two seemed to be insulting each other but in jest as they both smiled and agreed with each statement.

“True, they are tricks but deception is one of the best weapons we women have.” Ceira spoke sarcastically and widened her eyes and pouted her lips to appear childish and helpless. Lilly remained quiet.

“So what does the drowsy witch do? Snore?” Tristan grinned at Lilly from his high seat.

Lilly spoke quietly:

“I freeze things.”

“Really?” Tristan teased.

“Why drowsy?” asked Ceira.

“She’s getting sleepy. You freeze things? Like what?”

“Water,” she said meekly.

“Eh? You wait for winter; stand in front of a puddle and when it freezes over you can claim it was you. You’re right Ceira; deception is your best weapon.”

“And fire,” Lilly added absentmindedly.

“Ooh now we’re getting somewhere. Anything else?”

Lilly glanced at the wolf by Tristan’s side then closed her heavy eyes.


Ceira laughed.

“You asked for that one, Trist. Leave her alone.”

“Hey, no need to be nasty about it, my snooze.”

“Trist, I said leave her. I thought the High Council had found out which one was . . . not all there.”

“Mia, go and sit with Ceira.” The wolf jumped down onto the ground and nuzzled Ceira. “Not all there? You mean out of his mind as well as his body. They can’t. They can only hear each other and feel their presence but cannot identify a single member.”

Lilly fell asleep on the tree trunk. Tristan smiled and dropped some moss and twigs on her. She didn’t move. Ceira leaned over to her to check if she was all right. Her skin was ice cold and her eyes were moving rapidly beneath their lids.

“What’s the matter with her?” asked Tristan sitting up to see if Lilly was all right.

“She’s alright. Dantoor has her,” said Ceira.

“Rock-a-bye, Snoozey in the tree roots.” Tristan sang mockingly.

*          *          *

Lilly awoke to find herself walking through a blossoming orchard of cherry and apple trees. The pink and white blossom gently drifted down over her like snow. She walked through the warm orchard with the pleasant summer sun heating the cotton bud trees. It was the early evening and the sun was heading towards the horizon. It was perfectly quiet; like being underwater. No sound disturbed the complete tranquillity. Her footsteps went unheard, the rustling trees were hushed and the all bird song was muted.

A man stood at the end of the orchard. He was dressed in purple robes that contrasted with the soft whites and pinks. Underneath the heavy colour stood a grotesque thing. The face was almost dog like, pink veins reddened his swollen eyes that watered and would have been blue if allowed to stop weeping. His nose was long and drooping with mould growing in the corners of the nostrils. The mouth was deformed to an ugly slit that sagged in one corner while stretched back on the opposite side. Drool ran from his rank mouth that peeled back to reveal yellow teeth that were cracked and broken.

He smiled at her. Lilly walked behind a tree and away in another direction. The being appeared in another place and closer to her. She evaded the mutation as best she could but with every turn he appeared to get closer and closer until eventually she stepped round a cherry tree and came face to face with the monster of the beautiful garden. His watery eyes seeped tears and his string hair itched his dry neck. Lilly was petrified of the creature and turned to run but the gruesome thing jerked his paw forwards and grabbed her wrist so she couldn’t escape. Lilly screamed but no noise fell from her lips. The beast shook his head and hushed her. Lilly trembled in fear and revulsion while the animal just looked at her. His skin was rough and brown with a slight blue tint in the wrinkled face.

Lilly caught sight of something moving in the trees to her left. A white leg disappeared behind a tree and a horn shook the white blooms. Lilly turned to see a white horse trotting through the orchard while a second jumped and bucked in the tree blossoms. They had white horns protruding from their foreheads. Unicorns. They were beautiful: Pure white with long flowing manes and perfect ivory horns. They played together in the garden of trees and paid no attention to Lilly and the misshapen monster.

The creature seemed afraid of the unicorns and shrunk down to disappear under a low drooping apple tree. Lilly ran after the unicorns leaving the creature in his hiding place. The pure white mares stopped and looked at Lilly then slowly walked towards her and rubbed their noses in her hand. Lilly loved Unicorns and had always wanted to have one as a child. The white beasts circled her and nudged her to play with them.

As Lilly ran away with them the blossoms on the ground became deeper than she thought. The grass became covered in snow and large flakes drifted down. The summer evening became winter. The ground was quickly buried under three feet of thick snow. Lilly breathed in the fresh scent but could smell nothing. The Unicorns played in the snow by rolling in it and running under the trees so the snow fell on them. Lilly was not cold and had completely forgotten about the strange creature dwelling under a tree.

A sound broke the silence - like a growl or cry. All sounds were magnified. Lilly could hear the snow hitting the ground; hear her heart beating and the gentle thud of the Unicorn’s hooves. She scanned the area to see what had broken the silence. Two men tiptoed over the snow. They looked like normal human people except they would have come up to Lilly’s knee. They wore gold jackets and waistcoats but carried knives and sickles. Their evil faces mischievously watched the winter wonderland as they searched for something. A cry screamed across the orchard and sent Lilly running towards it. A Unicorn cantered towards her with four little men chasing it, their knives raised. Lilly ran away with the white creatures of beauty but screamed and kicked at any of the vicious small men that got to close.

There were hundreds of them flooding out of the trees. Each carried a rusty weapon which he wielded above his head. Lilly was crying and deadly afraid. She felt as though she would be sick but kept running.

A voice like a horn sang out in the confusion. Lilly turned to see the ugly dog like creature run straight into the herd of vicious men. Lilly cried out to stop him but it was too late as they piled over him and hit him with their weapons. Suddenly the panic stopped and the shouting hushed. Lilly looked back to see the pile of little men completely still as if frozen in time. The rest of them stood warily watching. Some backed off into the trees.

The Unicorns stopped running and stood steaming and snorting. Lilly stared at the still sculpture of miniature men all clustered together. She reached out and touched a body. It didn’t move. The few men surrounding them turned and fled as Lilly noticed an eye blinking at her through the mass: A pink eye that wept beneath the frozen evil. A moan creaked in the hearts of the motionless assassins and the men were shattered into pieces. The creature panted and lay on the floor. The Unicorns trotted up to him and nudged him with their velvet noses. Lilly crouched next to him and watched him close his eyes and relax in the snow. The hideous being ran his ugly paw down the neck of one of the pure creatures.

“Are ‘ou all right my Oonicorn,” asked the monster. The Unicorn snorted and raked the snow with his hoof.

The disgusting creature looked at Lilly, who was alarmed by his jerky eye movements and cringed slightly.

“My Oonicorns.” The voice sounded as though the lips were numb and the tongue paralysed so incapable of saying, ‘you’. “Little men try to hurt them.” Lilly pitied the poor creature. “They want my white horses. My beautiful mares.” He looked straight at Lilly and a tear trickled down his stale face. The words were difficult to interpret but Lilly knew what he was trying to say.

“Oo are a white mare.” He spread one of his bony hands across the snow to touch her dress. Lilly whipped it away in fear that he may grab her and not let go. The creature looked sad and slowly withdrew his hand then began to mouth some words but Lilly could not understand them. He spoke in a deep language that vibrated in his loose throat of wrinkled skin and light flesh. The words were like a song without a tune. There appeared to be some sort of rhyme in his speech but Lilly couldn’t understand any of it.

“Tianarla.” He said eventually. Lilly looked puzzled and questioned him with her eyes. “Oo are a white mare. They try to take my Oonicorns’ horns but I won’t let them. But they have taken yours. I will not let them hurt oo. Oo are one of my Oonicorns, Tianarla.”

“I’m not Tianarla. My name is Lilly. Lilly Mare.”

“What colour are lilies?” Lilly thought for a moment as it could be a riddle.

“All my lilies are white.” She answered. The creature nodded.

“Lilies are white. Lilly white. Lilly Mare. White Mare. Oonicorn.” Its breathing was becoming rapid and speech was a trial. Lilly understood what he was meaning so she back tracked onto the original mistake.

“My name is not Tianarla.”

“Your soul of magic is called Tianarla.” The horrible face suddenly grew very still and its breathing stopped. A final tear ran down the face and splashed onto the snow. A Unicorn whinnied and knelt down beside the corpse. Lilly felt a grip of sorrow around her heart. She stroked the coarse purple fabric surrounding the grotesque mutation. Lilly still felt fearful of the creature even in death but bravely pitied the rotten body.

“Unicorn?” said a voice behind her. Lilly spun round where another man stood before her. The dream world was starting to confuse her but she played along. The man was taller than Lilly and much broader. He wore a deep purple cloak, the same as the creature’s, the hood of which covered his head and beneath it brown, leather clothes. He bowed gently at her. Lilly did a slight curtsey and bowed her head.

“Do not fear me Unicorn. My name is Dantoor. I am a dream weaver, a poet, musician and warrior. And sometimes a bit of a rascal.” He drew the hood back from his head to reveal a smiling face. It was lightly weather beaten and creased when he smiled. His long brown hair went past his shoulders but Lilly focused on his eyes: They were blue - a deep blue like the heart of a storm but they were clear and shone in the dusk as the sun had disappeared and only the pale sky illuminated the winter garden. “Amidst all my impressive talents I have the ability to see everything that has ever happened or ever will happen on this earth.” He grinned. It was not a smug smile but a friendly, cheery even cheeky smile. “I know what you are going through, Lilly. I know how you feel. I know what pressure is on you and believe me I am thinking the same thing about the mad member of the High Council.” Lilly laughed, her anxiety and fear was gone.

“Where are we?” Lilly looked around and noticed that the Unicorns had disappeared.

“We are in a dream;” he looked around proudly and with a satisfied nod added, “Created by myself of course.”


“I must always test the fearful. I am sorry if I scared you but I had to see if your magical heart was as brave as your soul. Of course I already knew the result but you wouldn’t.”

“What is the result?”

“You have the ability to embrace anything that this new magical gift can give. I know that it was disturbing but you have proven to me that you are kind of heart and strong willed. It is not hatred or sorrow that flows through your veins but courage. You will go far.”

“How did you know the result before hand?” Lilly asked.

“Good question but as I have already told you I, in a sense, know everything. I know your future, I know your past, I know every act that will ever be done and every thought that will ever be contemplated. And in all honesty it’s not as fun as you think.” Dantoor was forever smiling with his red lips and his eyes beamed with delight of the world.

“It can’t be that bad to see the future.”

“And the past. At the same time. Imagine knowing when, where and how you are going to die. And before you ask, no I can’t tell you yours.” Lilly smiled. He reminded her a little bit of Evelyn’s father.

“So you are an oracle?”

“Oo, I like that. Yes I am an oracle. That’s much better than a ‘know it all.’”

“Then you know what I’m going to say next?”

“Of course.”

“So you-”


“And you kno-?”


“Can you-?”



“Sorry.” Dantoor grinned, “I’m sorry it’s just too easy. I apologise for the dog thing but it was picked out from your subconscious fears. I don’t have control over what you dream of, just the situation that you are placed with and . . . Well no, not the situation but the people within the dreams. No, that’s not it either. We both contribute to the dream.” Lilly was confused. “Ok, I’ll try and explain. You subconsciously wanted a reason for the ugly beast to stop frightening you so in protecting the Unicorns he became some sort of a hero. That better?” Dantoor raised his eye brows hopefully.

“A bit,” Lilly answered

“I feel I should tell you three things. One, you will have to face your first challenge soon. I know what will happen but I cannot intervene as much as I would like to. Two, I knew your father. He was a good man. Pay no attention to what your mother has told you. He was a power of ice like yourself. You will learn more in time but not now. I know the High Council said the same thing but it is for another to tell you that tale. Finally, and I warn you this one is a bit strong. It’s in regards to the one who calls you ‘my Lill.’” Lilly stared at Dantoor. A tear began to well up in her eye. “Yes I know it still hurts to think of her, but it’s all right. She’s fine, she’s happy. She is with her mother. Evelyn never had enough time with her mum. Now she can spend eternity with her. They’re both happy.”

Lilly’s eyes widened. It had never crossed her mind that Evelyn’s mother was dead, but she cried anyway. She fell to her knees sobbing while Dantoor knelt with her and laid a compassionate hand on her back.

“I am sorry, my Lill,” he said softly, “I will let you go back to Ceira now. She is waiting.”

As Lilly cried in the snow she felt her heart weep with her. The blossom orchard faded out and became darkness.

WAN   WAN wrote
on 8/14/2009 2:13:00 AM
I think i dont need to make comment on this one, I just want to wait for the others chapter, I have read all the chapters of this great story, and when time comes, Im sure my fairy, you will be known like j.k. rowling. I wish it will become a movie in the future and you will become famous, You deserve to become a famous writer because you are a smart and intelligent writer my fairy. Every chapter of this first book( some are misspelled but very few words only) and this a very inspiring story, animated, sentimental and a very sweet story. I will wait for more chapters!

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This is so well done..each and every chapter I have read is brilliant done and the characters are so alive and rich with are so talented my friend..well done.

Ve   Ve wrote
on 8/10/2009 9:30:21 AM
Tristan's family grow through out the whole saga until his daughter Miena becomes one of the main characters as does his son Titus. Yeah he is rude but a playful rude, no?

Novel / Novella
writing Ve
We are all here to make our own mistakes :)
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Oh Dantoor. I love this man. This is the first book of the saga but Dantoor and lilly are the main characters through all 14 books. You have met Lilly, now prepare to meet an absolute opposite force.
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