Chapter 12 Souiay



The night grew colder as Moulina kept pumping Lilly’s lifeless body. She knew the woman was dead but felt she had to do something. Guilt would overwhelm her if she left or sat idly by so she continued to massage life into the dead body. Her tears merged into her wet coat that weighed her down which aided her in her desperate attempt to revive her mistress. The hope of Lilly waking up faded like the sun set and Moulina eventually gave in. The tired creature wept over the body then after she could cry no more she fell asleep. But even in slumber she could not relax. She was desperately tired but too cold and hurt to stay out in the winter weather. Moulina looked out across the fields to the village that seemed a long way away. It had warmth, shelter and food for the living but she would not leave Lilly alone in the snow bank.

The clouds had dispersed and only clear sky remained with beautiful sparkling stars. The pins of light shed no glow over the cold world and there was no moon. Moulina shivered and sniffed but sensed something strange; there was energy in the air. Her eyes lit with a spark and glowed in the blackness. Something was happening.          

­*          *          *

Lilly drifted in her dead sense of existence, she saw people she knew but they did not seem recognise her. Her dreams transported her to her ice halls where she wondered between the pillars and span in the dim, sparkling light. She found a faintly trodden path leading through what could have been the middle of the great hall. Someone else was in her place. The perfect frost carpet was damaged by footprints that led towards a throne. Lilly followed the steps quietly seeking out the intruder of her secret palace. The trespasser was waiting for her beside a pillar.

A woman dressed in white and blue walked towards her gracefully with her head held high. She smiled at Lilly and as she paced forwards, her dress floated out behind her. The ground frosted over even more with each dainty step and the air grew colder as she approached. The strangely beautiful lady stopped in front of Lilly and bowed her head ever so slightly. Lilly bowed her head in return, though with more depth in her obedience.

The lady smiled and offered her hand.

“Take my hand, Lilly.” Her voice was exquisite. Lilly reluctantly stretched out her hand and felt the icy heat of the palm. The connection sent a chill straight through her and made her heart shiver in power that lit up her eyes. The women had kind eyes despite there cold appearance of pale grey that resembled clear ice. She watched Lilly with a keen interest that made the young woman feel uneasy and puzzled. She looked unlike any normal human that Lilly had seen, except maybe an unfortunately one in a coffin. Her pale milky skin was like frozen silk armour. Her silver hair was thick and shiny with many curls, plaits and iced with the cold so it glistened like a fresh frost. Her lips were thin and pale with a gloss which shimmered as she smiled. Her dress was truly wonderful with silver thread twined into the fabric to give it a simple shine. Thin sheets of silk, linen and inked woollen sashes all flowed together to create her gown. Her shoulders were bare but the fabric was held together on the tops of her arms by silver pins, the wrinkled linen flowed down her thin limbs and trailed away from her wrists down to the ground. The skirt was laced with folds and tucks of silk that drifted softly around her weakening legs. The bodice was wrapped with blue wool and white silk that hugged her chest to protect her beating heart. She wore a crown upon her head with her hair flowing and curling into every hole and curve of the metal. It was the same crown Lilly had found in the silver chest.

“My dear child, welcome to my Hall. My name is Souiay.” She bowed her head and placed her fingers on her forehead then towards Lilly. It was not a salute but more similar to how a gentleman would tip his hat. Lilly stared at her in wonder. “You stare, my child. Are you afraid of me?” Lilly shook her head. “You can speak I understand.” Souiay tried not to smile. Lilly regained her senses and stood up straight.

“Yes, my Lady,” Lilly was surprised to hear how hollow her own voice sounded in the hall. Souiay had a rich vocal voice that chimed in the silence. Lilly’s was quiet and echoed in the empty halls. Souiay smiled.

“Only a bride of ice can speak her voice in these halls.” Lilly was irritated by the smug tone of this woman. She giggled slightly and drifted away to the stone steps below the throne, where she sat on the bottom step and patted the stone next to her. Lilly sat as instructed and fiddled with her dress.

“Am I dreaming again?” Lilly asked.

“I don’t know. Do you think you are?” Lilly did not reply. “You’ve been here before, but not by my bidding. I summoned you this time to pull you away from that body because it was dying. Now that you’ve left the cancer will die as it has nothing to feed on. No power, no magic, no life force.”

Lilly wanted to ask what was going on but recoiled at the thought of hearing her voice in the hollow halls.

“You followed a mouse and drowned in the river,” Souiay continued, “Not much can be done to change that. You are dead.” Lilly stared at her wide eyed. “But this is not what is meant to be. Do you believe in fate and destiny?” Souiay suddenly turned her attention to an area just past Lilly’s head. “We will speak again soon but there are others who have time to spend with you first. Moulina is waiting.” Lilly turned to see what Souiay had been looking at. A figure of a large man stood in a shadow but before Lilly could focus on him the halls smudged themselves away from view and became black.

Lilly felt the sweet air of the winter night enter her lungs.

*          *          *

Moulina knew it was worthless her staying but she did not want to leave. She pushed her way under Lilly’s neck and curled up in her hair to keep warm. The body was heavy and cold but it sheltered Moulina from the wind which curled round and chilled her nose but the wind was not the only air that was moving. A separate force of air blew on Moulina. Lilly’s mouth was open and a very slight movement disturbed the quiet lips. She was breathing! Moulina crawled out from under her and pushed the damp hair out of Lilly’s face to feel warm breath. Joy spasmed through her and she screamed and jumped a series of flips and circles in delight.

Moulina needed human help to get Lilly back to safety so she howled and cawed to the empty night in hope that someone would hear her. They were a long way away from the town and the chances of some one hearing were slim. Moulina cried to the darkness and screamed at the stars but she was not the only creature out in the fields. Moulina ceased to caw and frantically scanned the area as she felt something stirring in the blackness. Deep in the night something returned her calls with a low murmur that roared across the fields. Moulina guarded Lilly with her teeth bared. Something large walked across the fields towards them. She could see nothing but the wind passed her nose with a scent unlike any she had encountered. A low grumble growled in a deep throat and the hot breath of a beast blew sweetly on the cold bodies in the snow.

Moulina hoped it was a bull but it smelt bigger. Much bigger! It smelt warm, large and heavy. The foot steps thudded in the ground as they slowly returned to the darkness from which they had once came. Moulina darted her eyes around to catch any sign of light reflection or silhouette. A thundering stampede headed towards them. A rush of air flew past at speed and a growl much like a lion echoed in the night. The danger flew away and Moulina waited until she was sure nothing would return then continued to caw a bit quieter. After hours of wailing a voice was heard over the river. Moulina screamed louder and even more woefully. The melancholy cries stirred life in the darkness and two men with torches marched along the river bank. Moulina lowered her calls and hid from view when the men were with in one hundred yards. She watched and waited.

The men found Lilly and hoisted her into their arms.

“Is she alive?” asked one.

“I don’t know,” said the other.

“What was making that noise?”

“Bird, probably. Pretty little thing ain’t she?”

“She’s still breathing.”

“Lucky little thing too. What’s she doing way out here?”

“How am I supposed to know? She must have fallen in the river or something. She doesn’t seem too badly hurt, just cold.”

“Best get her back quick. I’m freezing even with my coat.” He hugged his body.

“You’re always cold Stuart.”

“Reckon she was mugged?”

“Could have been. Maybe they stole her coat.” he said sarcastically.

“Shut up.”

They cautiously carried her over the fields and across a bridge. A rough track led the way through the darkness to a huge house. Vast white fields spread away from the manor which stood boldly in the cold winter weather. Lilly was laid on a sofa in front of a fire where she remained lifeless and cold as death. Moulina - who had followed closely behind her - watched anxiously from the window but sleep overpowered her and she collapsed on the sill.

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This is a strong piece of writing my friend..I love how you painted this chapter...opening with Lily's lifeless body trying to be resurrected..I can feel the cold and the I can hear the really dragged me into this piece so well. The closing of the chapter is wonderfully done...great work again.

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This Chapter is the pic me up. Incase you arer wondering how on earth to pronounce the title its Su-a-ey. Just say it really fast like suwaey. Kindas like goos-fra-ba or whoo-sa!