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"Mr. Stephens, Mr. Salsho will see you now"

I got up out of my seat and began walking to the door.

"Its about damn time" I muttered to myself.

I walked through through the door and to an office that had the name plate Barty Salsho on it.

"This is it" As i knocked on the door. "Do come in" Said a voice from inside the office.

I entered the office and caught a very eerie and uncomfortable feeling.

It was a large office, very dim and very hollow, nothing in it but a large desk in the middle of the room.

In the chair behind the desk sat an even eerier looking man, who i assumed to be Barty Salsho.

"Aah, Laurence Stephens i presume" He smiled to reveal yellowed and decaying teeth.

"Ye-yes sir" I stuttered. He reached his hand across the desk "Barty Salsho"

His hands where large and pale with some sort of large gold ring on nearly every finger.

After a moments hesitiation i shook his hand.

Again he smiled "Well Mr. Stephens your skills according to your resume seem to be superb, and could prove useful to our corporation" "Thank you sir" I said with some confidence starting to build in my voice.

"There's just one thing that needs to be done before-hand" His eerie smile faded off his face.

"You will leave my office and go back to the front lobby, the receptionist will have a briefcase for you. In the briefcase will be your task. You will have seventy-two hours to complete it and report back to me, understood?" He asked. "Yes sir" I got up and left the office.

I re-entered the lobby and the brief-case was sitting on the recepionist's desk. I grabbed it and headed out the door.

"Good luck Mr. Stephens, you're going to need it" Rang Mr. Salsho's voice over an intercom as i walked out of the building.


I arrived back at my apartment and sat the briefcase down on my kitchen table. Immediatly i opened it, and was only half surprised by what was inside. Two CZ 100 pistols and a manilla folder with a name on it. I sighed then picked up the manilla folder. "Kerry Watkins" I said out loud then opened the folder. Inside of it was everything i needed to know to find, contact, and finally eliminate Mr. Watkins. This seemed like an easy job, until i read his occupation, Arbiter of Justice for the state of New York. "You gotta be shittin me, these people want me to kill a judge" i excalimed to myself. I sighed again, "Alright, guess i better get to work." I spent the remainder of that day and evening studying Mr. Watkins daily schedule and habits trying to find the best time to get rid of him. Everyday at 12:45 in the afternoon he would take his lunch at Fransisco's Bistro, a small italiain restaraunt in a far corner of central park. "Well looks life i'm having Fransisco's tommorow" i grimaced. I hate fransisco's.


It was 1:15 the next afternoon and Judge Watkins was just finishing his daily meatball sub. I was sitting in a booth four tables behind him, waiting for him to pay his tab and leave. He layed a Twenty and a Ten on the table then got up to leave. I got up as well and begin to follow. halfway to the door he turned around. I kept walking so not to look like i was folowing him. He walked back to the table and grabbed his hat. I continued walking out the door, walked outside, stood by a wall, and lit a cigarette. He finally walked out of the door and turned right down the sidewalk. i waited for him to get about thirty feet away and began to follow. Luckily the sidewalks weren't to crowded and it was easy to keep an eye on him. He walked straight for a good half mile then turned down a secluded alley way. "To easy" i said, and quickened my pace to the alley way. I approached and turned down the alley way, but froze once i saw Judge Watkins talking to Barty Salsho. Salsho caught view of me and smiled. "What the hell is going on" i whispered to my self. They talked quietly for about five minutes. Finally Slasho spoke up "Well judge it is a pleasure to do business with you, now if you'll wait here i'll go retrive the merchandise." As he turned to walk away he gave me a wink then nod so i knew it was time. "Your honor could i have a word?" I asked and began to approach him. He began to turn, "Well certainly my boy what wou.." Two silenced gun shots and a spray of blood and brains and Watkins hit the ground. I put a leather glove on and went and checked his pulse, he was dead. Slasho appeared around the corner smiling. "Very good Mr. Stephens, very good, now if you'll follow me" "Yes sir." We walked around the corner and stopped in front of a white Rolls Royce. Slasho opened the door. "After you Mr. Stephens" He smiled. "Thank you sir" I got in and he followed. "Driver, to the office". And the Rolls Royce began to drive.


I was awaken by my phone ringing.

I turned to my alarm clock, 3:45 in the morning.

"What the hell" I whispered as i picked up my phone.

"Of course." The caller ID read Salsho. I flipped open my phone.

"Hello." I yawned. "Mr. Stephens, it's time to go to work." Slasho replied with much energy.

"Be at my office at 4:15 for your assignment." He hung up.

"Yes sir." I said in to my phone.


"Now Mr. Stephens this job will prove a little more challenging than your last" Slasho was explaining.

"So you will have seven days to complete it, should you finish before hand you will recieve a substansal bonus"

"Alright then, where do i pick up my info"

He hands me a disc.

"All the information you'll need is in here, and also.."

He slides a briefcase across his table and smiles.

"These are your tools"

Opening the briefcase i cant help but to smile a little as well, Two blocks of C4, the two CZ 100 pistols, and a UZI sub-machine gun lay inside.

"The firearms are a precautionary, just in case things get messy, hopefully you wont have to use them. Obviiously the C4 is your main priority. Now Mr. Stephens i suggest you get started on your work"

"Yes sir, i'll report to you when the job is done." I got up to leave.

"Hurry back Mr. Stephens."

As i opened the door he spoke again.

"Oh and Laurence."

I turned to achknowledge him, he had that shit eating grin on his face.

"Good luck."


I arrived home and slipped the disc in to my laptop.

It pulled up blue prints and building layouts for two diffrent hotel suites in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The Occupants of the two rooms were listed on the room layouts. Kane Forrester and Lindell Mason, both extremely wealthy and extremely dirty business men. The only other item on the disc was a word document. I opened and read it aloud. "It is your full responsibility to stake out these two men and decide a good time to get into the rooms, plant the explosives, then trigger the explosives. Good luck Mr. Stephens."

I removed the disk, went to my room and packed a weeks worth of clothing. I was halfway through my packing when my phone rang again."Salsho again?" I picked it up, "Hello" "Mr. Stephens your car will be waiting in front of your apartment when your ready to leave" He hung up."Okay then." I said to my self as i hung up the phone.

After i finsihed packing my clothes i grabbed my laptop, the disc, and the briefcase with my "tools" and headed down twoards the street. I nearly dropped everything when i arrived outside to find that Salsho had sent his Rolls Royce to get me. I entered the car and the driver turned and asked "Where to Mr. Stephens?" I smlied as i noticed the bottle of Dom Perignon. "Mandarin Oreintal Hotel please." I said as i poured my self a glass of Dom.


I arrived at the hotel and a bell hop was at the car immediatly to get my things. "I'll be holding on to that." I said as he reached for my briefcase. "Very well sir." He replied and began getting the rest of my belongings. I walked inside to the front desk. A chubby, balding man well over the age of 50 greeted me at the desk. "Can i help you sir" He asked politely. I smiled. "Yes do you have any suites available?" He ran a search on his computer. "Yes sir one on the third floor." "Third floor" I thought to my self. "Exactly where i need to be. "Will that be ok sir" the man at the desk interrupted my thoughts. I smled again, "That will be perfect."


I exited the elevator at the third floor and looked for Suite 1354, which was right in the middle of the two suites i was assigned to take care of. I came upon the room almost immediatly, and as i was unlocking my door a man walked out of 1353. I recognized him instantly as Kane Forrester. I entered my room and sat my briefcase down on the bed and opened it. Then i removed my laptop from its case and turned it on and slipped the disk in. I opened to floor plan for Forrester's room. "Might as well take my chances now" I whispered though no one was around. I grabbed a brick of C4 and one of the pistols and went outside my room. As i exited a man was walking in to room 1355 and again i recognized him immediatly as Lindell Mason. He looked at me smiled and nodded, i nodded back and he went inside. I began figuring how i was gonna get in to Forresters room. I was wracking my brain for ideas when i noticed one of the house maids walking down the hall. "Perfect" i whispered. "Ma'am could you open my door for me, i've accidently locked myself out." I lied with a smile. "Oh yes sir." She said with a smile nearly as big. She opened the door, i thanked her than went inside. The room was tidy but was obvious there was an occupant. I began searching for the right place to plant the explosive. I walked over to his closet and looked inside. I noticed he hadn't so much as touched his safe box. "it'll have to do" I said as i began strapping the C4 to the back of it. After finishing i got up and headed to the door, as i opened it some one shouted "What the hell are you doing in my room!" Forrester did not look happy. "I'm sorry sir, its just that your door was cracked open and a man came out and walked in to 1355 and i got a little curious, i apologize" I lied hoping he bought it. "That son of a bitch Mason" he growled then knocked on Masons door. This was my chance. "I'll just go back to my room sir, again i apologize" I began walking to my door. Forrester knocked again, "Mason open the damn door we need to talk" He yelled. I heard the locks being turned and the door handle starting to jiggle and as the door opened i ran and pushed Forrester inside on top of Mason. As he was falling i pulled out the pistol. Forrester began to scream "Hey what the.." but he was dead before he could finish. Mason looked up at me in horror covered in Forresters blood. "You son of a bitch" he whispered. After i put the bullet in between his eyes i took his room key and walked back to my room. I grabbed the other block of C4 and all my belongings. I reopened Masons door, walked back inside, and strapped the C4 to Masons dead body. After i finished i walked to the elevator and went back to the lobby. Approaching the front deskman i said "Sir my plans have changed and i will be checking out." He smiled. "Very well then." I called the Royce driver and he arrived almost instantly, helped me load my things, and opened the door so i could get in. As we began leaving the hotel the driver asked "Where to Mr. Stephens?" I pulled out the C4 trigger, pressed the button and smiled as the explosion roared. "The office please Driver, thank you


Yeah, i'll have tonights special medium well and lemon sauce" Salsho was placing his order.

We were seated at a high-class sea food restraunt in inner city New York.

"Very good sir." Said the waiter then turned to me "and for you sir?"

"I'll have the same"

"Very good sir." The waiter walked away.

Salsho turned to me and smiled. "I'm very impressed with your work Mr. Stephens, the authorities still have zero leads and its been nearly three weeks since the hotel".

I smiled. "Thank you sir, i try to do my best."

"Well for your next task your best is gonna be required and then some." He slid a manilla folder across the table. "You know the drill Mr. Stephens."

"That i do sir, that i do." As i grabbed the folder and slipped it to my breifcase.


My cab arrived at my apartment at 11:23 P.M., i stepped out and collected my briefcase. I took not three steps to the front steps of the complex and shots started to ring out, i felt a bullet fly inches away from my head and ducked behind the steps. "Shit" I whispered as i opened my briefcase and pulled out both pistols and readied them. The gun shots had stopped for the moment so i peaked my head up. A shot fired and i ducked instantly. I hadn't seen where the shot came from, but heard multiple numbers of footsteps approaching my hiding spot. Three men appeared in front of me all wearing ski masks and black jackets that had the Mason company logo on it. These men knew i killed there boss, and they weren't happy about it. "Time to pay Mr. Stephens" One spoke out. He pointed his firearm directly in between my eyes. Just as he moved his finger to the trigger his forehead exploded with blood and bits of brain, the other two men suffered the same fate almost immediatley. In the street was Slasho's white Rolls Royce and a hand gesturing from out the window for me to enter the vehicle. I hurried to the car, swung open the door, and got inside. Upon entering the vehicle i noticed no sign of Barty Salsho. Instead the occupant of the car was a woman, a very good looking woman. "Kaylee Welker" she held out her hand. "Im an assistant to Mr. Slasho." I took her hand. "Great to meet you, you have amazing timing" I laughed. "Barty said i should come check on you, that you might be in trouble. He doesn't want to lose his best worker" She said and smiled. "Driver" She said. "To the office."


We arrived at the office and i was immediatly escorted to Salshos office. "Laurence my dear boy thank god you are alright". He excalimed immediatly as i walked through the door. "I'm fine sir thanks to Ms. Welker" i assured him. "Very good, now, you will be staying here for a while until i can figure out how those men from Mason Industries found you, understood?" "Yes sir" "Very good, now Kaylee will you please show Mr. Stephens his resting quarters?" "Yes sir" She said and turned to me "Follow me please."

I followed her to an elevator and we went twelve stories up. We exited the elevator and walked down a dimly lit hallway until we reached the only door in the hall. Kaylee unlocked the door. "This is where you'll be staying Mr. Stephens." I smlied. "Please, call me Laurence." Walking in to the room i noticed the enormity of my sleeping quarters. The rooms had to be as big as the down stairs lobby. "Enjoy your self Laurence" Said Kaylee and walked out of the room.


"So he has no idea we were behind the murder attempt". Said a gruff voice.

"None at all Mr. Groons" Answered a calmer man.

"Good i don't want him breathing down our necks, he's a skilled killer, i dont need that".

"Not to worry Mr. Groons, you are in no danger. As long as he is under my employment". Barty Salsho was smiling his shit eating grin. "He wont pose a threat to anyone i dont tell him to pose a threat to, and after tonight he knows he's not untouchable, i made sure of that."

"You will get rid of him soon i suppose?" Asked Groons.

Salshos smile widened. "Very soon Mr. Groons, very soon".


Waking up i checked my alarm clock. "7:45, time to get to work." I rose out of bed and sat for a minute. Looking around i took in my surroundings. The room was very large, with two doors, one leading to the bathroom, the other to the hallway. There was a medium size table to the right of the king sized bed. I got up and moved to the table. Picking up my briefcase the previous nights events came to mind. "Damn that was close, but how did they get to me, how did they know where i was, how did they know my name." I thought out loud. "Guess i'll have to be more careful." The phone rang, i answered. "Hello." "Mr Stephens Barty would like you to join him for breakfast." It was Kaylee. "Tell him i'll be right down." "Very well." She hung up.


Walking in to Salsho's office i noticed a large table in the spot where his desk used to be. "Ah Laurence, i trust you slept well?" Salsho asked immediatly. "Yes sir, very well." He poured himself and i a glass of orange juice and then seated himself. "Well we're stil trying to figure how those men from Mason Industries found out about you, so i have a feeling you will be staying here a bit longer." He said and took a drink of his juice. I took a drink of my juice. "Sir, how did you know they were from Mason?" "I sent a man to clean up the mess after you and Kaylee left and he brought me there jackets.." I hadn't caught the last part of his sentence, i was starting to feel very drowsy. "I'm sorry sir could you repeat that after i return from the bathroom." Getting up to exit the room, i didn't even make it all the way to my feet. I hit the ground and passed out.


My feeling came back before i actually became concious, i could feel my hands tied behind my back, and my legs tied to the legs of a chair. My vision then started to return. Upon first sight i could hardly see anything it was so dark, but after my eye's started to adjust my surroundings became a little more clear. I was in some kind of basement, there was a staircase in the far right corner. To my there was a large hole dug in the ground with an awful smell potruding from it. "What the hell?" I mumured. "Aah Mr. Stephens, finally awake." A very gruff voice boomed out. "Who's there?" I asked. A man walked out from another corner of the room. "My name is Allen Groons." Groons was at least 6'5 and had to be two-hundred and eighty pounds. "Oh, and how can i help you Mr. Groons?" He laughed. "My dear boy it seems to me that you're the one in need of help." He pulled something from behind his back. "Now Mr. Stephens were gonna play a little game." He revealed what he had pulled from behind him. A CZ 100 pistol. "Oh good, i love games." I said. "Sniveling little shit." He growled then brought the pistol across my face. Spitting blood from my mouth i laughed "That all you got?" He returned my laugh. "Mr. Stephens, i believe we're gonna skip the game, i do think i'll just end it now." He raised the pistol and smiled. "Mr. Stephens, i'm sure we'll meet again in hell." "I count on it." I said as i closed my eyes. The gun shot boomed echoed across the basement.


The gunshot echoed in the room. I kept my eyes closed for a second then eased them open. Groons was on the ground blood running from his leg. I looked up and Kaylee was at the foot of the stairs with her gun drawn. "Your timing is amazing." She smiled. "Thats two times i've saved your ass i believe." She walked over and untied me from the chair. "You're gonna need this." She handed me a pistol. I walked over to the bleeding Groons, grabbed his hair and brought him face to face with me. Smiling i said "Mr. Groons, im gonna ask you once, who is behind this?" He spit in my face and laughed. "You're a right dumb piece of shit if you dont already know." I wiped my face and said "Thats what i thought, well Mr. Groons, you answered my question correctly, however, i dont like having my face spit in, sorry." Another gun shot and Groons blood and brains splattered the floor. "Lets get out of here."


Kaylee and i opened the door that went in to the room we were in, it led to an unfamiliar hallway. The hall was long and wide with end tables all along the walls and portraits of people i've never seen or heard of. "Where are we?" Kaylee whispered. "No idea, lets get moving." I grabbed her hand and procceded down the hall. A gun shot rang from down the hall and we both hit the floor. Yelling could be heard. "YOU SON OF A BITCH" Another gun shot. "GET BACK HERE. We looked up to see one man running down the hall, followed by another with a gun. I stood up raised my gun and floored the man with the gun. The other man pulled his own weapon, but Kaylee disposed of him before he could do anything further. "Yeah we gotta get out here, and quick." i said as we started back down the hall. We continued down the hall until we found a door. "Might as well give it a shot". I said and turned the knob. The door opened in to a parking garage. We walked out and at first sight noticed Salshos Rolls Royce. "Perfect ". Kaylee said and smiled. "Lets go." I said and walked over to the car, smashed the window, got in, and hotwired it. Kaylee got in and i drove us out of the garage.


We pulled up to my apartment complex. "We're only gonna be here a second." i said and got out of the car. Shots let fly immediatly. I ducked behind the car. "Shit, KAYLEE GET DO....." I was interrupted by blood flying out of the crashed window and dripping on my face. I was stricken by shock and grief all at once. It was immediatly replaced by anger. The shots ceased and i heard reloading, my chance. Standing up i killed the first two of the three men almost instantly, and blew the other ones knees out. Walking towards the bleeding man i noticed i had all but blown his left leg off. "FINISH ME PLEASE." He was screaming. "Oh not to worry you piece of shit, I'm fiixing to." I walked back to the car and popped the hood, walked back to the man and picked him up. "Wh-wh-what are you doing. "Finishing you like you asked." I appraoched the front of the car and opened the hood. Slamming his head down and then showing it in between the battery and actual motor, i'm almost positive he shit himself. i slammed the hood down on top of him, walked to the front of the apartment complex and picked up a large and decorative stone. Then walked back to the driver side door, started the car, put my hand on the break and put the car in drive. Looking at Kaylee's lifeless body struck me with grief instantly. "Im sorry." I whispered and put the stone of the gas and got out of the car. I watched the car roar down the street until the front hit another car and exploded.


My apartment door was already open when i approached it so i readied my gun. Upon checking i found there was no one there. I walked into my bedroom and started moving my bed to the right. There was a large chunk cut out of the floor with a box inside of it. Staring at the box i asked my self "How the hell do i get to Salsho alive?" I could hear the sirens from fire trucks and possibly cop cars heading my direction so i grabbed the box and left my apartment.


I walked out of the door of the apartment complex and could see the lights closer than i felt comfortable with to the building. "Fuck i need to find a car, and quick." A gunshot echoed in the alleyway beside my apartment. Immediatly i drew my pistol and readied it. Another shot went off as i was aproaching the alley. "He's mine you piece of trash, Salsho is paying me a large amount of money to dispose of Stephens and you arent gonna get in my way." Smiling i turned the corner. "Fellas you shouldn't be making such a fuss." One man was on the ground with a bullet wound on his leg and chest, the other was standing over him. "Who are..oh yes." The standing man smiled. "I'm glad you didnt make me come look for you Mr. Stephens, that makes my job so much easier." I smiled again. "Thats a pretty smile Stephens, but you wont have it lo..". He was dead before he could finish his sentence. I approached the other man to see if he was still alive. He moaned, "Stephens, Salsho is on his way to his office now you know what to do." His voice jarred my memory immediatly. "Klein, i thought you were done with this kind of work." I kneeled down. "I was, unitl i heard you got involved with Salsho, what are you thinking about, he's one of the most dangerous men in New York." "I know, but when i found out where he finally was, i couldn't resist, that bastard has it coming." "I know he does, but do you really think you can do it"? He coughed, i knew he wouldn't live much longer. "I've come this far Kleiin, why quit now." Then he breathed his last breath. I leaned down and closed his eyes. "I'll put a bullet in for you to Klein." Then i began walking down the alley, on my way to Salshos office.


I entered the door of the office, "Oh, Mr. Stephens i didn't expect to see you." Said the receptionist. "I'll let Barty know you're here." I noticed her reaching under her desk, so i acted before she could. The shot echoed through the large lobby and her blood splattered the wall behind her. "Dont bother." I said to her lifeless body. The hallway leading to Salsho's office seem longer than it ever had, i had a small fear i wouldn't even make it to his door. Three minutes later however, i was there going over how i was gonna enter. I took the reasonable approach and kicked the door down. "Mr. Stephens." His voice felt like it cut me in half. "I can honestly say i'm not suprised to see you." He had that shit eating smile on his face. "You have proven to be pretty resourceful." I felt as if i was frozen in place, not knowing what Salsho was gonna do. "I suppose i have Barty, i had good training." His smile widened. "Oh i know Mr. Stephens, i know, Kason Klein was, big emphasis on was, great with a gun, and even greater in dire moments. Sadly, he isn't with us anymore." "Yeah, i know, i killed the man who killed him." Salsho stood up, i gripped my gun tight. "Oh i see, well than i'll just have to have my assistant hire two new assasians then, wont i?" I smiled. "Yes, you will, but first you're gonna have to hire a new assistant, the other one held up to a bullet to the head about as well as Groons and the man who killed Klein." Salshos smile left his face. "Shes dead?" He whispered. "Real dead." He walked out from behind his desk. "Mr. Stephens, i'm curious, how did you come to find me and my business?" "Well Barty, ive known about you for a very long time, if you'll recall about 15 years ago you killed an undercover cop named Lance Stephens, he happened to be my brother." "Oh" He smiled again. "So this is you're little revenge then?" "Oh Barty, its much more than that." "How so?" " You see Barty i've been messing things for you up longer than you know, Remember when your son was killed making a run in Mexico? How about your wife "falling down the stairs and breaking her neck. You see Barty i've been a part of your life for three years, you just didnt know." I smiled. Salsho's face was torn between shock and anger. My smile grew. "I almost couldn't bring my self to kill Kaylee, so i paid off your own people to do it, ride under your nose Barty, right under your crooked little nose." His face went from shock and anger to pure anger. "So lets put this all in to consideration. Your son, your wife,your daughter, and will just throw the receptionist in for bonus points. Thats 4-1 Barty, im winning." "What do you mean winning." He asked through gritted teeth. "Barty, Barty-boy, the day after you killed my brother you said "Looks like the game was to hard for him." Well Barty, i'm playing your game, and im ahead. So far ahead that even if you killed me now you would still lose." His face went from anger to sad realazation. "Well Mr. Stephens, it would seem you are right, you have bested me, did everything right to get here, but i promise, when i kill you i will be the winner of this so called game." He raised his gun. Two bullets hit his right leg before he could go any further, he hit the ground. "Barty you were to slow, and you underestimated me far to much, want to know the funnest part of this game before i end it Barty?" He spit at me. "I didnt kill your son, i read about his death reading up on you, i didnt kill your wife either, for all i know the stupid bitch really did fall down the stairs, but Kaylee dying happened on my accord. Barty i never had a brother either, i just did my research. How lucky for me that you just happen to kill a cop that shared my last name, Klein and i were in a business very much like the one you're in, but, we kill for different reasons, i guess you could call us vigilantes, self employed bounty hunters, what ever floats your boat. The point is we take people like you off the street, its easy for us because unlike the police, we dont have a set of laws to abide by, its much easier for us just to kill anyone we please. So Barty-boy anything else to say before its game over?" His face was full of shock. "Mr. Stephens i have no..." I didn't let him finish, i put three bullets in his heart and two in his head. I smiled again "Didn't speak soon enough Barty, did not speak soon enough." I threw the gun down on his lifeless body and walked out of the office. Walkig outside i lit a cigarette, smiled, and began walking down the empty New York street

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Very descriptive piece of writing. I like. I do however find it to be a tad dark in nature. You do have a talent for the descriptive and it shows. It also shows that you like writing. Please keep it up and post more stories. Sincerely zaccats

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