Captain Always Goes Down.
  • So i was wondering, 
  • there's this train, right?
  • Coming through town, it'll be here at around midnight,
  • Now, i've set my heart on getting on that train,
  • Getting the hell out of this town, and i don't plan on coming back again,
  • Now what i wonder, is if i hand you this second ticket, 
  • will you board that train with me, take one last look at this city and forget it?
  • here it comes now, i can the feel ground shake,
  • i know this is a last second, impulsive decision im asking you to make,
  • but think of it like this,
  • there's so much more outside of this hell hole that we're gonna miss,
  • and theres a chance to see it all, rolling to a stop as we speak,
  • all you have to do is get on with me, 
  • The doors are opening now, so i'll ask again,
  • i dont want to go alone, are you out or are you in?



  • The doors shut, the beggining of a new story,
  • i left you standing there, i suppose my expectations were to much for me,
  • but oh well, i'll give 'Em hell until i'm at the top,
  • on we go conductor, no brakes until the last stop,
  • and when we get there, wherever there may be,
  • i'll take a quick look, take in all the scenery,
  • then get to work, put in time, try to make a buck or three,
  • so i can eat,
  • as for the money, i'm living on it, not for it,
  • dont get it twisted, its not the reason i dived head first in this shit,
  • if it comes as a result, then its not something that i'll argue with,
  • and if it fails and i swing and i miss, i'm the captain of this shit and and i'll go down with my ship,
  • i'll stand there proud while my boat treads water,
  • thoughts everywhere, mostly on just one mans daughter,
  • and how that night when i skipped town on my own,
  • left her there at platform nine, standing all alone,
  • baby girl i hope you found what you were looking for in that crowded space,
  • i hope you know i hold no grudge, just wish i could see your face,
  • just one more time before my vessel makes it resting place.

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Novel / Novella
writing TySyndicate
It is only with the heart that one see's rightly; What's essential is invisible to the eye.
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