But shit its all good.
  • It’s like this tide just keeps rising higher, 
  • yet it can’t put out the fire,
  •  That still burns for you, 
  • Its like the night will go on forever, 
  • but leave us with this perfect weather, 
  • Until we make it through, 
  • So here’s what we got to do, 
  • We’ve been here before right, 
  • yeah we’ve been here before, 
  •  We made it through once, 
  • yeah, we’ve been here before, 
  • So what’s to stop us, 
  • from reaching the top of, 
  • this mountain again, why haven’t we thought of, 
  • The things that we need, to survive at least, 
  • To keep the lights on,  keep us fed ‘till next week, 
  • I’m trying my best not to be swallowed by greed, 
  • I hope you’re still proud of the man that you see, 
  • and my if career never lifts off,  I watch the plane at lift off, 
  • Sit in the dark all alone, contemplate on where I went wrong,
  • Wonder if I'll ever get the chance to pick things up from where we left off 
  • plan a way where I can fix things, or at least pray that the phone rings,
  • Just one ring and that’s all I need girl,
  • just one hint to where you are in this crazy world,
  • Yeah, just tell me where you are girl,
  • And I swear I can be there on the double.

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