Life Is An Airport

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Short Story
writing Tricke
I'm a lyrical miracle with sick rhyming skill, I'm poeticly ill, yo someone throw me a pill!! My words are so fast there like bullets that kill :P
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After all we're all just doing what we do as we ponder what awaits us above the mysterious sky that strides the end of runway. But it's what we do and how we do it before we hear the announcement to "make your way to the departure lounge" that's so interesting. Come over, take a seat next to me here by the check in board and just watch as life is performed infront of your very eyes. Every aspect of humanity will show it's self to you I promise :) Let's start over there at the check in desk. Check out the guy screaming away at the poor rep, this is the perfect place to start. Now you can tell how this guy navigates life, it’s his fault he's missed his flight, the gate closed 10 minutes ago but he's not going to take the blame oh no! It's everyone else’s fault from the motorway to the operating rules of the airport but not for one minute is he going to admit to himself that he should have allowed more time for the journey, for he can't have made an error .... that just can't be!! For if he admitted this to himself his whole world my collapse around him :) how many people do you know that live their lives like that. Now I look over and smile at the brave 18 year old girl who stands alone next to her suit case and looks terrified! She epitomises the spirit and ambition of the young. She's not sure what she's looking for but she know's that life is for living and fulfilment is only found by those who break away from the safety of familiarity and go out there in to the unknown and seek it out. I want to go over squeeze her hand and give her some words of encouragement for I admire her courage and part of me wishes I was going on that journey with her, fortune favours the brave sister! ;) My hart drops as I look towards the departure gates for here is the hardest aspect that life will ever hit us with. A man tries to hard to fight back the tears as he watches his wife of 50 years let’s go of his hand for the very last time. For her final call has come and the departure lounge awaits her.That Question that we all put to the back of our minds is etched over both their tear stained faces. Is this the very last time or do they meet again in some final destination? I feel a lump in my throat as I have to look away, I wish we knew the answer to that question! I can't help it thinking what a profound change to our lives it would cause if we did, whether it made us realise just how precious and short life really is or maybe that there is a judgment awaiting us on how we lived it. Then my spirits are lifted a little as I cast my eye's over to the bar and observe a twenty some thing guy and his mates meeting the news of another delay with a cheer and the raise of their beer glasses. I can't help laughing for no matter the proven dark side of drink and drugs I'd argue there are few better times in this life than the times spent in the bars with the your chosen family when time stands still and all life's ill's cease to exist for a while, I chuckle again to myself ... good on ya boys :) Then my attention is swiftly taken by the screams of joy that emanate from the arrivals hall and bounce around like a breeze of good feeling that touches everyone it passes. That prodigal person who means so much to someone has returned. It reminds me how amazing it is, the profound effect people have on each other, at it's best changes a life for ever and at it's darkest ends one or worse. It's easy to forget hey! the effect we have on those around us, a fact we all forget to often I fear. Still let's enjoy the upside for a moment as a son is embraced by his family as finally he's returned from far off adventures. That's what's life's all about! right there in that embrace, being held by those who mean everything, for no matter where we've been or where we going we all need someone to love and to miss in equal measures those who tell you different just wish it was not so. It's then I notice the lost and found spot and feel in all it's intensity the full irony of life. A small child cries in the arms of a police officer, her mother long gone as she hopes that fait will be able to give this young one a better shot of life than she ever could. That's the true reality of life we all struggle with , the pure lottery of it all. As at one side of the room we witnessed the unbridled joy of a family reunited, next we see it's anti christ communicated in the whales of a child who may never know what the unconditional love of a family would have bought. Where it's easy to play the blame game and point finger's at the mum we don't know the story and never will. We don't know her circumstances and the life she lead that brought her to this point and decision. It's one of the hardest facts this life has to dish out, life's not fair and some no matter how much we wish otherwise some are destined to live one full of pain and suffer. Still we can still wish, I can't take my eyes of the crying child... good luck kid! Even though they will do nothing to aid you, my thoughts are with you :'( I stare on at the child and sigh as an Indian couple block his view and for a moment at least become a welcome distraction. The progress in air travel raises another big aspect of this life to me. You see the appearance of this couple from a foreign land will and does create very different reactions from very different people. To me it's a welcome site as culture's inter-mingle and mix, learning so much from each other. To other's however this is the worst site imaginable!! people from different countries and even worse different coloured skin invading!! I've never understood why a skin tone can cause so much pain hurt and war, I mean why does it matter?? If their hart beats true than their alright right?? Wrong!! It seems alot of people in this world need a reason for hate and if you look different then that's good enough! It's gotta be one of the most depressing facts of life! I often wonder what an alien species would think if they looked down on this world and saw all the devastation caused by nothing more than a skin tone. I guess they would think the truth ... what a primitive life form we are! So they we are yo! :) just 5 minutes of life played out in front of you but 5 mins that showed you some of the very best and the very worst that this life brings. What about me? lol now your asking! me I'm a 29 year old who's still lost, why do you think I'm sitting here next to the destination board?!? I'm still working out where it is I wanna go. I've learned alot in my wait though and often learned the hard way, so if ya enjoyed our chat then take these things with you as you carry on your journey. Remember what we saw and try to have more of a good effect then bad on the people around you. Remember people are what they are and not what what who you wish they were (keeping that close to your hart can save allot of pain trust :) ) and as you pass the airport bar remember that drink and drugs may give you an illusion of happiness but illusions are temporary and finding real happiness is a life long quest only acheivable if you stay true to your self an don't fall into the trap of self denial which is all too easy! The most hopeful statement I can give though is it's all down to you! How you treat people and how you conduct yourself and it's never to late to stop, sit around, and watch for a while then change! :) Yo it's been nice chatting with you but it's time I found my plane to catch!! Bon Voyage Who ever you may be! :) x