Hip Hop Is About More
hip hop is about more than this, trading diss after diss
Dismiss taking the piss as this cruel world reaches abyss
Zimbarbwe and Darfu reminisce as evil persists
But the world just stands by and will not resist
Wanna change track? Lets look at iraq
When oils’ involved you can’t hold us back
Straight on the attack – rat – a- tat –tat
Look up to sky Yo this worlds turning black

I mean what is existence if not complete shame to us all
I’m deafened by noise as millions fall
But the noise is one less, starvation came by to call
But we tend to forget in our safe urban sprawl
That over the oceans terror stands tall
As we prefer to take note of fashion & football
Oh hello Richard’s on one again!!
Is it just me, I mean I am just insane?
Why is it I feel other’s torture and pain
As the news reports more killing again
As another cruel leader starts his horrific campaign

MY mind is in pain, whirring around again and again
Fcuk fame I just wanna get of a this plain
Did’nt sleep last nite
No weed available to make my feel right
Instead I just type my minds eye insight
The below is what happens when I’m not hi as a kite

When the line between decency
And indecency are blurred
anything can happen while nothing can be heard.
Embarrassments no longer exist because
everything is now in the mix.
where are the hero’s in our humanity??
Fantasy becomes the new reality
when you
crossed the lines of decency.
The youth can hang out and beat up the old.
For sex little girls and boys can be sold.
Normal becomes creepy and life becomes freaky
People’s opinion’s dictated by TV.

While banks can take away
people’s homes and their money
When the lines of decency have been crossed
it's not a winner, it’s humanity’s loss.
No - one gives a toss




Truth will no longer march on.
The hope of a civilized world has now faded and gone.

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Free Verse
writing Tricke
I'm a lyrical miracle with sick rhyming skill, I'm poeticly ill, yo someone throw me a pill!! My words are so fast there like bullets that kill :P
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