Valentine's Day Ideas To Plan An Impressive And Memorable Party

The Valentine's Day ideas below will help you plan an exquisite party that your guests will want to emulate.

Hosting a Valentine's Day party may seem like an oxymoron considering the day is all about loving the one you're with and not the group you're with but entertaining those nearest and dearest on the most lovable day of the year can be a welcome break from the winter doldrums for everyone lucky enough to receive your invitation.

The Cocktail Party

Invite guests over for drinks and appetizers to start the night. It's a time for friends to mix and mingle before leaving for a more intimate date with their significant other. This kind of gathering should last no longer than two hours.

The Heart Healthy Party

With this concept it's all about keeping your heart healthy and happy. Organize a day of pampering with your friends followed by a heart healthy meal at your favorite restaurant. Be sure to bring the camera and get some cute pictures of everyone together.

Another idea is to arrange an outdoor adventure with hiking or biking over to the local farmer's market to pick up fresh from the farm ingredients to make a healthy meal together. Then spend the evening around the kitchen preparing dinner and catching up on life.

The Girls Only Party

It's always fun to get together whether your friends are in a couple or not. Plan a daytime party with some light cocktails, tea sandwiches, and plenty of girl talk. Or an evening of fun with a special viewing of your favorite romantic comedy.

The Singles Party

Play cupid for a bunch of friends and bring them together for a night of mingling. Well-placed buffet tables and hidden conversation starters encourages conversation and movement.

The Game Night

Not all Valentine's Day ideas have to adhere strictly to love. A black, white and red color scheme along with the diamonds and hearts is a natural fit for this holiday.

The Dinner Party

If you're in that stage of life where getting alone time with your significant other occurs only in your dreams or if you just want to avoid restaurants then invite friends over for dinner. Serve tapas to allow for a variety of food that you can tailor to account for both the younger and more mature palates of the room.

Valentine's Day Ideas For Kids

Bright and colorful works best for children so encourage everyone to dress with at least one piece of pink or red and decorate with big hearts and cupids. If you want to go that extra mile then plan a baking party where the kids can make and take treats. Or plan a sock hop where they can dance around and get their energy out! Planning is a key component for any party where kids are the main focus.

The Parisian Theme

The French know about love so gather your closest Francophiles for a few hours of all things French. If you're having bad visions of Eiffel Towers all over your home then do not fret. It is possible to get the French atmosphere without being so literal.

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