Party Ideas For Girls Age 7, 8, 9

Birthday party celebrations at the tender age of seven to nine years are the best memories children carry with them when they grow up. They will cherish the kind of silly games they played, the crazy theme of the party, the weird shape of the cake, who gave them the best gift and so on. All these memories become heavily etched in their minds and last long until they grow up. Make sure you give your girl the best birthday memories that she can remember with much fondness:

Disney party:

Throw a princess party for the birthday girl. Allow her to choose her outfit and a magic wand. Let all the little girls dress up in princess gowns. Order tiaras for the other invitees along with a cake shaped like a princess’ crown or a castle. All the girls can be dressed as various princesses from Disney characters like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Select the decorations, crockery and food that befits this royal theme.

Trampoline Party:

Take the girls out to a large park and hire 3 or 4 large and small sized trampolines according to the number of invitees. Carry lots of cushions, sponge bunnies and stuff toys that they can play with and throw around at each other whilst they are having fun jumping on the trampoline. Follow it up with a quiet picnic lunch or a dip in the pool for the girls as they would be tired and all set to go for a cool bath.

Creative birthday theme:

There are lot of bakeries and craft stores these days that give out the floor to kids’ birthday parties in which they teach them creative things like cake decoration or making handmade craft items in a fun way. Get the girls together at such a place to create pottery or painting mugs or learn gift wrapping. Not only will they have fun spending the evening on a creative workstation, they will also learn something new and each girl will be able to take something back to her parents to show.

Gaming party:

It’s not necessary that you have to select only girly themes for a girl’s birthday party. Be adventurous and a little different from other girls by hosting a birthday party that has some yelling and action, like the boys! Who says that girls don’t like having fun like the boys, once in awhile? Take the young ladies out to a gaming parlour and buy all them of them tons of coupons so that they can spend the whole day there, going berserk with all video games, air hockey, foosball and so on.

Beauty Pageant:

Invite the birthday girl’s friends for a beauty pageant. Let them help each other with makeup, jewellery and their garments. Since most young girls are very familiar with beauty pageants as seen on television, arrange a background music score similar to what we see on TV. This will help the girls get into the mood for a great show. Keep various prizes for Best Dressed, Best Smile, Best Skin, Best Singer and so on – so that every girl feels like a winner.

Nail Art Birthday Party:

The popular trend in fashion and beauty for young girls these days is beautiful innovative Nail Art. Hire a nail stylist for a day and give the girls a treat, allowing them to pick from the choicest of nail art with stick-on designs. Have this party over the weekend so that they can keep their nails over two days and remove it on a Monday when they need to get back to school.

Silly Games:

Sometime, playing the old classic silly games also makes for a fun party. Pin the elephant, remember items from a tray and writing them down, eating jelly with no hands, a scavenger hunt in the backyard, free painting on a canvas and so on are sure to liven up the party like nothing else.

Scrap Book Party:

With this idea, the main fun will be towards the end of the party when you already have taken lots of pictures of the guests, the decorations and the games. Have all the materials required for making a scrapbook ready – nice handmade paper, binder, a fancy pair scissors that cuts various designs, glow in the dark stickers, ribbons, glue etc. Give all the guests a few pictures and ask them to decorate one page each. Ask them to also write something about the birthday girl so it becomes a memory wall of sorts. Once you have the scrapbook ready, present it to the birthday girl. It will be something that she will value for the rest of her life.

This is the last patch of a girl’s age before she enters her teenage. Once she is in her teens, she will get into the habit of going out with friends, dating and club hopping. Enjoy your girl’s last years of celebrating her birthday at home.

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