Is Working From Home Right – For You?

When the average person hears the words “work from home”, it automatically sounds like the perfect opportunity. Not only will we now get to avoid driving long commutes and working with rude co-workers, but we will also get to spend more time with family than ever before. These are all reasons enough to opt to be a “home-worker”, but there is so much more that comes with this contractor arrangement. While some people are well-suited for this type of environment, others are certainly not.

Q: What Kind of Characteristics Must a Home-Worker Possess?

A: There are some traits that a home-worker must have in order to succeed in this kind of atmosphere. They are:

Self-discipline (you can read about it here - When you participate in telecommuting, it is very easy to get distracted by everything going on around you. From the dishes that are sitting in the sink waiting to be cleaned to the kids calling you name for help with their homework, it is enough to get you to walk away from the pile of papers sitting on your desk. This is especially true when you know that there is no way your boss will even know that you put your tasks on hold. That is why, in this kind of situation, you have to be able to resist all temptations and stay focused on the task at hand.

Confidence Since there is no direct supervision when you are a telecommuter, you have to know exactly what you’re doing on your own. Not only this, though, but you have to also know that you know what’s going on. If you’re at all hesitant, this won’t end well. When you’re telecommuting far away from your company’s headquarters, you may not have the same access to resources and other information like some of your co-workers do. Are you sure enough in your capabilities that you can provide answers when no one is telling you exactly what to do?

Ability to set your own deadlines A lot of employees find that they work best when they are given strict deadlines. However, in work-from-home situations, you are often the one who has to self-impose deadlines. Here, you have no one supervising you and telling you to stay on track to get what needs to be done, done on time. Will you be able to prioritize all of your work so that projects and assignments are completed on time? If you can't handle with the strict deadlines, you can always use some help from this guys -

Power to Remain in the Loop When you do not work in an office setting, it is so easy to feel removed from everyone else at the company. Not being physically present can lead to you falling off the radar completely. That is why you must have the ability to keep in contact with all the right people at your company. It is crucial that you maintain working relationships even when you do not actually see the people you work with.

Q: What Are Some Advantages of Working From Home?

A: Well, when you work-from-home, you are able to create your own schedule. Whether you want to deal with your job in the early mornings so that you can end your workday in time to spend every evening with your kids or you would much rather prefer to take Mondays off and make money on Saturdays instead, that is fully up to you. Now, you have the opportunity to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, at your own pace. Besides this, you will also be home more, so that means more quality time with your family. Plus, you do not have to deal with getting dressed up in fancy office attire or dealing directly with snobby co-workers and bosses.

Q: What Are Some Disadvantages of Working From Home?

A: Unfortunately when you work from a remote location, it is all about self-control. You have to force yourself to get the assignments done in time for deadlines to be met. This is a lot easier when you are sitting at your office, with little to no distractions. You are able to put all your attention into the tasks in front of you. Instead, when you are communicating virtually, there is so much that can stop you from completing assignments. No one is looking down your back and telling to stay focused. This is a kind of freedom that a lot of individuals can’t handle. Also, with these types of opportunities, there is no human interaction. That means you will not be able to make life-long bonds with your co-workers and bosses, that so many people crave. If you are looking for some type of social interaction, being a remote contractor is definitely not a good option for you.


When it comes to work-from-home opportunities, there is a lot to consider at hand. That is because this kind of job require certain skills and traits that not everyone automatically possesses. People thinking about getting involved with a virtual business should not only think about the money they’ll make from it, but also what kind of experience will they get out of this type of employment. Will this kind of employment leave them thriving or only stunt their growth?

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