10 Sites That Pay for Your Writing

When people find out that I work as a freelance writer, they often ask me how I started in this industry. Well, my dear readers, you will find the answer to this question very familiar because the process is pretty much the same as with many other online professions.

Inthis article, I want to share with you some expert tips on gettingstarted as a freelance writer and getting enough work to improve on aconsistent basis. Are you interested in my experience working withwebsites that pay for writing?

Ifyou’re still reading this, chances are you’re a beginner writerabout to start the same journey. Your decision to stick around is theright one because there are lots of things you should know about thisprofession.

Well,enough talk, let’s give you the knowledge you need to become aprofessional freelance writer with an impressive resume.

Howto Find Work and Keep It Coming

AsI understood right from the beginning (and you may have already,too), the problem with freelance writing is a lack of consistency.One week you’re working on several projects and making good moneyand the next week you’re desperately trying to contact thoseclients for more work without success.

Infact, uncertainty in income and getting enough clients are the toptwo issues encountered by all freelance writers, according toFlexJobs.

Thisbrings us to the important rule:

don’tkeep your eggs in one basket. You can keep yourself really busy andensure a consistent flow of projects only by working on several sites(or even more!)

Tohelp you with this, I’ve created a list of ten sites that pay foryour good writing. I have worked with most of them, so you will findout about my experience as well.

Youare welcome to apply to keep yourself busy at all times.

1. AFine Parent

Pay:$50 per article

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:in depth articles that help people to become better parents(positive/gentle/intentional parenting).

MyExperience with A Fine Parent:the site opened the submission window at specific times when the needfor the new content arises, so I had to check regularly. There aremany writers applying, so don’t expect a mild competition. Becauseof this, I had to wait more than a week to get a reply. And anotherthing: read all instructions attentively and follow them carefully.

2. AList Apart

Pay:$50 per article and up to $200 per feature

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:articles that could be found helpful for a wide range of webprofessions: designers, developers, etc.

MyExperience with A List Apart:every article is thoroughly checked by a team of editors, and I was made to work with them to make all revisions. In the end, the collaboration was fruitful. Be patient and collaborate when this team contacts you because it’s a good sign nonetheless. Learn the styleguide of the site and follow it closely.

3. EarthIsland Journal

Pay:25 cents/word for articles of different length; $750-$1000 for anin-depth feature story (4000 words)

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:compelling and distinctive stories that anticipate environmentalconcerns

MyExperience with Earth Island Journal:environment is not really my expertise but one of my friendspublished a feature story there and earned $800. So, if you reallycare for the environment, that’s the site you should join.

4. Babble

Pay:up to $100 per article

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:parenting, pregnancy, lifestyle, baby names, food, and entertainment

MyExperience with Babble:to give you the clue about the quality these guys are looking for:Babble is a Disney site. To get hired, I had to go through a longinterview process, so be prepared.

5. FreelanceMom

Pay:up to $100 per article. Premium writers receive a bonus.

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:the site is a community that believes that women should pursue their dreams like becoming an expert essay writer after giving birth. The topics include personal development,marketing, personal productivity, and business.

MyExperience with Freelance Mom:the secret in getting accepted here is pretty simple: always offerpractical advice for women in the article you submit. And don’t bediscouraged because you’re a man! They are welcome to apply aswell.

6. CookingDetective

Pay:up to $75 per article. $150 per an in-depth guide

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:fitness guides, recipes of healthy dishes, reviews of cookingcourses, menus, and nutrition tips.

MyExperience with Cooking Detective:if cooking is something that interests you, then applying to CookingDetective would be a great idea. See, cooking is not my thing but Iknow people who contribute to this site on a regular basis. Theadvice they give is “always include current, helpful tips forreaders.”

7. B.Michelle Pippin

Pay:ranges from $50 to $150

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:marketing, online business, entrepreneurship, social media.

MyExperience with B. Michelle Pippin:you can write for this site if online business falls within your areaof expertise. I have no business background but I am still going torecommend this one because of a good reputation among the onlinecommunity of freelance writers. Besides, B. Michelle Pippin isconstantly looking for active business blogger, authors, coaches, andspeakers who can write instructive articles with actionabletakeaways.

8. Doctorof Credit

Pay:$50 per article

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:personal finance, consumer credit.

MyExperience with Doctor of Credit:the founders of this site are looking for lawyers (or people from alegal background), manufactured spenders, and unique credit cardfinders that can provide an interesting perspective on personalfinance and ways to make money. For me as a person with a bit oflegal background, this one was a great find.

9. EcommerceInsiders

Pay:$75 for every article from 400-600 words; $125 for every article >600words; $150 for every article 600+ words.

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:retail-focused articles that review strategies and methods or educatereaders about industry news and trends.

MyExperience with Ecommerce Insiders: you shouldn’t apply unless you know something about retail.According to the writing guidelines, you should only apply in case ifyou have a particular ecommerce experience or experience in the fieldthat is relevant to it. Plus, it helps if you have direct experiencewith the topics of your articles.

10. BookBrowse

Pay:$50 for a 600-word article

PaymentMethod: PayPal

Topics:book reviews

My Experience with BookBrowse: becoming a regular reviewer for this site requires knowledge of the latest books and trends in the industry. For me as a fan of reading,this one was also a great find. You are free to choose the books you are interested in a shortlist provided by the editor. When the selection is made, a print version of the book is sent to the writer for reading. All reviews, of course, become the property of BookBrowse.

MakeYour Choice!

Becareful and apply only in case if you can provide insightful andactionable articles to increase your chances of being accepted as aregular contributor. Remember to read the guidelines on each site andfollow them because otherwise you’ll be wasting your time.

Andanother thing: don’t think that your writing is not good enough fora site you like. You will never know unless you send some work to theeditors. There is no harm in reaching out, so just do it!

TomJager is professional blogger. He works at Awriter. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has writtennumerous articles/online journals.You can reach him at G+ or Facebook.

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