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Max and Lara’s Amazing Travelling Space Circus


Round about that magical month of December where all the ladies dressed as men and the men wore dresses, the circus came to town. Max and Lara’s mind went into overload imagining what lies behind the brightly coloured fabric walls of the tent. Their imagination grew wilder and wilder every second of every minute. Max brought home a leaflet advertising the circus and read it out loud to his sister.


Magu the magnificent will dazzle your eyes


Scatterbrain the clown will have you in stitches

Look no further than the end of your nose

Mr Ree will map your journey out loud

Come young come old

Something for all


“Mummy can we go please?” whined Lara.

“We have never been to a circus,” added Max.

“We will see darlings. Have you been good children?”

In unison they replied, “Yes” then started to promise in relay fashion.

“I will eat up my greens.”

“I will wash behind my ears.”

“I will tidy up the toy box.”

“I will tidy up my room.”

Lara topped Max’s last promise with “I won’t ask for any sweets”, but as the words left her mouth she shouted “criss cross fingers cross!!!”


“You don’t have to go that far loves, smiled mum, we will see”.


Max pulled Lara upstairs to seal their pact. Singing their pact song with actions:

Slap above

Slap below

Turn around

Bump and go


Twist and turn

Here we go

Flap around

Touch your toe


Excited that mummy was at least thinking about it, they sang it over and over again.


For the next week Max and Lara were on their best behaviour and tried to stay out of their rivals way, Nizzel and Swizzel, the class room double act. What they had promised they did without a second glance. Most of Max’s pranking around did not vanish completely but were scaled down. Weeks before in Mr Bamrod the Science Teachers class, Max was found out that he was the one that had put maggots in each of the twin’s test tube solutions to see if they went snap, crackle and pop; like his rice Crispies when milk was poured onto them.  The explosion was MAGNIFICENT, leaving the pair like a hundred and thousand Icicle pop.

After the mess it made of the classroom he was given extra lines to write for the next couple of days.


Later that afternoon they bumped into the other set of twins Nizzel and Swizzel, as usual they were up to no good drawing on another child's locker.  Max and Lara couldn't standby and watch them so confronted them, but just then the teacher came round the corner and the blame was put on them.  Their mother was told of her children's behaviour, and when they got home they tried to explain what had happened but couldn't. They saw their chances of a day out at the Circus fading rapidly; and were told they were not allowed out for the whole weekend.


A week passed and the Circus wasn't mentioned.  Max and Lara were called down for breakfast and were asked, "What will it be today, Cereal or pancakes?"


 Uninterested, they both replied, "Cereal please."


As mum shook the box over each bowl a ticket fell out. Talking amongst themselves they hadn't realized what had happened until mum said,


“Eat up loves, we leave in an hour.”


“Whoopee” they shouted.


Mummy was impressed and thought both children deserved a surprise, so rewarded them with a circus pass.  In their delight they sang their pact song again: 

                                                                                 Slap above                                                                                                                                                         Slap below                                                                          
Turn around                         
                                                                                 Bump and go 

                                                                                 Twist and turn                                            
Here we go    
                                                    Flap around                                                                  
                                                                                 Touch your toe


“Quiet down”, said mum, to the excitable two.


Coat’s, gloves and scarves on, they ran to meet their mum at the front door.


Their journey took them pass Nizzel and Swizzel’s house who were looking out of their window.  They linked hands and waved to the not so happy faces.  Held their heads up high and walked proud. 


At the circus, the audience went wild when General R.T Fact cracked his whip from side to side, twisting and turning the FER-OC-IOUS Lions.  He also did tricks with SLITHERING Snakes, and the GIANT Elephants played a stepping game swinging and blowing their trunks, staying in tune, to the background music. Everyone laughed out loud when General R.T Fact was held upside down by his skinny legs.


Microphone in hand the Ringmaster introduced Magu the magnificent.  He appeared out of a cloud of smoke.  Went from trick to trick then picked two audience participants from the front row.  They introduced themselves as Max and Lara. The crowd cheered loudly and laughed louder still not because of the tricks, but of the naughty things they got up too.


It came to the finale trick and to everyone’s amazement they disappeared. As before he asked the audience to say the magic words; taped his wand but nothing happened.  He taped it again and the audience looked on.  Magu’s eyes wondered to the curtain twitching, at the side of the stage, where a lady had her hands in the air.  Someone in the audience stood up and said,


“Have you got food behind there?”


The lady behind the curtain started to wave her hand round like she was lassoing a bull.  A minute passed and Maz and Lara were brought out holding as much food as their hands could carry.  They looked on in amazement when the audience fell about in laughter, then were shown to their seats.


They were laughing so much that they dropped all their food, but still had a fantastic time at the Space Circus.







Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 8/28/2008 11:59:07 AM
This is a great children's story! I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 8/26/2008 3:35:54 AM
Whimsy and light. I like good stories like this. Keep you young at heart.

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