The Kid
      "Judge not, least ye be judged." is dead.


    The Kid, for although not a kid in age, he was regarded as such by those "adults" who saw him.  The Kid was no good.  He was trouble.  He was mean, he was rude, and he had no respect.  He looked like the Devil, in black clothes and eyeliner.  The Kid partied and drank with the best of them.  He did every manner of drug imaginable; crack, heroine, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, meth, didn't matter.  He had sex...lots of sex...with everyone,...well mostly just with girls...  He'd changed a lot since He'd left home and gone off to college.  Which of course He didn't stick with.  He dropped out, which sadly was expected, and, unexpectedly, He joined a band.  You had to feel sorry for His mother, it was to bad she didn't do a better job raising Him.  You could only be so much of a good influence when the Kid was only in your Sunday school class for a  year.  He had been a good Kid then, what happened?  It really hurts your heart to see such a good Kid taken in by the Devil so easily.  Oh well, all you can do is pray for the Lord to bring back his lost lamb.  Once you're able to stop thinking about all of the horrible sins He was committing you could really feel sorry for Him.  Mused the pastors wife.


     The kid had left home missing his mom and hoping she'd be ok on her own.  He had been her life since his dad had left.  At school (one of the best christian colleges around) he took a couple of worship classes.  He found his calling, music.  Soon he was leading the worship team for a local church, but that wasn't quite what God had in store for him.  Worship music was for the saved.  He wanted to be on the front-lines.  He and a couple of like-minded friends formed a band.  They made music, hard harsh music.  Music God loved as much as any hymn or worship song.  They made music from the heart, and the kid sang his lyrics from the soul.  Troubled kids who turned up their music as a soundtrack to their anguish and rage found comfort and solace, and a friend, one who cared if they continued on living.  The kid received emails and letters by the hundreds.  Sent from grateful youths and their loved ones, all thanking him for his songs, and many thanking him for introducing them to Jesus through his music.  All to which he replied with his thanks and told them that without his Lord guiding him his songs wouldn't exist.  He touched hearts and saved lives all with his black hair and black clothes, gauged ears, pierced lip, and converse shoes.


    The pastor's wife, helper to a shepherd of the Lords flock, judged and deemed a truly great servant of the Lord Hell-bound.  She never spoke to the kid, she never spoke to his mother, or anyone who knew him.  She just judged, blindly.

    Feel sorry for her...

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 8/26/2008 10:38:14 PM
Ha! The Pastor's wife! I think not! More like satan's help-mate if you ask me! I know a couple of those types right today...and I pray for them. Great story...for I can feel that it's true. Good for the kid!

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 8/26/2008 3:26:12 AM
Nice contrasts and judgements. You nailed this one too. This is also a form of racism for simply because he looks different does not make him a bad person, as you proved here. I wrote a poem on here titled "Love One Another (The Stupidity of Racism)" which you may find interesting.

Short Story
writing Thomas_Nevermoore
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This is about peoples refusal to even try and understand each other before they make judgments.