How were the stars made?Well, it IS said that the most beautiful things are made up because of love.The greatest poems have been written inspired in the eyes of women, thegreatest songs are inspired in their lips, the best paintings hold their skinas inspiration, and the best of stories are not without a fair princess.

This story is nodifferent, and this is how the stars were made:

During the night, along, long time ago, the land bared no light coming down from the celestialheavens. No moon shone through the clouds and no stars were hanged from theblack infinite sky to look down upon the Earth. Still, it was not absent of agaze. There was an angel looking down from the clouds at a little house, and ata sleeping nymph lying down covered by the sheets of her bed. He was sad,crying and lamenting. His name was Raziel.

"If only there wasmore light." He said. “I wonder if...”

He went down to theearth, to the bottom of the sea looking everywhere. In every cave, turningevery rock, and digging holes in the ground until he came across what he hadbeen searching for: A pearl. A white pearl the size of the biggest whale thatinhabits the seas. Perfectly round, its glitter seemed to be of the purestwhite. Even in the darkest depths of the ocean. 

Raziel took that pearl,flew towards the sky and hanged the pearl there. He stood on a cloud and lookeddown upon his beautiful maiden again though this time, the pearl lit up herface. Her skin was white, her lips where a light pink which sparkled with the lightthe pearl let fall on them, her hair curled in a stream of brown and redfalling from her pillow. Raziel was stunned. How could such a creature not beup in the heavens with graceful wings as the angel she seemed to be?

"She’s...gorgeous," said Raziel. "Thank you... moon." He named the pearl.

Raziel did not want togo against the rules but... he started descending. The sole light of the newmoon he had put up in the skies was not enough to satisfy Raziel’s longing tosee and admire that woman that intrigued his captured heart.

As Raziel made his waydown, another angel came down on him and blocked his way.

"Do not go anyfarther, Raziel." said the angel with his sword in hand.

“Who are you?”

“Cariel, a guardian. I cannot allow you to continue, you know the rules! Angels are not tohave contact with humans. We are only to watch them.”

“I wish to go down,Cariel. I wish to see her.”

"Don’t you thinkyou’ve done enough putting that thing there?" Cariel Said pointing to themoon, and losing his patience.

“That moon! I havecalled it moon and for her, I would search for ten more and hang them all inthe skies!" Saying this, Raziel drew his sword.

“As you wish, you cannotgo down.”

Both started a fightover the night. As they fought, sparks flew from the blades of each one, andthose sparks stayed hovering without ever being consummated.

Raziel looked aroundhim. The night sky was filled with sparks. He looked down and saw the face ofhis beloved dame. It was completely lit up by the moon, and those sparksresulting from his battle with Cariel. He sheathed his sword and stoodmotionless.

“Why do you stop?” AskedCariel.

“Stars...” whisperedRaziel


“The sparks... stars.”

Cariel sheathed hissword too and flew next to Raziel. He put his hand on Raziel’s shoulder, andsmiled.

“Come, we must go.”

"Wait." Razielflew above the moon, grabbed his sword, and cut his chest lightly over hisheart. Droplets of blood fell and blanketed the moon turning it red."Let’s go," he said.

Raziel was not allowedever again to go down the earth for any reason. So each night he sits on acloud to see his dreaming dream’s face.

That is how the starswere made, how the moon was put in the sky, and why it shines red some nights.Nights when Raziel’s yearning and longing become so unbearable, that hislacerated chest opens anew to bathe the moon once again.

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 2/18/2009 8:19:11 PM
Beautiful story - what a romantic you are!

Short Story
writing Thewissen
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This is a short short describing how it was that the moon and the stars were put in the sky. Put? Yeah, put.
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