Letters to Priscilla
June 7, 2012

Hello Priscilla! This is Kenneth. I told you a week ago I would write you a letter. I try not to disappoint too often. Are you enjoying work? What a great job you have –inside a book store! I bet you don’t feel as I do. But at least you don’t hate Barnes & Noble. You’ve worked there for…how long has it been now? Two years? Unlike me, you can keep a job.

I mailed Sabrina those letters. I gave her instruction to forward her emails to your address. I will write her again soon.

Jeremy and I haven’t been up to the book store lately since we’ve been hanging out at the University of Memphis. I read here. I read a lot. I also write and draw and surf the web. The U of M is like my residence, except it isn’t.

I’m watching Star Wars: A New Hope. Star Wars is fantastic. Remember when you’d watch Scream like every weekend? I’d groan every time you’d pick it up at the movie store. Another movie you loved was The Chipmunk Adventure.

I miss dad, Priscilla. Even though it seemed he disliked me, even though he didn’t want me around, I want him alive. I think of him and Sabrina often.

How is your life? Is your marriage a happy one? You don’t have to answer that last question; it isn’t my business.

Like I was telling you in the bookstore, you should never lose touch with mother. She really adores you. I have put forth some effort to have a relationship with her, but it’s sort of like mixing oil with water. It never works out. The cohesive force a son and mother naturally have is lost between us. So, I will keep my distance.

When is the last time you’ve read your bible? You were once into the bible like mother. Not sure if you are today. I’m halfway through mine. I plan to read it numerous times, more than five.

Well, I will write you again. I love you Priscilla. I really do. If I didn’t, I would not bother writing you. We have never got along, but I hope we can stay on good terms from here on out. Bye for now.  

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Hello Priscilla. It’s Kenneth. How are you? Are you feeling well? I’ve been sick lately. I think it’s because of the heat. Are you talking to mother? What about Sabrina? I will write her another letter after she writes back. Yes, I’m selfish. I can’t help it. Actually I’m waiting to respond to her questions and answers.

I won’t drag this letter out. You said we could talk in the store. That’s cool with me. I’m sorry for visiting Barnes & Noble so much. Jeremy and I have nowhere else to go. I’ve put in twenty five applications in the last two weeks. No one has called back or emailed though. I really need a job. Jeremy isn’t working. He is talking about us going to San Diego. Working for a month or two in Memphis would get us there.

I will receive my glasses soon. They were free since I’m homeless. And free means they are butt-ugly. Why don’t you wear contacts? Do you prefer glasses? I like contacts myself. When I get a job, I will wear those instead.

I’ve seen your husband in the store a couple times. Does he visit you often?

Do you remember Nick Smith? The guy you dated? We had so much fun playing games with him and his brother Daniel. Nick would hit me in the arm when you’d ask him to. He could hit hard. Left bruises. I’d pretend I was afraid of him. I liked playing kick ball and rugby. Blake would play with us sometimes. Mostly it was you, me, Darren, Nick, and Daniel. We’d kick the ball towards the house across the street. Every now and again the ball would bounce off the roof. I think it was Nick who kicked the ball over the house. He was the best at sports.

We weren’t supposed to bring friends inside the house, but we did it anyway. Hey! You remember when Debbie came home early while Nick and Daniel were in the living room? Nick and Daniel were able to slip out the front door because she went straight to her room. It was a close call.

Well, I gotta go. Have a good night at work. You are a good person Pricilla. Stay that way. See ya!

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