You've Got To Achieve To Believe

You've Got to Achieve to Believe

On a beautiful spring day, as a light breeze was blowing, a colony of ants were scurrying about at the bottom of a big oak tree. They were hustling in search of tidbits to build their queen a nest and morsels of food to feed her. Two of these ants stopped at the base of that big oak tree and looked straight up...and up...and up, until they fell back on their behinds.
Now these two ants are named Teri and Phoebe. Teri being the brave and noble of the two, looked up that big oak tree one more time and said to Phoebe, "I think I'm going to climb this tree."
Phoebe being the meek and nervous one, looked up that tree, shaking in her place and looked at Teri and said, "No way." Shaking her head, "How are you going to make it up that high?"
"With confidence." she said boastfully.
"Who is that?" Phoebe asks.
"Who is on...OH hush, we aren't going to go through that right now. Confidence is positive thinking. Like the little engine story. Well, I think I can climb this tree."
"But aren't you afraid?" she asks in a quivering voice.
"What's there to be afraid of anyway?"
"What if the wind blows? You'll be blown off the tree to your death."
"I have six legs don't I?" Teri boasting proudly, showing off each one. "And besides, I can crawl around to the opposite side of the tree away from the wind."
"What about the heighth? It's a long way up there." Still questioning her friend.
"I just won't look down."
"You'll have to look down silly, if you're going to come back down." Phoebe reminds her scornfully.
"I'll come back down backwards."
Okay then, what about birds?" Phoebe spats out. "The birds will catch site of you and then..." with a swooping gesture of her leg, Phoebe stares at Teri waiting for an answer.
Teri swallows a big lump trying to come up with an answer.
"Well?" Phoebe tapping her feet to the ground.
"I'll...I...I' into a piece of bark and hide until he flies away. Yeah, that's what I'll do." Triumphantly Teri says as she crosses her front two legs.
"Okay miss smarty legs, let's see you do it."
With nervous anticipation, she spits into her two front legs, the she spits into her two middle legs, and rubs them together before taking her first steps up the tree. "Here I go."
She scurries up the tree in a matter of minutes before she gets only five feet up the tree. As small as ants are, five feet is a long way for them to crawl. She hangs out as far as she can and wonders to herself, 'I wonder if I made it to the top yet?' Looking up and seeing that the top is still small from her view, she says, "Boy this tree is bigger than I though.'
She is slowly but surely conquering her fear of heights. Now what about the other obstacles Phoebe warned her about?
Another ten or so feet she goes and she could feel the breeze start to blow. A good breeze whisks by and she grabs hold of the bark to hang onto as tight as she could. She waited for the breeze to calm down before she let go and trudge onward. As soon as it did, she crawled around to the opposite side of the so that the wind wouldn't blow her off. She trudged onward, not about to give up. She has confidence. She has guts. She has got to get out of sight because she just saw a big black bird coming her way. He looked small from a distance but that bird is starting to look bigger the closer he gets.
Phoebe sees the black bird from the ground knowing it must have spotted Teri, "Oh my gosh. Oh Teri, the poor girl."
The screech of the black bird warns Teri as it dives in to take its prey. Teri almost freezes in her tracks, but scurries behind a piece of bark where there was a hole she hid into. She gets into the hole just in time as the black bird crashes into the tree with its beak and flies off like a butterfly wavering in the wind. Teri snickers with a sigh of relief. She peeps out of the hole to make sure the coast is clear. No birds, no wind. "On with my journey."
She finally reaches the top, "I made it. I knew I could do it. All I had to do was believe." She looked all around. At the horizon to the left of her. At the horizon to the right. Every which way but down. "Now all I have to do is believe I can get down from here."
WIth the scurried fastness of the ant she is, it took her no to time to get back down to the bottom of that big oak tree, where she heard Phoebe sobbing.
Teri taps her and startles her, "Wh...wh..why Teri, you're alive."
"Of course I'm alive."
"I saw that bird and I thought it got you."
"No way, I was brave. I had confidence." Teri prances around Phoebe boasting. "I wasn't going to let anything get in my way."
"I admire you Teri. I wish I was like you." Phoebe says with envy.
"But you can be. In order to achieve what you want, you've got to believe you can do it. And I believed I could do it."
And they walked off to join the rest of the colony to finish their search for tidbits and morsels of food and lived brave and courageous as long as they lived.

The moral of the story: No matter what obstacles you face, if you believe you can conquer them, you've achieved your greatest goal.

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A tale about two ants, of which one believes she can overcome anything to achieve her fright over fear.
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4/28/2008 12:00:00 AM
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