The Elves Who Were Lost

The Elves Who Were Lost

Two little elves, named Sprite and Midgy, were playing in their yard, when their mama called them in for supper..."Sprite...Midgy...suppertime."

"Yes ma'am." They answered with giggly voices.

Now, Sprite, being the smarter of the two, whispered to Midgy, 'When mama isn't looking, sneak a muffin in your pocket and I'll sneak one into mine."

Without thinking, Midgy spoke up, "Why for, I wanna do that?"

"Shhh...I have a plan." Sprite was telling Midgy, her little sister. "Now keep your voice down."

"Okay." She shouted out.

"Okay what?" Mama asked.

"Oh nothing mama, let's eat."

Mama elf started to set the table with all the wonderful food she prepared. The mutton stew smelled savory. The muffins smelled buttery. The lemonade, lemony.

"It looks good mama." Sprite was rubbing her hands together, ready to dig in.

"Well let's say our prayers first." Mama Sat down, putting a cloth napkin in her lap. "Sprite, would you say the blessing?"

"Yes, ma'am. Bless this food, Great spirit and may you watch over us and our home. Amen." She then reaches over to grab her a muffin, when her arm sleeve slid across the top of the mutton stew.

"Sprite...look at whatcha did." Mama got up to wet her napkin in the sink, and when she had her back turned, Sprite grabbed two more muffins, trying to stuff them in her shirt pocket, as quickly as she could. Giving one to Midgy to put in her pocket.

Midgy looked at Sprite confusingly, "Put it in your pocket, quick." Sprite whispered as she sat down.

Mama turned back around with the wet napkin, "Here, let me wipe that stew off your sleeve." As she wiped the gravy off, making sure nothing was left of a stain. " be more careful." She started to sit down, when she noticed a few more muffins were gone, "My, you girls are certainly hungry."

"Yes ma'am...and thank you for a wonderful meal mama." Sprite smiled at her mama.

The two little elves ate what they could of their mutton stew and Sprite wiped her mouth with her napkin, asking her mama, "Can we go out and play some more?"

"It's getting late." As mama looked out the window. "Don't stay out too long."

"Come on Midgy, let's go while we have time." As the two scurried out of their chairs and out the door of their little cave dwelling, mama looked out the door and told them, "Stay away from the edge of the woods and don't go in there, little elves who go in, don't come out." She warned them.

Well, that was part of Sprite's little plan was to go there. Her curiosity wanted to know what was so secretive, that little elves never came back out. "Come on Midgy, let's go."

"Mama said we shouldn't. Elves that go in, don't come out." Midgy saying in a nervous tone.

"We'll be able to come out. Why do you think I saved the muffins for?" As she pulled the one out she put in Midgy's pocket. "You see, we'll just lay these down, crumb by crumb, leaving a trail that we can follow back out."

"But still, elves that go in, don't come out." Looking back at the cave, where it is safe and warm.

Sprite shakes her head and says, "Don't worry, we'll be ok."

They start their trek into the woods, where Sprite starts breaking the muffins into crumbs, leaving chunks of them about every three feet. Making sure she will have a good enough trail to follow back out.

"See, by doing this, we'll be able to find our way back out, and we'll be safe and sound." Assuring Midgy.


"What was that?" Midgy getting scared, holding onto Sprite's shirt tail.

"Don't be scared silly. It's just an ole owl, wanting to know who is coming into the woods." Sprite acting brave for her sister.

They proceed a little bit further, still dropping bread crumbs along the way. Noticing it was starting to get darker. "Sprite, I'm getting scared." As Midgy looks up into the trees and seeing beady little eyes staring down at them.

"It's okay, hon. As soon as we run out of bread crumbs, we'll start back home. That way we can say, we were the two elves who made it out of the woods." As Sprite starts to get nervous herself, feeling in her pocket for another muffin. There wasn't one. She looks behind her to look for the bread crumb trail, all but a few pieces were gone, when she notices two black crows pecking along the path, eating the bread crumbs as they strut along.

"Uh Midgy, we may be lost. Look." As she points to the two crows.

Midgy looks and gets shakey, grabbing hold of Sprite. "What are we going to do now?"

"Only one thing to do...." Sprite said as they grab hold of each other..."Mamaaaaaaaa." Hollering at the top of their itty bitty lungs.

They look around in the darkness, hearing the sounds of the nightly creatures. The owl hoo hoo hooting. The crickets chirp chirp chirping. The leaves crunching and a twig breaking. Then they look up and see two huge eyes scowling down at them.

"Who are you, coming into my woods?" Said the deep voice in the shadows.

"I..I...I'm Sprite this is...myyyy little sister Mi..Mi..Midgy." Both of them shaking their knees and still holding onto each other.

"I'm sure you were warned what happens to elves when they come into the woods?" As the deep voice said in a raspy tone. All of a sudden, everything got real quiet. No chirp chirp chirp of crickets. No hoo hoo hooting of the owl. The wind even stopped rustling through the branches of the trees.

"Uh huh." Both said in unison.

They heard a low rumbling growl coming from the shadows as the eyes got slanted, "Does your mother know where you are?"

"" Sprite answered looking at those eyes.

Just then, the voice came out of the shadows. Sprite and Midgy got real shakey as they saw the biggest creature they've ever seen come towards them. It was a big black wolf. Being elves, he was more than big. He was HUGE. They felt the snout of the wolf breathing down on them. "No....I won't do it. Not this time." He said as he rose his head up.

" Mr Wolf?" Midgy asked in her trembling voice.

"Eat you..." As he peered down at them with his squinting eyes. "But not today." As he raised his head back up and walked in a circle around them.

Gasping for breath and clutching onto each other, they just stood there with their eyes fixed on his every movement. expecting the worse.

"No...not today. I'm going to take you back to the edge of the woods, so you can get back home, there to be safe with your mother." He assured them as he was still circling them, sniffing the air around them.

The two little elves let go of themselves and start to smile, "Thank you Mr Wolf, thank you for not eating us."

"Don't thank me. Just consider this your lucky day."

"Yes, Mr Wolf. We are very fortunate." Sprite saying sincerely.

"Now, if I take you home, promise me you'll mind your mother and never come back." He said in a gentle tone. "OR ELSE!" As he leaned down with a growling snarl.

The two girls felt his hot breath and promised they would listen to their mother. "We promise we won't never come back."

The wolf laid down on his stomach and told the two,"Climb up on my back. You're going home."

They climbed up, grabbing hold of the scruff of his neck, as he walked them back to the edge of the woods. Slowly agonizing, Sprite thinking this might be a trick, until she saw the candle lit windows of the cave dwelling, in which they live.

"This is as far as I go little ones. Remember now, don't come back. If you do, you won't be coming back." As he looks towards the cave. The two gathered the hint. With that, he turned into the darkness of the woods and disappeared.

"Spriiiiitte....Midddddggy...." Mama was hollerin with worry.

The two elves ran as fast as they could towards their mama, hugging onto her for dear life. They look at their mama and promise they will never disobey again.

Moral of the story: Always listen to your parents, for they know what is best for you. Never venture somewhere, where you aren't allowed.

moonsail   moonsail wrote
on 11/19/2009 6:30:30 AM
This is awesomely good...just enough detail...not too much...and full of warmth...warmth is the most important ingredient in a good childrens book (my own belief) little son jj loved this bravo T

Phoebe   Phoebe wrote
on 5/7/2008 11:41:22 AM
Oh this is awsome and you should definitely have it published. I'm a mother of 42 and I got totally engrossed and in suspense. Good job..!!!

Charles   Charles wrote
on 4/30/2008 9:16:17 PM
This is a great tale. I am a father of two girls (now young ladies) and spent many of hours reading to them as I enjoyed watching them grow. My girls are my life's treasures and this is a great tale to share with those you love. I tip my hat. Welcome to WritingRoom. I am sure we'll all look forward to reading your writings. Quality work!!!

lindsay   lindsay wrote
on 4/30/2008 9:14:43 PM
What a cute cautionary tale.

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Two little elves who wonder into the woods where they are not supposed to go...because elves that go in, don't come out.
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4/28/2008 12:00:00 AM
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