With You
  There's no words to describe
 Just how I feel When I'm with you
There's no words available to express my love
With you,I could be lost on an island with little food Or water
and I'd be glad cause I'd be with you
With you I can spread my wings and fly
I never believed in love at first sight
Until I met you
Tell Me How Much I mean to you
Tell me how much you care
For there's no perfect words to describe how I feel when I'm with you
One word and I'm stuttering
One touch and I can't breath
One hug and my heart somehow finds its way to my ears
Your one of kind
Someone I can't ever find
For there's only one you
Able to spot you a mile away
piece of my soul here to stay
Part of me you'll always be
Never did I think it was possible to feel this way
Nor did I think it was possible to love someone without really knowing
until I met you
I didn't even know that you could love someone this much
Until I met you
He may always have a place in my heart
That can be easily replaced
But you'll always have a place
Never to be replaced
You've stolen my heart
Do what you want with it
Just please don't break it
Because I've been through that twice
And I would rather not go through that again
I trust you not to do the same
And I Just wanna say I love you
More than words can explain

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writing Taty
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A poem written from the heart about someone I love <3
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