Hellboy 2 had contained roughly 1100 effects shots and took130 days to film. The filming was done at Korda studios outside Budapest,Hungrey and since it was still underconstruction they had the entire studio tothemselves allowing them to spread out and take advantage of the space. Eachparanormal character had its own unique combination of make-up animatronics andcomputer animation. Each charater was a colaberation of several differentstudios each with a specific role in each aspect of the movie. Copenhagen’sGhost Visual Special Effects Studio was responsible for the opening flash back.The flash back scene was created to look like a marionette by using acombination of digital images and puppets.  The big blue side kick of the prince better know as Mr. Winkwas actually a costume with arm and face features made from  animatronics, during the battle scenesthey used special effects to enhance parts of  him like the length the arm could strike from. The overheadshot of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense or the BPRD with theskyline of New York was done by Hatch FX by making a painting of it andprojecting it into a 3D survey model making it geometric to move in 3D. In themovie as they first go down the hall of the BPRD you pass 3 different otherworldlycreatures each of them completely done through  computer animation. In the scene where the agents are struggling against the berserker theywere actually fighting with an actor in a green suit. The animated berserkerwas placed in after but since the actor was not as tall as the berserker theagents arms didn’t fall in the right spot on him so they cut the arms out andgave them animated ones. The Angel of Death though it seemed as if it shouldhave something animated to it but it was the one character Del Toro wanted itreal so it was made of animatronics and prosthetics. Double Negative originallywanted to hand animate every part of the golden army but since that would takefar longer then they had time they decided to streamline it so they liked eachgear and cog to the arms they moved with allowing each member to move in thesame fashion but still allowing for them to make individual tweeks if they needone to move a little differently. Each character provided a new element to makeanother fascinating movie from Del Toro incredible mind.

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