Writing is a Magical Thing
I can make a tree come to life or I can travel to a magical land. I can dodge a fatal fiery knife or start my own rock 'n roll band. I can fly through a storm with my magical umbrella and if I'm lucky I might meet a handsome young fella. Feel the power my fingers have as they hit each key, I like to create whatever suits me. I've always wanted to be a fairy princess or even the wicked witch of the west but to be a writer is what I clearly love the best. I want to have a pet dragon, no a lion, no a big fat goat. Hurry and take my hand so we can jump the moat. I can have whatever I want; I can make you a powerful king. You could wish for a speed boat that explodes or a giant bell to ring. The characters I create are some of my best friends; we never ever fight or have to make amends. They only come out when I ask them too and if they want I can take them on a trip to a fantastic zoo. I can make hours pass to escape reality; all it takes is a laptop and a bit of creativity. I can't wait to get back to the forest I brought to life; in this happy little place there is no strife. Talk to the chatty flowers, sing with the bees, bathe with the hippos and climb all the trees. You can come along into my thought-filled mind but it comes with a warning: enter at your own risk for you may not find your way out, till the next morning. It's not for anyone afraid of the dark, only some think an encounter with zombies would be an incredible lark. Blood and guts with gushing cuts are in many stories too. A deserted farm house or haunted schools even a bloated body afloat in a pool. Aliens, cowboys, vixens and villains, story lines and plots come out by the millions. It isn't all fun and games sometimes, you have to use your brains. A comma here a period there, sometimes it's just me and a screen that's totally bare. Writer's block is what they call it and if you try to make a living, it can be hard on your wallet. Some people like it when my stories rhyme but many more think it's behind the times. It's not the same as it was when they had paper and pencil, I have keys to punch like delete and cancel. Make-believe is not the only kind of book you can read there is fiction, non-fiction and biography. Read about people from everyday lives about fathers, mothers husbands and wives. There are books for children, books for teens, for everyday people, for kings and queens. I like to be able to sit down and write whenever life doesn't look too bright, I can take a bad day and change it around, use my imagination to head out of town. There are many things in the news to make me depressed but all I do is pick up a book so I don't get too stressed. That's why stories of magicians and wizards can take you to lands, where you can find a five foot rabbit and a fifty pound lizard. A monster that lives in the closet, a fluffy pink ball with razor sharp teeth, a car that can fly and a neighbor named Keith. I'm the only one who can limit myself, so if I work really hard, soon you shall have one of my books on your shelf.

 ©Jaydean Wszolek 2009

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Short Story
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This a short story that has been published. It is not poetry and is only meant for fun.
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6/28/2009 12:00:00 AM
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