Embraced within the night
We are wrapped around each other
Giggling, laughing, talking
Stolen kisses
Then another
And another
And another
Suddenly they get longer
And longer
And longer, and longer
We get lost in their intensity
And their passion

A breathless "I love you so much" escapes from your lips
A whisper so sweet
I return it...with a kiss

As the flames of desire takes over
More whispers, more kisses
And promises of eternal love

Whisper to me your greatest thoughts
Your secret passions
And I will do the same

Surrender to me that special place in your heart

 And I will do the same

Now the surrender begins

Another heartfelt "I love you" in the dark
Cuts through the passion and into my heart

Moments of passions between us two
Makes the bond of love stronger between me and you

Giving into the passion and the love that we have made
And an ecstasy so wonderful that is no longer delayed

A surrender so sweet, and so fine
Merging together our bodies, souls, and minds

And when we wake to the light of the next day
I will gaze into your lovely eyes and say

"Honey, I will always remember
Last night's beautiful whispers and surrenders"

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 5/31/2008 1:44:06 PM
showing the playfulness of love as the beginning of romance as the playfulness of love ... though long, and what is longer than a fine thought unfurled, your poetry insists we look closely at your offerings of humaness and devotion ... it unfurls its flowers, it curls them up again to show the dew on the back in the sun, then in the moonlight ... then unfurls again ... your poetry has a romantic and sensual pulse which draws me through it ... and sometimes when i read your poems i remember someone i lost who i loved, but she and i have never really become parted .... there is a never, never land that shall become always always ... yes?

lanaia74   lanaia74 wrote
on 5/24/2008 4:36:39 AM
Quite the romantic, aren't you? If my hubby talked to me like this, well you know! Exceptional work here!

vwhitlock   vwhitlock wrote
on 5/22/2008 8:16:24 AM
Your writing flows just like a river. Wonderful!

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/22/2008 12:54:18 AM
Thanks so much Scifi and Lanaia. I am humbled by your praise. I am just writing what come naturally from the heart. And SciFi, I am working on a book of my love poems now. I have 1 last poem to write and then to put it all together. My mother seems to think that it will be a worldwide best seller. I don't know about that one....

lanaia74   lanaia74 wrote
on 5/20/2008 7:10:19 AM
You are one heck of a poet! Such a romantic! Your words fowed like music! Exceptionally done!

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On a night filled with passion, words are said as emotions are overloaded. This poem is my expression in words, about those tender moments.
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