Sleeping in late on a Sunday morning

Awakened by a crashing sound outside, for now it's storming


And the rain hard coming down

Sounds like tiny drums hitting the ground


"Good Morning honey, how was your sleep?"

"I slept so good, for it was dreams of you I did keep"


A quick trip to the restroom, then back to rest

To snuggle more with the one I love best


Holding each other close while listening to the storm

When other feelings of love are born


For suddenly your hands have become more active

I do not resist and into your will I give


The taste of your skin, the feel of your lips

Makes the beats of my heart start to skip


And as love turns to pure desire

The rain and the thunder adds to this special fire


Now two bodies move as one in time

Making love on a day without the sunshine


The sounds of passion mixed with the rain

Turns the fire into a roaring flame


As ecstasy's highest point is reached

Thunder let's us know that it too, has peaked


Strength is made weak after an experience so fine

We now enjoy love's afterglow so fine


Still the storm rages on above

We drift back to sleep, content in love

HannahSpirit   HannahSpirit wrote
on 5/19/2009 9:04:32 AM
Nature is always a way to express yourself. If you look at some of the most famous artist in history they mostly base their work on nature and it order. I love poem your puting yourself as the storm grows so is the love that you have for the person your with.

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 7/29/2008 3:05:16 PM
What can I say? You are always on point! Awesome as always Star, and that is exactly what you are: A STAR-POET! Loved it!

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 7/27/2008 11:40:02 AM
this is like the way rain beats ground spirit drums on a tent in a forest and nobody expects to get away from this if they are with a lover ... until something happens to make the woodspirits sigh :)

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/24/2008 11:30:07 PM
Thank you all for your comments. Nature has a way of bringing out the best in people and this is one way it bought out my best. And may it inspire everyone here to do more of the same.

Tiny   Tiny wrote
on 7/22/2008 7:36:40 PM
Very good. It got me reminiscing.

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Just recently on a Sunday morning, I was woke up by the sound of thunder and rain. I could not go back to sleep and I lay there thinking about a past love and what happened between us one stormy Sunday morning. Inspiration then took over and I then HAD TO get up and write this poem.