On a summer's day
I look into your eyes and say....

     I Love You

On a day so warm with a gentle flowing breeze
As a cool wind softly blows through the trees

Pieces of clouds float by against a sky so blue
As I spend a splendid summer's day with you

Strolling through a crowded park hand in hand
Sharing a cold drink with you by the icee stand

Enjoying the moments, watching people go by
Living the beauty of a summer's day in their eyes

Off on our own, let's find a private place
So I can gaze into those lovely eyes on your face

And say....

     I Love You

A secret spot now found under a tall leafy tree
Spreading out a blanket for only you and me

Stretched out on the blanket in the cool grass
Wrapped around each other watching a summer's day pass

Looking at the butterflies floating in the air
Laughing at the squirrels running here and there

Breathing in deep the warm summer air
As I run my fingers through your hair

Special moments like this on a summer's day
Gives me so many more reasons to say...

     I Love You

Being with you on a lazy summer afternoon
Not wanting to go anywhere else too soon

Enjoying these moments on a day so fine
Love glowing in our hearts like today's sunshine

We will always remember this time spent together
Lasting memories of this day's summer pleasure

As the setting sun brings this beautiful day to an end
Anticipation asks: "When can we do this again?"

For on another glorious summer's day like this
I will be sure not to miss

The chance to say....

     I Love You

Michele   Michele wrote
on 7/9/2009 9:49:14 AM
The music from the 60's song "Groovin" should be in the background of this one!

WAN   WAN wrote
on 5/17/2009 8:25:18 PM
This is so romantic... Very nice poem...

DocLivingston   DocLivingston wrote
on 2/27/2009 7:33:22 AM
Good rhythm and meter. I like the "I Love You" brake. I hope we ccan share lots of Nature poems & writings. look for my Parable of the Rocks.

Highwaynomad   Highwaynomad wrote
on 9/3/2008 10:03:10 PM
Very free flowing I like it,sounds like a great day spent with the one you love. You really enjoy the outdoors the way you descrive everything down to the butterflies . Great job very discriptive

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 8/3/2008 6:51:57 PM
Beautifully written. You are so romantic.

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Summer is my favorite time of the year. So I feel like I HAD TO write a love poem about being in love on a summer's day. NOTE: On 8/01/08, I made some changes to this poem. Thanks so much Blueiris for helping to make this poem better.
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