My children

All my darling children
As your mother, The Earth
I have many things to say to you all

Please pay heed to the words

Of one of my children

For some of the reasons why you dislike one another

Make no sense to me

And this has caused you and I

Great pain and suffering and much death

Please, my children do this for me



My brother and my sister

Outside, I may not look like you

But inside, I am just like you

Our hearts beat

Our blood is red

Our lungs breathe

We live and we love


So why cannot we love each other

As brothers? As sisters?

Why must we let differences

In color

In race

In religion

In money

In location

In talk

In work

In clothes

In cars

And so much more separate us?


I look at you and I see

My human brother

My human sister

My human neighbor

My human friend


Are we not all sharing one beautiful planet?

One planet with different parts all working together

So as the Earth sets the example of working together as one

Why cannot we as humans do the same?

The Earth moves and exists in wisdom

For wisdom and nature move as one


But racism exposes the stupidity of humanity

It is taught

It is learned

It is read

It is spoken

It is then unleashed

With dire, and even fatal results


Racism divides, then conquers

It lives and it kills

The destroyer of dreams

The slayer of hopes

The murderer of justice

My brothers and my sisters

All over the world

I plea to you

Open your hearts and your minds

To your brothers and sisters

Who are not like you outside

But inside are the same as you


Open your hand to another

As a friend

As a fellow human being

For when racism goes then love flows


Judge not by the outer

But what the inner character is

Like Dr. King dreamed

And maybe one day

His dream will be all of ours

Thank you my brother…my sister

My friend

frederic   frederic wrote
on 5/22/2009 1:12:51 PM
I was looking around for an educational video one night and I found "Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality," given by a female black scholar on MIT World. The title so impressed me, and the talk was excellent. You might like it. I have written one poem on racism per se entitled, "I am Black." I have not posted it on writingroom. Your poem is excellent. It is a heartfelt plea with persuasive logic.

WAN   WAN wrote
on 5/18/2009 10:46:22 AM
This one really goes with my poems"DIVISION and LISTEN,I AM THE PHILIPPINES". Dramatic. Love this one!

Trenchtownrock   Trenchtownrock wrote
on 3/15/2009 10:33:05 AM
That was a powerful read.. I think the best one yet I have read from you..such strong force throughout the piece..thanks for your constant support..write on brother.

DocLivingston   DocLivingston wrote
on 3/2/2009 5:11:02 PM
Very good. Expression of a very distasteful subject direct and to the point.Star, I think we're going to play poetry ping-pong. I like it. This could be great fun. I call your attention to my poem "Faces." Kahill Gibran has a writing called, "A poet's voice."I will try to track this down and post it if I can find a copy. It is a beautiful writing with a repeating line, "you are my brother and I love you."

zaidsong   zaidsong wrote
on 10/10/2008 3:28:14 PM
I hear, treasure and join your heart, Star. Thank you for verbalizing it so well.

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In this poem I wanted to tell how dumb racism in all its forms is. Racism has divided humanity among so many lines, and when and where it divides, it has conquered. Racism is the root cause behind some of history’s great wars. (The American Civil War and World War 2 come to mind). And once again, The Earth has to endure this plague upon her lands.