In love with you on an island so tropical
On a day so warm and beautiful
With a breeze so wonderful

Walking on the beach in the sand
Heart-to-heart, hand in hand

Stopping to stare at a sea so clear
Admiring its splendor with the one I hold dear

Thinking of how deep its waters are
Knowing our love goes deeper, by far

Come my love, let’s walk some more
For us this paradise has so much in store

Gazing at lush plants and trees so exotic
Captivating our eyes for they are enticing& hypnotic

As the sun rises higher
And the day grows warmer
Our love gets hotter

Our senses now awakened as we revel in delight
In awe of all the dreamy sights

Look over there! A small forest with trees
Our stroll takes us to them, with hearts light as a breeze

Into the forest we start to explore
A little new adventure with the one I adore

The sounds of the insects and the birds
I turn and look into your eyes and they need no words

As bodies touch and lips meet
So sweet you taste, such a tender treat

In a place so lovely
Two hearts now so happy
Join as one so joyfully



Bitten2ice   Bitten2ice wrote
on 9/15/2009 8:13:29 AM
Hi there Star, So I had to actually go and listen to exotica, the song that inspired you to write this poem. What an awesome song... I can see how you were motivated. Love the feel and flow of your words... I tell you reading your poem while listening to exotica is moving. Awesome poem.

WAN   WAN wrote
on 5/14/2009 8:41:21 AM
Hi there! thank you for helping me with my poem. I just wrote all of my poem yesterday and today and I really appreciated it( when you made that comment) thank you so much. I alraedy changed my poem if you wanna see it. Take care!

GlennMcCrary   GlennMcCrary wrote
on 5/12/2009 9:51:02 AM
This is some pretty deep stuff man keep up the good work. :)

Trenchtownrock   Trenchtownrock wrote
on 5/11/2009 5:50:38 AM
This is a very good write my friend..being from the islands I was able to transport myself easily in this piece and live the moment with the voice in the poem..you painted a romantic picture with love residing at ocean footsteps...done well.

DocLivingston   DocLivingston wrote
on 4/29/2009 12:13:07 AM
Sorry I been out of touch. New computer (Now I have to learn VISTA) I love the meter of your poem and agree with scifiguy there is music in what you have written. Keep up the good work! take care, I care, doc

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One of my most favorite jazz songs is “Exotica” by Paul Taylor. It is an upbeat, catchy tune that reminds me of an adventure on a beautiful island. And to be there with someone you love is truly an adventure of the heart.
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