just once...
one little prick of the finger
one little bead of blood
one domino knocked over
one word of hate to kill love

all piling into traits called habits
you didn't think one made a difference
one little fly in the ointment
is more than enough to take your innocence

one choice you cannot take back
what's done is done forever
scarring your complexion miserably
turning soft skin into sunburnt leather

one choice you must look back on
determining the course of your fate
if you had only held back longer
destiny would not have to wait

one appetite you had given into
had a satisfaction your selfishness missed
so focused on immediate gratification
Remorse will be your very next dish.

Rain   Rain wrote
on 1/27/2009 2:18:44 PM
I love this piece. With all my heart I believe there are more good people than bad in this world. I believe we often fall prey to the news that does nothing but show bad, and instill fear. " How safe are your kid's playgrounds? Stay tuned for " The dangers of sledding." We are bombarded with negative. I know a rich friend from Ireland who gave up everything to start 17 organizations that help the street children of the Ukraine. You'll never hear about him, or the family that took in a 16 year old inner-city kid and treated him as a son. I have been an agnostic, a Christian, an atheist, an agnostic, a Christian, an agnostic. I have had faith/lost faith/regained it, only to lose it. I have been both good and bad during all these changes. I am once again a new Christian, with a faith as strong as a Pringle, but I believe. I believe that many people are lost, they've lost their sense of dignity-self pride- compassion for others. Yet, I still believe in mankind.Your piece reflects my belief in our need for morals. I am hopeful...most of the time. Excellent work. Rain..

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 1/20/2009 6:20:01 PM
This poem described my life once.....long ago. Nicely done, as always Joe.

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 1/12/2009 10:12:35 AM
This is so deep.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 12/7/2008 11:07:44 PM
Shakatoah speaks the truth, especially at the end. Well thought out and thought provoking. There is a lesson here that we can use in everyday life, for it will affect our futures.

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 12/5/2008 8:13:21 AM
Yes, every action is a ripple in a pond...it spreads further than we can possibly imagine when we drop that pebble into the water. I believe we'd only be able to do away with morals if people's hearts were attuned to real wisdom and love...then everyone would WANT to act for the good of all. There'd be no need for rules. Tis an impossible dream, of course but I'm anxiously awaiting the next 'wave', which jamisvu describes so accurately. Yes, it will come...it always does...but I'm not sure how much more of the dark stuff I want to be around to see. Well written and as with all your work, extremely thought provoking.

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I've heard very selfish and stupid people say in so many words, "Society will be a better place when we get rid of morals." I was foolish enough to believe that for a time, it seemed "high minded." Now as I am older I look on our society and think, "Is society really better since we have started to remove moral restraint." Most of the people I have run into, don't believe in a God, but they have regret in their life, they have that one choice that they made because they were pressured into by people who asked, "What's so wrong with doing that thing that you think is wrong?" At the end of the day, they did it and now regret it, it was just one choice, but now they have spent the rest of their life in remorse.
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