I lift my hands,
Deep in your reign,
You heal the darkness,
You soothe my pain.

Daily you energize me,
Contented I am,
You forgive my treason,
I should've been damned.

You alienate me,
From things that destroy,
Even when I run to them,
You send me decoys.

When I corrupt my affection,
With no footing to land,
You gently guide me,
So solid you stand.

Though my strength falters,
So you rise up,
Lifting my hands,
You're still enough.

-Joe Kruppenbacher

G_Money   G_Money wrote
on 11/3/2008 8:34:10 AM
I'm going to print this one and hang it up! ;)

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/29/2008 6:09:12 AM
So deep and thoughtful. I am sure The Eternal has read this and smiled upon you.

Christy   Christy wrote
on 4/29/2008 1:50:36 AM
Joe, Once again you've shown me and everyone (most likely) that you have a "God-Given" Gift", and it's called "Poetry"! I'm so thankful God has given me this gift as well. I need to start "Glorifying Him" with my Gift of writing poetry. I have never thought about writing poetry to God, what a "Wonderful Act of Love" to our Almighty Creator to show Him how much we love Him then to write Him Poetry!! This is so "Awesome"!! You have inspired me to begin thinking of something to write about for "Our Heavenly Father" this time. Thank-you, I'm so glad I read your poem, now. Thank-You for sharing this with everyone, or I'd of never gotten the chance to read this Beautiful Poem, Joe! Wow!! Is all I have to say!! You have a "Wonderful Day for me, Joe!" Smile!! Christy/christyhorn@npgcable.com........

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I unashamedly admit I am a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ who died for my sins. Recently I have had a rough struggle in my faith, and I had to recommit myself to what I believe. I wrote this to commemorate that.
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