Throwaway Kids
 We try to rise,
We stomp our feet,
We make our noise,
Just to compete.

We scream our dreams,
We slam our fists,
We cut our flesh,
And slice our wrists.

You have derailed us,
Forgotten our faces,
Pushed us aside,
For your selfish praises.

You clamped us down,
Took all of our purity,
Perverted our wishes,
Because of your insecurity.

Left with no hope,
We writhe and we twist,
You have revealed our worth,
We're only throwaway kids.

-Joe Kruppenbacher

G_Money   G_Money wrote
on 11/3/2008 8:33:04 AM
I don't have the words... Well said.

Ancient117331   Ancient117331 wrote
on 4/29/2008 9:10:37 AM
G'Mornin Joe, Hardest part of reading this is having been there and seeing it. Living it bites as well. Laters man, Chris T.

Christy   Christy wrote
on 4/29/2008 1:37:09 AM
Joe, I honestly think this is so "Caring" and "Loving" of you to see your words through their young eyes. This poem is just Beautiful, and very unselfish of you to write this for them. I hurt for kids today. The way you do in your poem. If most of them just had LOVE, or more "Positive Mentors" such as yourself, this world wouldn't have near as much crime, and hate and obductions for that matter. I cannot leave my kids out of my sight for very long. I even still get upset when my 21 year old son doesn't call me to tell me where he is, or where he's going just so I know. I wish there were more parents, or just Humanitarian's out there looking out for our young, so they dont go off the deep end and lose hope and or have to hurt and feel pain all the time. Your poem explains it all, for them. You've become a bit of their voices for them, I must add. Have you gotten any recognition for this poem yet? Please do tell and share with me if you feel like it. But, I dont want to bother or interupt your family life, should they be sensitive about a woman wanting to know a bit about your work. If your permitted to, please email me at let me know what your plans are with this poem. Thank-You, and May God Bless you for your acts of Humanity and Love towards our "Youth" today. Smile! God is going to bless you in your caring acts of kindness for all you do for them. No matter what they've been through, they are still human, and do have feelings and a voice that needs to be heard. You've taken on quite the challenge. How Beautiful. You have a "Wonderful Day for me now." God Bless you. Christy...

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I wrote this six years ago while I was working at a Youth Camp named Youth For The Nations. I saw all of the kids who had been cutting themselves, beaten, into drugs, promiscuous, insecure, molested and raped. It broke my heart, as I realized that America's youth have been betrayed. I wrote this in response.