Some Things Just Aren't Right...
      My little girl is growing up. Sometimes it's hard to watch, and at other times I enjoy the fact that I can do more with her. The dominant feeling for me however is the deep dread I feel for her.
     She's gonna hit the age where she needs to attend school. After doing that for so many years she's gonna realize she has free choice. She's gonna become exploratory and start investigating what she really believes. None of that really scares me so much as the fact that these schools is where the government takes opportunity to indoctrinate our children. Our children are not raised with the option of free thought. They are taught that anything except whats acceptable is unacceptable.
     They are taught what lesbianism and homosexuality in the third grade now, and are taught that they can choose what sexual preference they are at that age. They are taught that if they are a boy and want to be a girl, they can, and vice-a verse-a. I was watching a Tyra Banks show a few weeks ago about a girl that had trans gendered to a boy, and was under going hormone therapy so she could be a boy. The only problem, she was thirteen!!! Does anybody see the problem? Does anybody realize what we are doing to our kids. Any opposition to this, and those that oppose are called hate mongers, and discriminatory. We are called evil, and un accepting. Only because we have a different opinion. We are called intolerant, but is the opposition any more tolerant by not accepting a differing point of view.
     In school, for a while now we have been taught evolution. Anyone who believes in a creative force I call God is seen as ignorant and intolerable. They see it as their mission to educate everyone into believing their is no God, and if you diagree you are called unconstitutional. If you so much as pray in class you are suspended or expelled from school. Instead of being tolerant of all religions as I feel our founding fathers wanted, they are tolerant of most religions EXCEPT Christianity. They tolerate Islam because we do not WANT to offend them, they tolerate most New Age thought, and evolution ism, but Christianity is radical and intolerable. Funny thing, it wasn't a group of evangelical Christians that slammed 2 planes into the world trade center, and into the pentagon, yet they are seen as the enemy. A lot of schools do not teach about 9/11 any more, though it was the one event in American History that changed our country the most. Nothing has been the same since 9/11, and yet schools are refusing to teach about the events that transpired in 9/11. When asked why they wont teach it, they simply said that they did not want to exclude anyone in the class, or make anyone feel uncomfortable. What a load of trash!!! Revisionist Historians are changing our History, to make it convenient. And this is what my child willl be walking into...I am truly scared.
     Our school systems want our children to be 'enlightened,' to learn "tolerance." Tolerance by their definition is: "Keeping your belief to yourself, and totally acceptant of other without disagreeing in any manner." The true definition is as follows: "a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own." To be tolerant is to not judge one's value based on what they believe. It doesn't mean that you cannot express your own beliefs and opinions.
     Our society is symptomatic of departure from morality. You remove the standard and anything is game, any rules can apply. If their is no ultimate then their are no rules. Our country used to be mainly Christian and so society was mainly governed by the Bible, and by the ten commandments. Their was a standard, a list of ten, "Thou shalt nots..." Since then we have removed these governing rules and denied that their is a Great Judge who oversees the maintaining of these commandments.
      Morality is the great stabilizer, morality is the great governor.The Bible says that if we get rid of the moral code, then certain consequences would happen. Our society is exhibiting these consequences today.Today suicide is at an all time high, STD's are at an all time high, depression is prevelant in half of all Americans. Now a days Americans are plagued with stress and insomnia. Murder is also at an all time high, moms are killing their children, divorce is at 82 percent, and adultery is common place. Of course the kicker is, we have children killing children, naming of course  Columbine, Virginia Tech, and others. This is what our children are walking into...
     Nobody can tell me this was all going on fifty years ago, facts and statistics prove otherwise. My mom and dad tell me stories of how things have changed, my grandma tells me of how some things were NEVER heard of. Such as rape, child molestation, child abuse etc. But now we hear of these things on a daily basis. We dropped the ball when we declared that there is no moral absolutes, and their is no God. If their is no absolute, then ANYTHING goes. Their is nothing to feel guilty for. Their is no judge and I am free to do whatever.
     Feel to disagree with me, this IS America, and you have that option. The point I am making is that we need to change some things, there are somethings that just aren't right, and should not be a choice at all, especially in our schools, and for our children. This is what our children are walking into...

G_Money   G_Money wrote
on 11/3/2008 8:17:30 AM
I'm a bit terrified for my son too. A lot of what you mentioned is learned in the curriculum and enforced on the playground. No other worldviews are tolerated. This in itself is true ignorance.

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 11/2/2008 10:45:18 PM
I have been thinking about all the things you mention in your heartfelt writing for some time depresses me...terribly. I believe that what we allow into our thoughts, we allow into our hearts and from there it controls the way we treat each other in the day to day. In our society, no one seems to guard their own thinking processes - as you say, anything goes except morality. It saddens me that it seems to be even worse in America than it is in Australia at this time...and believe me, it's bad enough here. As your quote from CS Lewis expresses, I was made for another world. Nothing is surer. I find this one quite appalling to live in - sometimes I'm flat out coping. I don't even turn the television on anymore...I'm tired of being assaulted by the rampant sexuality and violence there. A friend of mine once said that if we don't ask people to take off their clothes and cavort around in our lounge rooms, why on earth do we sit there and complacently watch it on TV. I think the divorce rate would go down considerably if the media didn't dominate our lives like it does. You used to have to buy porn magazines and have them posted to you in a 'plain brown wrapper' - now you turn the television on for a little Sunday night ABC drama or even history...and it's thrust on you WITHOUT YOUR CHOOSING. It's an absolute joke that we have choice in our lives. We have none...we're assaulted by bloodlust, nudity, advertising porn...whatever...wherever we look. We have NO choice. These things will affect your daughter on a very deep level as she grows. Like many women, her self esteem will be at risk. Many of us can remember the strong, unselfconscious joy in our bodies, our intellect and abilities, that disappears when we hit adolescence. Protect her from that as much as you can...a girl needs her father on side even more than her mother in this regard. Murder and adultery in our minds is, in a spiritual sense, the same as murder and adultery in the physical. Jesus makes no excuses for's written plainly enough in our bibles...and although I don't know much about other religions, I get the impression that their basic concepts are based on love and respect...despite how it's played out in reality. It happens in every religion...just look at the Christian crusades. I'm not criticizing ANY religion, just that we need to write it on our hearts and live it in every breathing moment. Truly, I could go on much too long. Thank you so much for your thought-provoking and impassioned piece. It's precisely what I needed to see this morning...that another human being somewhere on the planet feels as I do...and wants to make a difference. Warm regards Mel

DeMarcoDarcy   DeMarcoDarcy wrote
on 10/3/2008 12:38:52 AM
Hi. I understand why you're angry. I think the third grade is too young to teach children about homosexuality. I don't think I even knew what it was until at least junior high. And I never thought it had anything to do with me. I went to school in the 70s, and I can tell you, though, that there was a girl in the 8th grade who everybody taunted, calling her, "lezzie." That wasn't right, either. She was in my PE class. This was my first exposure to someone being called names relating to sexuality. Whether she was gay or not, I wouldn't know; she told me she wasn't. Until this I had never given any thought to sexual preference, etc. I attend a Christian church. I can tell you that the best way to change things is, individually, through the church. Also, through self-help groups and therapy. We have baptized over 1000 people in my church already, this year, and these people's lives are improving. I tend to prefer personal change over political change, because I simply do not trust or like any of our politicians. I think they are all just in it to gain power, and none of them actually believe anything they purport to agree with. They are just using people to get elected. I think that's what happened with George W. Bush. He just used the evangelicals to get elected. I also think it was a mistake on people's part to trust him with changing Roe v. Wade, same-sex marriage, etc. There is no way he would alienate himself from the masses by moving on these issues. Also, he just made those promises to evangelicals to get elected. I don't particularly like McCain/Palin, either. But rather than trying to make the change through politics, I think people should focus on changing themselves and bringing more people into healing, either through the church, twelve step groups, etc. The church has helped a lot of people, and I will tell you that I have more respect for my pastor and the pastors at my church, than for any politician. Our pastor does not mention politics in church, and I am grateful for that, because I would be too uncomfortable to stay if he did. I think a lot of the problems you cite have to do with the destruction of the family, and drugs. Here in Las Vegas, there are a lot of people on meth. Many churchgoers have children, relatives on meth. I think a lot of people are unhappy, so they do drugs. I think there is a lot of child abuse, and that the reason for that is the terrible pressure in our society the past few years to succeed, make a lot of money, etc. Children have to get good grades at an early age, to get into a good college, etc. There was not so much pressure 30 years ago when I was in school. Now it is just awful. You talk about no God, etc. - I think our society has gotten tremendously materialistic in the past 20 years. Credit cards, debt, etc. My sister has three children, and had to buy each of them an ipod, a cell phone, a computer. Her son had to have an X-box. When I was a child, there just wasn't as much stuff that you had to have. I understand your anger and frustration. I share it. Try to pass good values on to your family, the children, etc. Remember that God does not like the stuff you are talking about, either. God wants us to treat each other well, to live simply, and to be good people. To be honest, I read recently about someone in high school who responded to the school's gay pride day by wearing a t-shirt with the Old Testament verses about homosexuality printed on it. I never would have done that, myself - I think we should not provoke each other. I don't know what I would have done, had my high school had a pride day, but I never would have wanted to get people mad at me, by wearing that t-shirt. I prefer to live and let live. I have had gay friends. It takes people a long time, to adjust to being gay. It's very hard for them, particularly the more thoughtful gay people. I would suggest you just try to lead your life, do the best you can with your children, and hope that the society turns for the better. Someone I know who writes Bible study books for women says we should just try to "grow the Kingdom of God here on Earth." Rather than trying to do it politically. I agree. Best wishes, DeMarcoDarcy

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 5/13/2008 8:20:59 PM
We do need to change some things. I know all too many people that feel as you do and I don't understand why change for the betterment of our country isn't happening. When so many are unhappy with the way society is today it makes me wonder why it does not get fixed.

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