I Am The Barbarian

Blood runs to the surface
It leaks through every cut and laceration
Destroying every trace of fortitude
Your words puncture like the sharpest knives

I find myself wishing I had never been born
If there was ever a mistake, surely it was me
My heart pulsates like the loudest drum
I hide inside my darkened shell.

Lately I have thrived on your criticisms
Your shrill critiques have shaped my world
Your poison eminates from me like a beckoning beam
Truly I have become the Barbarian.

I let your bitterness course through my veins
My blood has become liquified, broken hearts
Your cries have become my bread and butter
Satisfied when I am tormenting others

You don't see what your discouragement has done
I don't see what my anger has caused
My excuses have become my justification
They stand in the middle unaware.

I never wanted to forgive you
I promised I would never reflect you
As I look back I have become you
You're dead and now I am the Barbarian.

G_Money   G_Money wrote
on 1/20/2009 9:53:02 AM
The cycle continues. Your last stanza makes your point very well. Nicely done, sir.

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 1/12/2009 10:09:05 AM
It is awesome. I've felt like this before. It's so sad how two people can destroy each other and not see the other's pain.

Sojourner   Sojourner wrote
on 1/8/2009 4:21:16 PM
Thank you claudia, believe it or not I worked very hard on this poem because of your inspiration.

penname   penname wrote
on 1/4/2009 7:17:26 PM
some really great lines here. too many to list. the ending superb. i love the meaning in this work. and the title is wonderfully fitting.

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It seems like lately I run in to more and more unhappy people. If you take a minute or two with them, soon, somewhere in your conversation you will meet the source of there unhappiness, it usually is a person. Someone that hurt them, long ago, and all these years later they still are not over it. Without realizing it this person has determined the course of the individuals life. It's very sad to look at and watch, as a result I wrote what I felt about it.
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