A Call Not Taken

The ringing of phone awakes,

Out of slumber and causes shakes.

To the hand that finds it in dark,

And the ear where it finds it’s mark.


Eerie silence from other end,

And then at once it all begins…

Terror screams across the line

From victim of a heinous crime.


Begging, pleading emitting

From the speaker without quitting.

The cries forever seem to last

And hold the listener aghast.


Dark visions dance in back of mind

Of rape and murder, nothing kind;

Of knives and guns and chilling thoughts

And ugly acts that man has wrought.


Awareness hits and speak he tries;

But is not heard above the cries

Of accosted caller who in fright

Keeps on yelling with all her might.


Cries now fainter as if dragged away,

And now with earnest begins to pray

The man whose voice could not be heard

To unknown victim who has said no word.


Wanting to assist, but not knowing how;

A furrow of helplessness creases his brow.

Her name or place he did not know

Only that he could hear the blows.


He cringed and winced at every sound,

But hoped that some clue could be found

In the background of the chaotic hell;

That abuser would give up a tell


To indicate where they might be.

But nothing came, except for pleas

For life and mercy were the cries

From weakened lips with crimson tides.


As quiet came he sat perplexed.

 Then strange voice boomed and said “Your Next”!!

In fear and panic he tried to shout,

Quiet silence was all that came out.


Then from his dream he awakened,

Drenched in sweat and terribly shaken,

To ringing phone in dead of night

A silent caller, un-nerving fright….


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writing SmokinJoe72
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