Nephilim Creed

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Chapter 1

Childhood Memories


Hearing a sound from her parent’s bedroom that woke her up, young Natasha got up out of bed and walked quietly out of her room, tiptoeing down the hall, the moon’s rays spilled through the window, causing her short silver hair to glimmer. She quickly stopped by her older brother’s room, who, at the time was thirteen. Before she could open the door to her brother’s room to get his attention, she heard her mother’s scream and her father yelling at someone. Natasha could notreally make out the words.

                At that moment her brother’s door swung open and he stood there, his honey eyes open wide and mouth open as if he wanted to say something, but no words would come out.

                “Kyle?” Natasha said softly, trying to get her older brother’s attention.

                He then looked down at her and pulled her into the room as the screaming in their parent’s room continued. “Tash, stay here and don’t go anywhere. I’m going to see what is going on.”

                Tears began to swell up in Natasha’s eyes and she clung to her brother. “Don’t go!” she cried. “There might be a monster in there eating Mommy and Daddy! I don’t want it to eat you too!” she pleaded, having a death grip on Kyle’s shirt.

                “Tash, I will be right back. If I’m not, I want you to run to Uncle Ricardo’s for help, k?” Natasha fought back her tears and nodded. “That’s a girl! Now hide.” Natasha hid under her brother’s bed facing the door as he left and went to see what was going on.

                Natasha thought all time stopped as the screaming and cries ceased after hearing her brother scream at the top of his lungs. She held her breath, waiting for the thing to come in to the room for her. After, what she guessed, was hours, though it was only a good twenty minutes, she crawled from under the bed and softly left her brother’s room. She had to pass her parent’s room to get outside and she only hoped that the thing was gone so she could escape.

                As she made her way down the hall, she saw that her parent’s room door was slightly open. Being a bit curious, she stopped in front of the door and peered in. She gasps at the sight, her parents had been torn to pieces and she wasn’t sure who had been her father and who had been her mother. It was a sight that would be forever engraved in her memory. She still did not see any signs of Kyle.

                She cracked the door open a bit more, both hoping and fearing to see what had been done to him. “Child, come to me,” a voice said from in the room. It sounded like the voice of an angel, but every hair on the back of Natasha’s neck stood up. She soon saw the being, and it held her brother in its arms. Blood was all over it. The monster was female in appearance, but little Natasha was not going to be fooled.

                “No!” she yelled back, immune to the vampire’s siren’s song. She did fear for her brother’s life, but she also knew that he would want her to be safe over his own life.

                “I will not hurt you. You’re parents deserved what they got for denying me what I want,” the vampire replied, trying to coach Natasha to her.

                “Let my brother go!”

                “I want him as well as you, Child. Come to me.” The vampire continued to try to lure Natasha to her.

                Natasha was unsure how the vampire got her brother, but she guessed the vampire had used force. She backed up a bit, but tripped over something wet and slimy, falling backwards. Looking over, she came face toface with her mother’s bloodied head and screamed. The violet eyes stared lifelessly at Natasha as she looked into them. Never again will she hear her mother’s soothing voice or be able to play with her silky Moonlight hair, as Natasha always called it. Tears began to stream down her face as she reached out for her mother’s head, closing those eyes.

The vampire only laughed at her grief.

                The vampiress quickly went silent and looked out the window, seeing a mob of people coming up the drive, led by a hunter that she knew all too well. She turned back to Natasha. “I’ll let the boy be my prize,” the vampiress said still looking out the window, then turned to face Natasha,who still remained on the floor, holding the head of her mother close to her.  “You should consider yourself lucky, little brat, but just you wait.” The vampire then fled the room with Kyle in her arms, leaving Natasha in the middle of the massacre covered in blood and tears.




16 Years Later:

                Screams could be heard through out the dark, musky forest as the parents of the vampire’s victim called out for their little girl. They had heard a loud thump from their six year old daughter’s room earlier that night. When they went to check on her, they found the vampire bending over the child, ready to feed from her. Its fangs just inches from her small throat. Upon seeing the parents, the vampire scooped up the sleeping child and jumped out of the window, and dashed into the forest.

                The vampire was newly turned and was crazed with blood lust. Normally a fledgling vampire’s sire would not let a Newly Turned just simply run around unwatched; however, this Newly Turned seemed not to care about what it did, only thing on its mind was to get away from its pursuers and feed in peace.

                Once the vampire figured it was safely away from the child’s parents, it set the girl down upon stump and looked around. Something else seemed wrong and out of place about the surrounding area, but the vampire could not figure it out. The surrounding forest was just too quiet and the moon was in full, shining brightly upon the very spot that the little girl laid.

Figuring that it best hurry, feed, and get out of the area as soon as possible, it bent down towards the sleeping girl with its fangs bared. Just as it was about to pierce the girl’s skin, it heard a whistling sound, like something flying through the air. The vampire did not have time to look up or make a sound before its head came off its shoulders and fell to the ground with a soft thud, the surrounding moss absorbing most of the sound.

                Its killer jumped down from a nearby tree just as the girl’s parents came into view. “Your daughter is safe,” the hunter said as the father picked up his daughter and held her close.

                “Thank you so much!” the mother said in relief, seeing that her daughter was indeed safe.

                “I am glad I was passing by.” The hunter’s figure was feminine. She wore a leather mask that only covered the lower half of her face. She wore a simple leather outfit that was tight against her skin, but loose enough for free movement. It was dyed in black that was trimmed with blues and reds. Her silver hair was drawn back in a short pony tail. She cleaned off the weapon she used, a silver fan. The weapon was her signature choice, the blade of the fan sharp enough to cut titanium.

Having to act quickly, she set to work cleaning up the area before the vampire managed to revive itself. Even as a young vampire, she knew that it would take just afew days before it was roaming the world again. Since it already broke the laws, she could not let it do that. The only sure way to ensure that the vampire would not rise again was to remove the heart and burn, separately, the heart and body.

                “Do you have a place to stay?” the mother asked as she watched the female hunter dispose of the vampire’s body; the hunter had cleared an area that would not cause a forest fire. For a while, the hunter did not respond, being too busy on her job to focus on anything else.

                Once she was done, she turned to the young couple. “No, I never have time,” she responded.

                “Would you like to stay the night with us? All we can offer you is a cozy bed and food,” the father added. His wife handed him her jacket, noticing that their daughter was shivering.

                “That would be nice. Thank you.” She followed the couple back to their home.

It was a nice little place, with a beautiful flower garden in the front and a stream flowing on the side of the place. The house itself was a cute little yellow cottage. It was a small place, to the family of three, Natasha knew, it was home. She stood in awe at it, noting the craftsmanship and landscaping. “That is beautiful,” she responded.

“Thank you. Come inside. I’ll get you something to eat.” The mother held the door open so that her husband can get their daughter in and waited for the hunter to come in before closing it and latching it shut. After securing the door, she went around and secured the rest of the house, not wanting another Myth being to come in and attack any other member of her family.

                While she was doing that, the father set his daughter down on a hand built forest green couch and turned to the hunter. “I’m Brad Williams,” he said, extending his hand to the hunter. He was about twenty-five year old, with long dark brown hair that he wore in a pony tail. His wife, the hunter noted, was a smaller woman compared to herself, with a petite figure and long red hair. The young child she just saved appeared to be no older than about five or six with a mop of light brown curls. She laid on the couch curled into a small little ball with her thumb in her mouth. “That is my wife, Tina,and our daughter Korrin.”

                “Natasha Silvers,” the hunter replied, removing her mask and accepting his hand in a shake. She had a single scar on her lower cheek, a single claw mark, which she had gotten from servant’s of her parent’s killer. The rest of her facial features seemed flawless and very youthful. Though her violet eyes, which she remembered her father said was like her mother’s, looked that they have seem far too much pain and suffering no one as young as she should ever had to see.  But the attacks have been increasing in the last sixteen years has caused many to loose loved ones and to see things that should not be seen.

                “It’s nice to meet you, Natasha,” Brad said as his wife walked up, said her thanks and greetings, and then went into the kitchen to get them all something to eat. Brad sat down on the couch next to his sleeping girl. Natasha took the seat next to a blazing fire. “So, are you a licensed hunter of the…”

                “No,” she replied, cutting him off. “I work alone. Though I do hunt those that break the laws, I do it more to prevent more families from being torn than for the job. But I am also doing it, in hopes offinding clues to the location of my older brother that was turned five years ago.” She looked into the fire, remembering the events of the dreadful day she found out about her brother’s turning.



Five years ago;

                Natasha was seventeen when it happened. She had been constantly training in the ways of magic and physical combat since the dreadful night she was saved. Since then, she had been taken in by a druid, whose mission was to hunt down and banish all evil from the world, but he was getting old, so he took her under his wing in hopes to pass his knowledge onto her.

                Though he could only teach her magic combat, he called in masters of other forms of combat to help him train and prepare her. She was a quick study; always staying a step or two in front of her instructors as she mastered magic, stealth, weapons combat, herbalism, and many forms of martial arts.

                One night, after finishing her days training, she stood out on a small island that sat in the middle of Lake Syne. The lake itself was not far from the place she has grown to call home, so she came to it often at night simply to relax and look up at the stars, admiring the view. On the other side of the lake was a massive forest that was said to be over run by beasts and monsters, but looking out upon it, it was hard to tell that such beauty could hold such ugliness.

                She kneels down close to the water and looked at her reflection as the moon danced across the surface. She was hoping to see some ofthe rare fish that only appeared when the moon was out and shining on the water’s surface. As she leaned closer she did not see one of the fish, but a shadow from over head. Startled, she looked up and back, nearly falling into the water. What she saw was a tall man with blood all over his shirt and neck. His long black hair was matted with it as well.

                She quickly stood up and pulled out twin daggers. She stood in a battle stance, waiting for this man to try to attack her. She knew that he had just been bitten, but where was the vampire that bit him? She wondered as she held the daggers close to her, but pointing outwards incase he should rush her. She kept her ears open, incase he was just a trap. He took astep forward, holding his left hand out.

                “Please, I don’t mean you any harm. I am just trying to find someone. My little sister. I need to talk to her,” he stated as he slowly moved towards her.

                “Why? Did your sire tell you to make this ‘little sister’ your first meal?” she challenged. At that, he stopped advancing and put his hand down.

                “No, after I found out what she did to me, I knew I could not stay there anymore, so I fled. Please, I am looking for my sister, Natasha Silvers, do you know her?” he asked. Natasha’s eyes grew very wide in surprise that she nearly dropped the knives as well as her guard.

                It did not take her long to recover and she threw one of the knives, just missing the man’s head. “How do you know that name? Who are you?” she demanded.

                “I’m her older brother, Kyle. Judging from your reaction, you must have…” At that moment, Natasha broke out into tears. All these years she thought he was dead and now she finds him alive, well undead.

                “Kyle, all these years…” she managed to get ou tbefore he knew that he stood before his sister.

                “Natasha? Wow, you have gotten big? But there is something I really need for you to do for me, Tash,” he said holding onto her shoulders.

                “What?” she asked, after getting herself together.

                “I need for you to kill me.” He saw the shock in her eyes, but continued before she could reply. “I have been a slave to The Dark Lady, for twelve years now. I don’t know what she is called other than that. Last night she came into my chambers and turned me. I don’t know how much longer I have until I am completely turned. I then escaped when I saw her leave and came looking for you. I don’t know why it was so easy to escape her this night. But I just ask this one thing of you. Please kill me before I become a monster upon this earth.” He continued to plead with her, but Natasha was too overwhelmed with the fact that her brother had been alive all this time, a slave to the very thing that killed their parents years before.

                “I’m sorry, Kyle. I can not do it,” she said, with her head down. She knew that she should, but she could not bring herself to do it, not when she was finally reunited with him after so long.

                Kyle sighed and turned away. ”I understand, but I want you to continue your training and when you are ready, hunt me down. In the mean time, I will travel the world looking for a way to avenge our parents.” He then disappeared into the shadows and Natasha was alone in the darkness.




                “Miss Silvers? Are you okay?” a voice called. Natasha blinked a few times and found herself back in the small cottage of the young couple whose daughter she rescued from a vampire. She looked over at her host, Brad, and noticed that he had a worried look on his face.

                “Yes I am fine. Just old memories resurfacing,” she reassured him.

                “Well, that’s good to know. Well I mean, not that the memories are good, but that you are okay,” he stuttered, trying to make it comeout right. Just then Tina called them to dinner.


                After the meal, Tina led Natasha to the guest’s room and bid her good night. The room was not very big, with a single window that was boarded up, a single person bed with a wool blanket and feather pillow. The hardwood floors felt cold to her feet as she removed her shoes. There was a dresser and other items on the other side. It seemed this family used this room for extra storage when it was not being slept in.

Once she was alone, Natasha placed her pack on the bed, opened it, and pulled out a small orb. Instantly a face of a rather old man appeared within the orb. “Natasha?” the man asked as he squinted his eyes to try to see her better. She said nothing and simply nodded. “Ah, well, I am glad to see you. There is something very disturbing going on.”

                “Other than the vampires?” she asked.

                “Indeed, the forces of nature seem to be out of alignment and I would like for you to see what’s going on. I would do it myself, but I am not as young as I used to be, but I will assist you in any way I can.” The man in the orb was a highly respected druid and like all other druids he ‘revered’ nature, often becoming involved in efforts to sustain abalance, as well as an animist, believing that everything in nature possesses asoul or spirit.

                        “Kegan, in what way is nature out of alignment? What do you mean?”

                The druid was silent for a moment before continuing. “Some dark force is controlling the mythical creatures of the world and causing them to do things they normally would not do.”

                “So you want me to hunt down this dark force before it is too late? How is this connected to my brother?” she asked, she normally only excepted missions that would bring her closer to finding either her brother or her brother’s sire.

                “There may be a chance that your brother might want to use this to his advantage to over throw his sire,” Kegan stated. It was Natasha’s turn to stay silent for a bit.

                “And if that happens, he could end up being an even bigger threat then he already is…”

                “Exactly my point. Now, get some rest, you’ll need it.” Just then the orb went black and Natasha stuck it back into her pack, got prepared for bed and went to sleep.




Early the next morning an ill child’s parents kneeled next to her as her fever continued to rise. They looked at each other worriedly, unsure what to do. All the local doctor’s could not seem to be able to help her and her parents were giving up hope. Her sickness seemed to get worse by the day and already they had to change her sheets three times because they would get soaked with sweat.

                Just then the window to the room opened and the child’s parents were blinded by a bright light. When it dissipated, a white bird stood at the foot of the girl’s bed. The parents recognized it as being a Caladrius; a mythical bird that can predict if a sick person will live or die. There was hope yet. They held each others hand waiting for what the Caladrius was going to do.

                The bird looked at the youngcouple and around the room, but never once did it look upon the young girl. It hopped down from the foot of the bed and onto the bed itself, eyeing the parents of the ill child the whole time. As it reached the torso area, the bird turned around, facing the window again and sat down on the girl.

                The young couple gasped, for they knew that if a Caladrius turns away from an ill person, the person is doomed to die from the illness. They pleaded with the bird to turn and face their daughter, but the bird did not move, however it launched itself into the air and flew out the window, leaving the young couple to mourn for their daughter as she struggled to breathe.




                The bird landed on a slender arm and cooed as the figure pet it. “Good job, my pet. I will now have another soul to add to my collection.” It grinned as it heard the cries of the child’s parents. “Not much longer now,” it added. The figure stood at the edge of the forest that the small cottage was near. There were no other houses for miles and the surrounding farm held many types of farm animals.

                The figure looked up at the chimney for a moment, watching the smoke rise, knowing that soon there would be no detectable human life in that little cottage. It leaned against a nearby tree as it continued to watch the smoke rise, noting that it had the aroma of cooking chili.

                Moments later it heard something coming at it through the air, looking that way, it saw a dagger heading right towards it. Ducking, it managed to avoid the blow, only to be ensnared by abolas; a throwing weapon made of weights on the ends of interconnected cords, designed to capture animals by entangling their legs. As it fell, it called out to the caladrius, commanding it to protect it from its attacker.

                The caladrius launched itself up into the trees where it knew its master’s attacker was hiding. It attacked with beak and claws, growing more monstrous with each strike until it was impossible to tell what it was, other than a monstrous bird.

                The attacker knew it had to move quickly before its target could escape. Spraying the caladrius with some sleeping gas, it watched as it shrunk back to its normal size before placing it inside a cage and hung it on a nearby branch. Jumping down, the attacker landed just inches from the figure it had ensnared.

“Enslaving the creatures of Myth to do your dirty work, have you no shame?” Natasha asked the demon as its feminine exterior dissolved, leaving an ugly, skinless being with its head in its torso area and a large tongue type thing hanging where the head should have been. “And did you also know it was a crime to be that freak’n ugly!? Seems as though someone did not simply beat you with an ugly stick, you bathed in the Lake of Ugly to add to the effect.”

                The demon looked up at her and laughed. “It doesn’t matter what you say. Soon the soul of that child will be mine and I shall growin power!” it gloated.

                “Yah yah, uh huh! If you say so,” she taunted, pulling out the Saint’s Dagger from its sheath and jabbing it into the demon’s right eye, which was just below its heart. Its screams tore through the forest. “Now, tell me, who else is trying to control those of the Myth? And give me a straight answer or it will be more than just your right eye that will feel the blades sting. Oh, and don’t think you are going to get that child’s soul, because…” she pulled out several throwing stars, turned just slightly and threw them at the cage that the caladrius was trapped in. The cage fell, releasing the bird, which flew into the window of the cottage and removed the illness from the child. “…the child is not going to be dieing any time soon and most defiantly not by your hands.”

                The demon watched as the caladrius flew out of the child’s room, carrying the illness in its claws. “But…How? It was under my control! How did you break my spell?” the demon demanded as the bird flew off and the sounds of overjoyed parents filled the forest.

                “Simple. I just simply woke it up.” She twisted the dagger a bit. “Now answer my question. Who is behind all of this? Who else is controlling the Myth creatures and beings? Tell me and I promise your death will be swift.”

                The demon knew that this girl was dangerous; it also knew that it had to try to warn the others, but how?  “The Valley of Twilight is where you want to do,” it advised.

                “The Valley of Twilight is vampire territory. Are you saying that it’s the vampires that are behind this?”

                “The vampires know nothing of the true value of the valley. It’s a huge inter-dimensional gateway from this world to the realm of demons. You might as well kill me now. You are not going to win. One puny human could not hope to stop the opening of the portal.” Just then the demon grabbed a hold of the dagger in Natasha’s hands and before she could react, plunged itinto its own heart. The demon soon dissolved and sinked into the ground, poisoning the surrounding area.

                As fast as she could, Natasha healed the area before the poison could spread too far. Luckily it did not reach the small house. With this new information, Natasha set out again to try to gather more about this portal and of the ‘true’ nature of the Valley of Twilight.

Chapter 2

The Storm


                Clouds started to roll in quickly, blocking out the mid-afternoon sun’s rays. Lighting and thunder roared across the skies as many fled to the shelter of their homes. Winds blew across the land, beating at anything in the way. Trees danced violently as gushes of wind beat at them. As the rain started to pour, anyone caught in such weather would be torn to pieces in a matter of moments as debris was flung everywhere and hail suddenly added to the intensity of the rain itself. The storm raged continuously, and all that managed to seek shelter, could hear the elements going out of control.

                “Papa? I’m scared…” a young centaur said, as he looked up at his father for reassurance. The adult centaur said nothing, but pulled his son closer to him. Many other races stood in the inn’s lobby, staring out into the storm. All were uneasy at the sudden change of weather. Even the elves themselves, who were close to nature itself, had no idea what was causing such violence in the elements. Everyone was on edge and it did not help matters any that everyone was nearly shoulder to shoulder in the small inn.

                The inn keeper tried to make room for everyone, but all the available rooms had filled up quickly, as did the basement and attic. Going to the back room, he and his assistant pulled out several mats and blankets to set down on the floor in the main lobby for those that crowded there. He only hoped that there was enough to go around as he surveyed the lobby, his hooves stomping on the wooden planks uneasily as he make a headcount of all that he saw. There were fifty total, all of different races and ages. This was going to be interesting trying to get the mats and blankets down for them all.

                “Can I help you with that, Sir?” a male voice said off to the side. The inn keeper turned his goat-like head and saw a tall paleman standing there looking at him. He wore a long black trench coat; his figures reeked of power and certainty. The man hid his eyes behind a pair of shades and his long black hair hung freely behind him.

                “Yes, please,” the inn keeper said as the man took half of the load off of his hands and helped him and his assistant get the mats set down. 

                Once all that was done, the inn keeper looked at the man. “You do not behave in the manner of other vampires, Stranger. What is your name?” he asked, being able to tell what the man truly was.

                Pulling off his shades, his silver eyes glimmered at the inn keeper. “Leon,” he replied, giving no last name.

                The inn keeper smiled. “Well, thank you then, Leon. Do you…” Before the inn keeper could finish, Leon had turned and walked back into the crowd, placing his shades back over his eyes.

                He was unsure why he had offered to help the innkeeper, perhaps to give himself something to do while he waited out this dreadful storm. He was not sure, but the inn keeper was right about one thing, it was out of character. Not for vampires per say, but for him. He did not normally go out of his way to help others and he hoped he did not turn it into a habit, but for now, he had to keep himself busy or he was sure he would drive himself mad. He was thankful that he had fed well before the storm started or else all this closeness would have might cause him to do something that would put him on the Myth Hunters’ list. That was one list no myth creature or being ever wanted to be on.

                Looking around himself, he spotted a dark spot in the far corner of the inn and made his way to it. Sitting down, he watched as many of the different races that crowded the small area began to settle down torest.  Letting out a low growl from the back of his throat, he leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. Why was he here? He wondered, as he closed his eyes and mind to all around him, not liking the closeness of so many around him. Most importantly, what was up with the storm? It had been a clear dusk and the sun was going down, when the clouds just suddenly appeared. No one had seen them roll in, not even the nature attuned elves.

                Even though he had just risen, Leon suddenly felt tired, worn; as if he had not fed for some time, even if he had drank deeply and heavily before the storm had started. Looking at the others in the small inn, he was able to tell that they too seemed weaker as time past. Just what the hell was going on?

                Suddenly, a small hooded figure caught his eye. The figure had taken a seat by one of the windows, looking out into the unnatural storm. Something about this figure caught his interest, he was unsure what it was, but he felt his body harden and his fangs extend, a reaction he only got when it came to gorgeous women and he had yet to see the figures face, let alone its gender. But he already knew what the answer to the second was without seeing the figure’s face. It was in how the figure moved and the shape of its form, even underneath the loose robe.

                Although he was not normally one to take such risks ,a part of him telling him to stay away from the figure, he could not help but feed his curiosity.

                Getting up off the chair he had settled in, he made his way to the figure, his steps barely even touching the floor as he neared his destination. As he past by the centaur warrior and his son, the older centaur tensed up, ready to fight him if he came close to him and his son. All Leon could doin response is smirk at the father son pair as he past them. He knew that many of the Myth beings did not like the vampire race, and for reasons of his own, he did not blame them.




                Natasha entered the outskirts of Modaria, a small harbor town not far from the main city, just moments before the mysterious storm hit. She was in pursuit of a pixie whose prank went too far and it cost the lives of an entire village of shifters. According to the reports, the pixie had been seen talking to a silver haired male vampire shortly before it had pulled the prank. By the time she had managed to exterminate the pixie, the entire village was engulfed by flames.

                Sadly, the pixie would tell her nothing, other then to head north to the Valley of Twilight for her answers.  What was the connection between the demons, the creatures of MYTH and her brother, she wondered. Having only north and the Valley of Twilight as her only clues, she made for that direction.

                Just as the first winds picked up, did she reach the harbor town of Modaria and she noticed all the town’s residents taking shelter in an old run down looking inn.  Figuring she would find more clues amongst the town’s folk, she made her way to the inn as well, when she heard a young child calling out.

                “Papa! Papa, help me!” Turning to the sound of the voice, she saw a young centaur boy, hiding behind a pillar as debris flung past. The young centaur was at the brick of tears as his eyes searched wildly for his father. Knowing that a happy being was more inclined to share information then an upset or grieving one, she made her way over to the boy, doing her best to dodge any oncoming debris as the winds and rain began to pickup.

                “Human, go inside! That boy is my responsibility.” A roar of a sound cut through the wind as an adult male centaur shielded her from the elements. As she looked up at him, she noticed that he had made eye contact with the boy and could hear the boy’s happy shrieks as his father made his way toward him.

                Knowing that there was nothing else she could do, she hoped that the father son pair makes it in safely, as she herself made for the inn.

Upon entering the inn, she quickly put her hood back up, not wanting to draw attention to herself, for even though she was not officially one of the MYTH hunters, her reputation has not been the best amongst the beings of Myth and many loathed her, without realizing that their kin that she had eradicated had been mentally enslaved by demons or had broken the Nephilim Creed, the law that every myth being and creature had to follow after the great war many centuries before.
               As Natasha weaved her way around the bodies of elves, dwarves, nymphs, lycan and other myth beings, she managed to find a safe spot over by one of the windows and took a seat. She heard the door finally close as the father son centaur pair finally made it in safely.

     "Now, don't go wandering off, my son," she heard the father say to the young one as he was about to go trouncing though the inn. 

      "Yes Father,"the child said in response as he looked trustingly up at his father.
                 Natasha turned back towards the window and watched the raging elements, as mats where laid down by the inn keeper and a vampire who offered to help. She listened closely for any sort of hint on the Valley of Twilight, hoping to gather more info from the people here, but as she sat there, she heard nothing, at least until footsteps started to make their way towards her. She barely heard them, but she could feel someone's eyes drill into her back, which made her uneasy.
               Suddenly she felt a hand gently touch her shoulder. "Quite a storm. Something about it seems off though, don't you think?" the stranger
asked. She kept her eyes to the window and hoped he did not pull down her hood. She knew, just by his touch, what he truly was, as she had the ability to feel the spirits of all beings.

“And what do you suppose might have caused it, Vampire?” she asked, keeping her voice low, but never moving her gaze from the window. She continued to ignore the hand on her shoulder, not wanting to provoke him in anyway. Though vampires are usually very charming beings, they can be easily provoked and insulted.

“Demons would be my guess. They have been popping up a lot recently, keeping you MYTH hunters busy it seems,” he replied. Natasha remained silent for a moment. MYTH hunter, huh? Is that what he thought she was, a part of that group, with their rules and regulations? Perhaps she had gotten most of her training from the MYTH hunters, but she would never consider herself one. Ever.

“I’m afraid your mistaken, Sir. I am not associated with the MYTH hunters. I am a simple traveler, though I do believe you are correct about the guess about demons.” She heard him chuckle softly as he pulled a seat and sat down at the table with her. Great, just great! This was the last thing she needed, attention drawn to herself. She would have to play it cool or else her cover could be blown.

“If I may ask, what is your name, dear woman?” the vampire asked her after a brief silence. She knew enough about vampires to know that once someone gives their name to one that they were tagged as a meal. She could not afford to be weakened by blood lose right now. Looking at him from the corner of her hood, she was able to see that he was extremely good looking, another thing that did not surprise her about vampires. Their good looks, as well as their charm, is how they drew their meals to them.

“We just met, and you ask my name already?” Natasha asked the vampire. She already knew his when he stated it to the inn keeper. She knew that if she did not cause the vampire to loose interest, she will loose valuable time, and maybe a few pints of her blood. She had never been bit before, but she had seen it before, beautiful women, after being bitten, becoming nothing more then mindless blood slaves to their master, offering themselves up to his every whim and desire until they were nothing but dry husks. Only those that did not fall so far, were even considered to become vampire as well, by what she understood.

“It is just a simple question. Or shall I name you myself?” the vampire replied with a smirk. “If anything else, may I see that pretty face of yours? Why hide it, if you are just a traveler?” She knew that she was in danger of exposure as the words escaped his mouth. She noticed him reach for her hood and she quickly backed away, but the chair fell from under her as she did so and she started to fall.

“Careful, beautiful,” the vampire said suddenly, as she realized he had moved from his seat to catch her. It was at that moment that her hood fell from her head, revealing her face. “Hmm, yes, just gorgeous,” the vampire purred as he cradled her to him like a child. “Now that is a face that has no need to be covered.”

Natasha quickly flipped the hood back over her face and tried to move out of his arms, but he moved with her as she stood up. Taking quick note that no one had noticed what happened, she turned her attention back to the vampire. “Alright, Leon,” she started, finally using his name. “I am only going to tell you this once. I wish only to be left alone and if you do not comply with my wish I may be forced to end your unlife.

Lifting a brow, Leon grinned back at her. “And how, my dear, do you plan to do that?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she replied, eyes narrowed as she pressed the Saint’s dagger against his heart.




The Swamp of Dread, a perfect name for it, slowly sucking away anyone’s straight and willpower who dared travel through its many maze like channels, was the only way into th evampire stronghold of Drakul, hidden deep within the Valley of Twilight. It was said that the whole area was once the deciding battle before the heavens created the Nephilim Creed over a thousand years ago. However, the creed vanished from its vault five hundred years ago, and to this day, no one knows what has become of the creed. Even still it remained lost, though seers and prophets tell of the creed taking on the form of flesh of three. Since lose of the creed, the Swamp has been repelled of all life, giving it the name Swamp of Dread.

A hooded figure rowed a small boat through the swamp’s main river, Itarn. The figure’s broad shoulders rippled under the cloak with each stroke of the oar. Even with all the power he had gathered, the figure could still feel a sickening feeling creeping down his spine as he ventured deeper into the swamp. Passing by the bones of those that lost their lives to the swamp, he had to remain focused on why he was here.

“Alright, Kyle,” he whispered to himself, hoping it will keep him focused and to break the eerie silence that surrounded him. “Get through this maze and you get one step closer to destroying Amelia Keldrak, the one that destroyed your childhood.”

Removing his hood, he looked up towards the sky, seeing that this area seemed to be the only placenot effected by that unnatural storm that seem to plaque all parts of the continent. He thought about digging deeper into it, but if it did not have anything to do with Amelia Keldrak, he would not waste his time. His only purpose being to take revenge on her for destroying his life and turning him and he swore he would use any means necessary to fulfill his quest, even if that met going against the whole world.

He was not sure how long he had been traveling in the Swamp, but he soon came across a small little cottage just a little ways on his right. The scent of human clung to the air surrounding it and he licked his lips, feeling his fangs extend instantly. Yes, he was thirsty.

Rowing the small boat to the river’s edge, he tied it off and looked back towards the cottage. He did find it rather odd that a human would be out in the middle of a place like this, so not being a lover of surprises, he shifted into the form of a wolf as he walked up the narrow trail that led up to the cottage.

Turn back now.

Kyle stopped in his tracks and looked around him, adding his wolf senses to his vampiric ones to find the source; he could only pick up the scent and heartbeat of the single human within the cottage.

Who are you? He asked through thought, wondering if the source of the voice would reply.

That is not your concern. Turn back now!

The voice was feminine and fairly young sounding, probably around his age.

Are you the human within the cottage? He asked. Not many human telepaths existed, and those that did have the gifts, were categorized as witches and treated like any other myth being, as an outcast. Most usually secluded themselves from society and lived their lives alone. Was this human that was in the cottage the one telling him to turn back? Was it to keep her seclusion a secret? And why would she choose the Swamp of Dread as her home, when no other human has ever survived?

You are a curious one, aren’t you? A laugh echoed in his mind as well as rung in his ears, as a chuckle escaped from the cottage and invaded his senses.

Shifting to his normal form, a grin formed on his lips. “So, what if I am? I find it helps to learn all that I can, seeing things from all angles.” He saw a shadow in the cottage as he took a step forward.

Perhaps. I know why you have come this way. I assure you, your search is in vain. She has not come in this direction. “If you are truly one sired by her, you are not welcome here, Kyle Silver.” The woman said as she opened the door, her slender and delicate form filled his vision.

Lifting a brow to her statement, he let out a chuckle of his own. “So, you know who I am. Well, then you must also know that no one and nothing will stop me from destroy her once and for all. She has taken way too much from me and -”

“Yes, I am well aware of your story,” she interrupted.  “I am aware of much. But if you will not heed my warning, I have little choice then.”

She closed her eyes and before Kyle could react, he was hit hard in the back of the head, all going dark around him as he fell head first into the wet moss covered ground.

His attacker loomed over his body and frowned. “Perhaps next time you will heed the warning of my lady’s pet.” Looking up at the human girl, the man flung Kyle over his shoulder and with her in tow, ventured towards the city of Drakul.




Leon’s gaze did not leave the face of the gorgeous creature before him, even as the dagger dug into hischest.  Exotic thoughts flooded his mind as he simply looked at her. Oh yes, he would enjoy her, taking his time with her, savoring everything about her. It had been some time indeed that he desired any one person for more then just a simple meal, but he was going to have fun with this one.

“You can wipe that smirk off your face,” the female growled, her temper causing her silver hair to glimmer with a red tint.

“And, if I don’t? You plan to kill me where I stand? In an inn filled with other Myth beings, during an unnatural storm on top of that?” Leon’s smile widen as he felt the pressure from the dagger ease as the woman before him put it back in the leather buckle at her hip.


“Hm?” Leon gave her a sideways glance as he pulled her seat out, motioning her to take aseat.

“You asked for my name, it’s Natasha.” She took a seat and made a quick look around the room to make sure that they had not drawn attention to themselves. Letting out a soft sigh of relief that everyone else seemed to be preoccupied with other issues to notice them, she turned her attention back towards Leon.

“What, no last name?” he asked playfully, with a smirk.

“Are you trying to start a fight?”

“No. No. Nothing like that. Though that might be fun; to fight you, now is not the best time.”

“Well, at least you are not stupid,” Natasha remarked as one of the barmaids came up to them and asked if they needed anything. Ordering a glass of grape juice, Natasha watched as Leon eyed the barmaid, his eyes glimmering silver for a brief moment. Once the girl left to fill the order, Leon had not ordered anything; Natasha placed her elbows on the table and laid her chin on her hands, studying Leon.

“What’s that look for, gorgeous? Starting to fall for my good looks?” Leon asked as he lift his chin slightly, giving Natasha a partial sideways glance.

“In your dreams. I despise vampires. You are lucky that we are trapped in this inn right now or I would have your fangy head by now.”

“Oh such cruel words from someone so beautiful. Do you get that fiery personality from your mother? I bet she is just as gorgeous --”

“She’s dead! They are both dead! Thanks to you vampires!” Natasha spat as she got up away from the table and disappeared into the crowd of people.

Her words echoed in his mind as he watched her talk to the inn keeper, who handed her a sleeping mat. He continued to watch her as she found a spot farthest from where he currently sat. A wide grin spread across his face as he watched her. Perhaps vampires did kill her parents; he had heard the same story from a group of orphans before. However, not many vampires would leave a single child alive, unless they planned to return to finish the job. For now he will let her be, but he would have her. He will not allow her to get away from him.

Going back to the seat he had before, a booth, he propped his feet up on the table, folded his arms and shut his eyes, a grin on his lips. Yes, he would have her. He would process her, completely and fully. He would not allow her to escape, even if he had to follow her until her mission was done. He would not allow another to have her, to taste her. From this day forth, the little silver hair was under his care, rather she liked it or not.


By morning, the storm had past as the people of Modaria walked outside, reviewing the damages. The docks were completely destroyed, all of the boats either destroyed as well or lost at sea. Any building not constructed of stone or brick was completely demolished. A lot of the town’s produce and livestock lost. The populous surveyed their town, their homes, determining the damage. Many were grieving for those loved ones that did not seek shelter in time.

The adult male centaur was the first to step out ofthe inn, his son at his heels. He let out a sad sigh as he looked around. Drawing his son close, they set off to see if there was anything left of their home, their loved one that did not make it to the safety of the inn.

Natasha waited inside as the last of the towns people left the safety of the inn to check up on their beloved town. Sitting in the back, she drew a blanket up to her chin, which was given to her by the innkeeper, and surveyed the room. The innkeeper was busy setting the tables and chairs back up, with the help of some of his barmaids.

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hey i like the theme and plot, the only suggestion i would make is that you might want to see if you can make it a little less wordy, and work on your characters (the dialouge is a little forced)

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Loosing her parents at such a young age, bounty hunter, Natasha Silvers has vowed to hunt down the vampiress that had tore her world upside down.
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