Dreams of Blood

Chapter 1

Dark Dreams

December27, 2005


            How long has it been since thatdreadful day, the day that changed my life forever? It seems like onlyyesterday that it happened. It is hard going through life with such knowledge,but I must or it will be repeated and I will again be alone. I cannot say howmuch longer I can endure such agony, but for my beloved, I must. I do not wanther to continue to have such a fate. I must stop the cycle, but how? Though Ihave tried countless times before, she has died each time. I do not know ifthere is a way, but I will not give up, if not for my sake then for hers. Ihope I am successful this turn around. She deserves peace; to live a happy fullfilling life, where she can have children of her own and be able to grow old.

            Markina is the one to blame for mybeloved’s countless deaths. She is the demon that made me what I am now; achild of darkness. Someone who needs the blood of humans to survive; someonewho never dies as he watches as those close to him pass over to a better place,who he will never see again. However, with my beloved, it was different. It wasnot her time to die, so she is constantly reborn, only living to be no olderthan the age she was when she died the first time by Markina’s venomous touch.

Shortly after that, Markina demanded myservices in exchange for my beloved’s now lifeless body. When I refused, shemutilated her lifeless shell and threatened to make it so that her soul foreverlived in torment. How could I just let this happen? In deep despair, I agreedto Markina’s terms, and was made her servant for eternity.

It was fifty years later that my belovedagain showed up. She was the beautiful age of nineteen. In this life, she wasknown as Karen, but I knew it was she. She still had the same sandy hair andsea blue eyes as she did in her first life. Her figures were the same, as wellas the way she walked and the sound of her sun rising voice. It was on amid-summer’s dusk when our paths crossed again, but as I suspected, she did notremember me.

I knew that it was only a matter of timebefore Markina, herself, found out about the rebirth of my beloved, and try tokeep us apart, once more. It was only several months later that she was founddead, her body washed up on a riverbed. For the next five hundred years, it wasthe same thing; she would be reborn, I would be reunited with her, then shewould die be Markina’s hand. The cycle must stop! But how? How can I keep theone I cherish above all others, from fading into the darkness once more…?



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Karnell closed the journal andheld it close to him. These past five hundred years had been painfully ones.How much more must he endure before she is satisfied? He only wished he had theanswers. There was time to debate that later, for now, he knew that he must putaside his worry and focus on feeding. Feeding, a term that has became a part ofhim no matter how much he used to deny his nature when Markina changed him. Nowit came so naturally that he never really thought about it anymore. Things havechanged so much between then and now, he thought. He placed the book on theglass table before him and leaned back against the recliner chair. Letting outa sigh, he closed his eyes and tried to relax.

The door to his chambers openedslightly and an old man walked in. “Excuse me, Master Windwalker, isn’t it pastyour feeding time?” the old man said sincerely.

Karnell opened his eyes and peeredat the well-dressed old man. As far a Karnell was concerned, the man lookedlike any other old man, just better dressed. “What is it Martino? Can’t you seethat I am trying to rest?” Karnell demanded of the old man.

“My sincerest apologies, Sir, butyou have some guests. Plus it has been three days since you have eatenanything. You look deathly pale,” Martino stated.

Karnell looked at himself in themirror that hung on the wall just across the room from where he sat. “You know,I think you are right, Martino. I am not getting enough to eat,” Karnell saidrubbing his left cheek. “Maybe I should head out right now,” he added, gettingup.

“But Sir, the guests!” Martino saidin protest.

“I’m sure you can handle them untilI get back, Martino. I have full confidence in you,” Karnell said as he openedone of the windows. “I’ll try to be back quickly. Don’t start the party withoutme.” With those words, Karnell left the building into the night.

Martino walked up to the window andpeered out. “Master Windwalker, you may be older than me, but you still havethe heart of a man no older than twenty.” He made sure to close the windowbefore going to deal with the guests and tell them that his Lord Windwalker hastaken ill and will not be able to join them tonight.


Karnell’s long silver hairglimmered in the moonlight as he peered down upon a small group of girls; hecould smell their blood flow through their lovely white throats; theintoxicating aroma was too much to bear. He was indeed hungry. His throat feltdry and ached for the taste and warmth of blood that it will so have. Hewatched as one girl separated from the rest, A grin formed on his lips.

Moving from his perch, he followedthe lone girl, using the shadows as his gateways. Karnell watched in amusementas she avoided the shadows and stayed within the light. “You honestly thinkthat will protect you from me?” he whispered amused. He eyed her hungrily as helistened to the beating of her heart as it pumped the blood through the veinsthat laid hidden just underneath her fine white skin. The sound of the beatingheart and rushing blood was starting to drive him mad. However, he knew he mustkeep in control or risk exposing himself to the city or even the world. Hejumped off the building he was on and followed the girl by foot, but he knewsomething else was following her as well, so he kept his distance.


The girl kept reassuring herselfthat she had nothing to be afraid of. ‘Only another two blocks before I’mhouse,’ she thought. However, she could now hear the sound of footsteps. Shehad hoped that the sounds she was hearing was just that of a fox or a stray cator dog, but deep down she knew differently. There were just too many reports inthis area of people missing and turning up dead, that she knew that she mightbe the next victim. Still, she had to keep her cool and hurry home before herparents get worried.

She soon no longer had the light tokeep her safe, because the trail of light posts had ended and she only had thedim light of the moon to guide her. “This is not good,” she mumbled to herselfas she descended into the darkness. She knew she should not be out so late,with all those news reports and all, but the movie that she and her friendswent to see did not play until late, and there was no way that they were goingto miss it, she just wished that she did not live so far away from the theater.

She walks slowly, thinking aboutthe resent reports; people found dead, their blood drained from their bodies.She wondered if it was some sort of vampire cult or some mad scientist. Therecould be a number of reasons that explained what happened to those people; shejust hoped she did not become the next victim.

Shaking her head in irritation, thegirl laughed softly to herself as she came upon her street. “Get a grip girl.Nothing has happened on this side of town,” she mumbles softly to herself aslight poles again shield her from the darkness. ‘Yet,’ she thought as fearovertook her. Though she was nearly home, she could not help but feel a littlefearful. With only two more driveways to pass, she set into a run and did notstop until she reached the porch of her house.

Though her fear was strong, hercuriosity was stronger. She slowly turned around to see if anyone was behindher. The feeling of being followed haunted her the entire time since she lefther friends to head home, and it was extremely strong now. However, when sheturned to look, she did not see anything or anyone. Relieved, she let out asigh and opened the door , quickly walks in and locking the door behind her.


Karnell had watched the entirething and found it quite amusing, but the girl’s ‘feeling’ of being followedwas correct. Though, Karnell, himself, had been following the girl, somethingelse was too, something neither human nor vampire. He saw it race through thedarkness, just out of the girl’s site. The darkness had many types of children,not just vampires, so it was hard to tell what it was. He knew it was not aghoul or zombie, they were of the lowest class, having no mind of their own,and only lived to eat the flesh of the living. If it were either of them, itwould have ran strait for her and not have hid.

‘So what was it?’ Karnell askedhimself from him perch by the girl’s house. As he watched the girl’s house, hesuddenly realized how hungry he was. “Damn! I really should have listened toMartino. I better find someone; I still have stuff to do tonight before I turnin.” He jumped off the tree and walked down the street with his hands in hispockets. He did not want to bring attention to himself, except dinner.Appearing to be about twenty-one, it was easy to catch the eyes of the humanfemales. He had hundreds of years to practice his techniques. He had only towait and let the fish except the bait.

He watched as a small group ofcollege girls come down the same side of the street he was going up. Theirlaughs and giggles filled the street and the aroma of their life’s bloodreached his nostrils. The smell was driving him mad. The more he was close toit, the hungrier he became.

It did not take long for the girlsto notice him. However, when he tried to use his powers on them, they recoiledand started to growl at him. Puzzled, Karnell walked closer and tried again.This time one of the girls spoke. “So, Vampire, why are you in our territory?You have no business here. I suggest that you leave, before my brother findsthat you are here,” the girl warned.

“Werewolves? I should have known.It must have been one of your kind that was following the human girl I had myeyes on.”

“And what if it was? If it were, itmust have been a cub or the girl would have been dead, even if a vampire waswatching her.” The she-wolf glared at Karnell and grinned. “But I wonder, whatwould you have done if we were human? Use your powers on us, take us somewhere, seduce us, then feast on our young blood?” Is that what you had in mind,Vampire?” the she-wolf challenged.

“I do have a name, you know,”Karnell replied coolly.

“Really?” she asked uncaringly.“What is it?”

“Lower scum don’t deserve to knowmy name.” He remained emotionless.

“’Lower Scum?’” She turns to herfriends. “Did you hear that girls? We’re just ‘lower scum’ to this vampire, whoalso feeds off the living!” She turns back to Karnell. “Ok, Mr.I’m-not-going-to-give-my-name-to-lower-scum, I’m Raven Monsoon. These are mypack members, Dolphin Cyclone, Phoenix Eartha, and the small one is MouseSundance. Now that I was nice to give you our names, can us ‘lower scum’ haveyours?” Raven asked.

There was a tone in her voice thatKarnell did not like too much, but considering that they did give their names,he might as well be polite. A nobleman was not much of a nobleman if he was notpolite to the ladies, no matter what race they were. “Karnell Windwalker,” heintroduced himself as.

“Oooo, nice name! A name suited fora walker of the night. So, Mr. Windwalker, again I will ask, ‘why are you inour territory?’ It seems odd that a vampire would risk coming into theterritory of wolves, since the treaty between our two races was forged. Do youhave an explanation?” Raven asked Karnell putting her weight on one leg andplacing an arm on her hip.

“I did not know that this was yourterritory, Madam. I am really sorry. If you allow me, I will take my leave ofyour territory.” He bowed and turned to leave.

“Oh? And you don’t even want tomeet my brother? You are simply going to walk off and not allow you the honorof our hospitality? Or does your kind think that our kind don’t have any formof hospitality for any one other than our own?” Raven asked, but it seemed morelike a challenge to Karnell then just a simple question.

With his back still to the fourshe-wolves, a grin formed on his lips. “I am sorry, but I have other matters toattend to tonight, but I will take you up on that offer another night. That is,if it remains open.”

“That’s fine,” she shrugged. “Weall have our own things to do. Actually, I was hoping you would declinetonight, for we were off to do some business. Well, until we meet again, Mr.Windwalker. May the moon guide your way.”

“Is that some sort of sayingamongst the wolves?”

“Yes it is. Do you vampires havesuch sayings?”

“If we do, I don’t know of them,”Karnell responded as he walked away from the she-wolves and back into thenight. That was a big waste of my time, he thought, as he moved backinto his domain. He was trying to decide if he should take the she-wolf up onher offer on meeting her brother, but he knew well enough, that male werewolveswere very aggressive. Plus, if he were to go to meet the she-wolf’s brother, heprobably end up with a stack in his heart. Karnell knew about the hatred thatthe wolves had for his kind, despite the treaty that was formed between the tworaces and he did not want to risk his life in order to please any lady, nomatter what race they belonged to.

He thought about his dearly belovedsuddenly and knew that he could not risk having a stack through his heart untilhe found her and broke the curse that was set upon her. He must ensure that shelived past her nineteenth birthday. Even if that met that they could never betogether. As long as she lived, he would be happy. Then he would do the honorshimself to do the staking of his own heart.

Nonsense! he though. Imust live on. I know that is what she would want me to do. But I don’t know howmany more cold nights I can go on with out her.

He walked back into familiarterritory, back to his own street. He had yet feed and it was starting toaffect him deeply. Swallowing, his breaths began to quicken and his chest feltas though it would burst. The pain grew with each step he took. He was stupidnot to have feed; now he would not die of having a stake, but of starvation.Vampires do not actually ‘die’ of starvation. It was more of a suffocatingexperience, since the cells in a vampires blood could not handle direct oxygenfrom the air; they needed the blood from humans not only for nutrients, but inorder to replace the oxygen that they otherwise could not get.

Karnell stumbled and his visionbegan to blur. When was the last time he had experienced this? About twohundred years ago when he thought he could live without the lifeblood ofothers. He was traveling in the high lands of Scotland to escape Markina and tosearch for signs of his beloved, who he learned to go by the name of Caitlin.He had gone nearly three days without so much as a morsel and it had started toweigh him down. There was nothing to satisfy his hunger, not so much as a mouseor bird. He remembered passing out and awakening in a bed with a young girl byhis side. She had cared for him the time he had slept and she looked down uponhim with pure and caring eyes. He had recognized those eyes as his own beloved.However, the yearning for blood was still within him and having her so close tohim drove him mad. That was the only time when he himself had brought upon herdeath. For three days after that, the town’s people hunted him down and it wasnot until Markina showed up that they know true fear and ran.

She had nursed him back to healthand when he was completely recovered, told him how much of a fool he was tokeep pursuing a human girl that would or could never give him the happinessthat he shot.

After hearing such a statement, hehad grabbed a hold of her neck with his hands. Pure rage ran through him as hesqueezed her throat, but no sound of choking came from her, she just merelysmiled. “Why do you smile? You are the one who did this to us! You were the onewho killed her first and made it so that I live forever! That she has to bereborn and die before she gets a chance to really live out her life! You are aheartless serpent, Markina!” He watched as his world became a swirl of blackand white until he did not know who or where he was.


“Are you okay, Mister?” called avoice in the darkness. Karnell followed it and opening his eyes, he foundhimself in a bed. Looking around the room, he saw posters of male celebritiesand stuffed animals. The wallpaper was that of little bears holding hearts,something you would see on the walls of a baby’s room. At last, he looked uponthe person that called out to him. “Good you’re awake! I thought you would beout for days, you should be lucky that my sister found you, you looked deathlypale,” said the girl. She did not appear to be any older than thirteen.

Karnell sat up and looked at thegirl. “Who are you?” he asked weakly.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I’m Sarah Richards.And you are?”

“Karnell Windwalker.”

“Windwalker? What kind of last nameis that? I can understand a name like Walker, but Windwalker? Is that some kindof pagan thing? My older sister is into that kind of stuff.“ She gasped andstood up. “Just a moment, I’ll go get her!” Sarah dashed out of the room beforeKarnell could say anything.

“Well, she seems to be a verylively young girl,” he mumbled to himself as he moved his feet off the bed andsat there waiting for the girl to return. He noticed a calendar hanging on thewall across the room from where he sat. “December 29th? Have I been asleepfor two days? Martino is probably worried sick!” Karnell stood up and hastilywalked to the window. A shiver went threw his spine as he opened the window andpeered out. “ I must feed or I may collapse again and might not be as fortunateto be saved by a kind human girl.”

As he began to climb out the windowhe heard the door to the room open and two girls enter. The younger, Sarah,gasp as she saw him.  “Mr.Windwalker?!  What are you doing? You arestill not well!” She ran up to him and pulled him back into the room. Hersister closed the window and help Sarah get Karnell back to the bed. “What wereyou thinking? You are five stories off the ground, you could have killedyourself!” Sarah demanded.

Sitting down, Karnell sighed andlooked at the two girls before him. “My sincerest apologies, but I must reallyget going. I…” Karnell was cut off by Sarah’s sister.

“By jumping out the window to yourdeath? Are you nuts or just have a death wish?” As she talked he watched herthroat and realized why he was here to begin with. The hunger was intense andhe tried his hardest to control himself, but he knew it was a losing battle asSarah’s sister sat next to him.

“I…no, I don’t have a death wish. Ijust need to go and did not realize how far up I truly was.”

“Well, if you really need to go, wewill not keep you, but do you need anything to eat? You look kind of pale,”Sarah’s sister asked, moving some of Karnell’s hair away from his face. Hepulled away from her touch, knowing that every moment he was in the room withthese girls they were in danger.

“Please, I really must get going,”he pleaded with the girl. Without replying, she looked at her younger sister,who quickly left the room and closed the door behind her. She touched his chestand gently forced him to lay back down. “What are you—” he began, but wassilenced by her placing her index finger over his lips.

“Shhh,” she replied.

Isn’t this great! I’m going tobe seduced be a human female and I’m too weak to do anything, he thought. Ijust hope I don’t loose control.

“I know what you are,” the girlwhispered in his ear before nibbling on it.

Karnell quickly pushed her off himand looking into her eyes. “What are you talking about? And wouldn’t yourparents be a bit upset finding a grown man in their youngest daughter’s roomwith their older daughter?” he demanded, feeling the bloodlust start to get thebest of him, but tried his hardest to keep it under control.

“My parents? Oh, they have beendead for several days. They died in a car accident and their bodies wheredragged off by dark creatures to be eaten. And as for your first question, Iknow that you are a vampire.” Karnell’s eyes grew wide in shock. “Your creatortold me, but I really can’t remember her name.”

“Who are you?” Karnell demanded ofthe girl. He knew that Markina would not waste her time telling just any humanof the existence of vampires or even revealing herself as one and letting thehuman live, let alone telling the human about him unless…

“Oh, I’m sorry, I never introducedmyself. I’m Joleen Starsae. Sarah is not my real sister, her parents whereclose friends with mine and they took me in after my parents deaths. But pleasecall me Jo.”

“Joleen Starsae? I don’t believeit! After all of these years you have been reborn with your original name! Doesthat mean you remember anything about your first life?!” Karnell asked inexcitement.

“I’m sorry, but just because I havethe same name as her does not mean I am her reincarnation. Markina thought soas well, she came close to killing me, until she realized that she made amistake. Cause you see, I am a werewolf.”






Chapter 2

Forever Dreams

December 31, 2005


                I believe I am losing it.Martino is awfully worried about me. After finding out that a girl with thesame name as my beloved’s in her first life turns out to be a member of a longline of werewolves, I have not been thinking clearly. Maybe the Starsaebloodline had been tainted with were-blood without me knowing. I thought Ilooked after and protected that bloodline from such poison. How had thatslipped past me with out me knowing? Well, so far there is no sign of mybeloved’s reincarnation in this age of yet, but already sixty-nine years havepast and she should be nineteen by now, about ready to turn twenty; since sheis reborn every fifty years after her last death. I hope I find her soon beforeMarkina can get her serpent hands on her. But for now, I need to think abouttaking care of myself. I had barely made it back to my estate before going intoa blood-rage. I had lost four of my best servants because of it and some of themaids are still trying to get the blood stains out of the carpets and tiles. Imust be more careful not to get out of control like that again or Markina willsurly win this little game she has been playing since we met. However, I willnot let her win, since cursing me it the darkness, all I could think of,besides saving my beloved’s soul, is getting rid of Markina. Though I don’tknow where she is, I do know she must be close if she had talked to the she-wolfStarsae. But for now, I have a meeting to attend to, so I have to put thesethoughts aside and focus on my work.


                Karnellleft his study, meeting Martino just outside. “Are you well, Sir?” Martinoasked, a frown formed on the old man’s face. Karnell knew that Martino was onlyworried about him. He had treated him like a son since he started working forhim. Martino was one of the closest people to Karnell, even if he was onlymortal. He felt blessed to have someone like him to watch over him.

                Karnellsmiled back at Martino to try to rid himself of the knot that laid in hisstomach. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be? I hope the rest of the staff hasforgiven me for my behavior yesterday.”

                “I havetalked with them all. The ones that know what you are understand. However, theones that don’t are still quite shaken and fear for their own lives, but theystay because they say that they remain loyal to you, even if they, at the sametime, fear you.”

                “Fearme?” The smile faded from Karnell’s face as sadness filled his voice. “I see. Iguess a monster can’t help but be feared.”

                “MasterWindwalker!” Martino started, but Karnell did not seem to hear.

                “But amonster doesn’t have to be evil, does it?” Karnell asked as a smile againformed on his lips. “If you’ll excuse me, I should speak to the staff myself.”Karnell left Martino in the middle of the hall as he turned around a corner anddown a beautifully carpeted flight of stairs. There was so much on his mind.Just the thought that Markina may be near by was enough to send chills down hisspine.

                As hereached the bottom, he heard a knock on the door and one of the maids rushingto answer it. “Hello, is this the house of Karnell Windwalker?” he heard theperson at the door ask. He knew that voice, a voice from the past. Notnecessarily the distant past, but someone he hasn't seen in some time.

                "Ye..."Themaid started, but was silenced by the sound of Karnell's happy voice.

                "Oh,Robert Calway. Is that you, old friend?" Karnell exclaims, rushing to thedoor. Without a word, the maid left the two men alone.

                Theyquickly exchanged greetings and Karnell invites Robert to come in. "Isthere anything that I can get you, Bobby? Some tea perhaps?"

                "No,no, that’s quite alright, but a glass of V8 sounds a bit right," Robertstates, taking off his coat and throwing it on the back of a nearby chair.

                "V8,uh? Since when did you care about your health?" Karnell asks half joking.

                "Hasnothing to do with my health. It’s just that V8 is red." Robert givesKarnell a cold stare.

                "Whatdo you mean by that?" Karnell asks, but of course he already knew. Cravinganything 'red' was the first symptom of becoming a nightwalker, a vampire.While a human turns, they lie in a death-like state for one day, before wakingup or being 'reborn' as vampires like to call it. After that, they have nomemory at all for the first hour. Usually their creator will let them roamfreely, attacking humans at will just to get to the sweet red nectar within. Ifthis is the case with Robert, how long has it been since his rebirth and whodid this to him?

                "Itreminds me of blood, and that’s why I sought you out to talk about,Karnell...blood."  Robert’sexpression was dark and blank as he said this and it worried Karnell even more.

                “Let’sgo to the study, we can talk more in peace there.”

                Karnellled Robert to the study. As Robert took a seat, Karnell went to the smallrefrigerator in the room and pulled out two bottles of V8. Though blood is theonly way a vampire can get both nutrients and oxygen, it was something aboutany sort of ‘red’ liquid that gave his kind a rush. Handing one bottle to hisold friend, he took the seat across from him. He watched as Robert opened thecan, guzzling the juice down in a single go, not once stopping to take abreath.

                “Ah,good stuff!” Robert exclaimed, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

                “It’sundignified to…” Karnell started, but was silenced by Robert’s glare.

                “Ohdon’t give me that. I can wash the shirt later. Besides, there are moreimportant matters to discuss than my manners.” He squeezed the can in his lefthand and threw it into the trash can he noticed on the far side of the room. Hesmiled to himself when he saw the can make it in perfectly.

                “Whatkind of matters?” Karnell asked. He did not like his friend’s new behavior andwas a bit worried about the true reason he was here. Opening his own can, hetook a small sip and placed it on the table next to him.

                Robertsat forward, his face suddenly expressionless. “She’s here, and the bansheequeen is on the hunt.”

                Karnelldid not need to ask who either ‘she’ or the ‘banshee queen’ was, he knew. Hehad told Robert all about his past and about Markina as well as his belovedJoleen Though it did not answer the question of who converted Robert.




Busybody   Busybody wrote
on 5/11/2012 10:25:22 PM
Just read chapter 2... Very good too!!! Mistakes:  Karnell exclaims, rushing to thedoor.-exclaimed Theyquickly exchanged greetings and Karnell invites Robert to come in.-invited

Busybody   Busybody wrote
on 5/10/2012 7:51:13 AM
just read chapter one... very good story!!! very interesting... but there are some missing spaces so it's quite confusing sometimes. also, some mistakes: The girl kept reassuring herselfthat she had nothing to be afraid of. ‘Only another two blocks before I’mhouse,’ she thought. -"I'm home" Still, she had to keep her cool and hurry home before herparents get worried. -"got worried" She walks slowly, thinking aboutthe resent reports; people found dead, their blood drained from their bodies - "walked slowly" "recent reports" “Get a grip girl.Nothing has happened on this side of town,” she mumbles softly to herself aslight poles again shield her from the darkness. - "mumbled softly" "shielded her" Relieved, she let out asigh and opened the door , quickly walks in and locking the door behind her.- "walking in" He saw it race through thedarkness, just out of the girl’s site If it were either of them, itwould have ran strait for her and not have hid. -"girl's sight" "ran straight" He had only towait and let the fish except the bait. - "accept the bait" Plus, if he were to go to meet the she-wolf’s brother, heprobably end up with a stack in his heart. - "he would probably" "stake in his heart" He thought about his dearly belovedsuddenly and knew that he could not risk having a stack through his heart untilhe found her and broke the curse that was set upon her. -"stake through" Nonsense! he though. -"he thought" He had yet feed and it was starting toaffect him deeply. -"yet to feed" He was stupidnot to have feed; now he would not die of having a stake, but of starvation. -'"not to have fed" They died in a car accident and their bodies wheredragged off by dark creatures to be eaten. -"bodies were dragged off" most of them are spelling so i guess you type to fast...

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