Bobby Bunnys Breakfast
Bobby Bunny sat at the kitchen table starring at a bowl of fresh strawberries. He did not like them.
“Bobby hurry up now or you’ll be late for school!” His mother said.

“I don’t wanna eat strawberries. I do not like them! Don’t we have any blueberries? Benny Bunny eats blueberries and they turn his teeth blue! I wanna have blue teeth ma ma!”

“Bobby you haven’t even tried them. How do you know you don’t like them until you at least try?”

“Strawberries are boring. They don’t even color your teeth; they are just plain ole fruit!”

His mother was getting impatient now. “If you don’t eat your breakfast you won’t grow up to be as fast as your Father.”

Bobby Bunny’s Father was the fastest bunny in the whole field. No one could run as fast as he could.

While his mothers back was turned, he quickly stuffed all the strawberries into his mouth. In no time, his cheeks stuck out like two overstuffed pillows! Red juice trickled out at the corners of his mouth. He sat there and grinned.

“Oh, what a good boy you are! You finished all your breakfast. Now see, they were good right?”

Bobby Bunny nervously smiled and nodded his head. More juice oozed out. Taking his fat little finger, he tried to push it back in. He grinned again, trying very hard to ignore that his cheeks ached painfully.

“Now, drink up your carrot juice and get ready for school.”

Bobby Bunny’s eyes bugged out. “Drink? How am I suppose to do that now?” He thought to himself. He sat there, looked at the cold, tall glass, full of luscious carrot juice, and sighed. Sweat beaded up on his forehead.
He cleared his throat to get his mothers attention. “Maf I hef a s-staw?”

His mother found it very hard to keep a straight face. She knew what he had done.

“A…straw?” She waited to see if he would say something again, but he did not. He just nodded his head vigorously. He wanted to get outside so bad and spit the berries out.

His mother handed him the straw and stood back to watch.

Placing the straw carefully into his mouth, he began to drink…slowly.

Now the problem with all those strawberries in his mouth, the juice had no place to go but back out! He tried very hard to keep it all inside, but the more he drank the more juice seeped out of his mouth. Soon his cheeks took on the shape of two very large water balloons and he still had half a glass to finish!

He tried to finish but his poor cheeks could not take it anymore and everything came bursting out!
His mother started to laugh. “I was wondering how long it would take for you to explode!”

“You knew? But how?”

“Bobby you should know by now that you can’t fool me!” She got a washcloth, cleaned up the mess, and then washed Bobby Bunny’s face.

“A-Are you mad at me?” He looked down at the floor, ashamed at his behavior.

“No I’m not going to punish you; I think you punished yourself enough just now.”

Stepping outside into the bright morning, Bobby Bunny smiled boldly. His mother was alright he thought to himself. He even had more breakfast after that.

“Hey Bobby wait up!” Benny yelled out to his friend. “How are you?”

Bobby Bunny just grinned.

“Whoa! You have blue teeth!”

shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
on 11/27/2008 5:12:54 AM
Like StarPoet, I liked this a lot too. I'd just love to see the illustrations...and I admire you so much for both writing and illustrating. My hat is OFF to you! I can see why the story was published...such appeal with all that gooey, yucky stuff going on and the use of repetition that children love so much. I write for kids too...but heck, I can't draw! Well done.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 11/27/2008 2:12:30 AM
Funny. I liked the childlike quality of this. It took me back to those days when I tried to be slick and got caught by mom. I liked this a lot!

Children's Stories
Ages 4-8
writing Searsha
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This is one of many childrens' stories I have written. This particular story is in an ABC series of books. I do all my own illustrations.