Love for One Day-Introduction
    My memories shall haunt me. But when they found me, I had to embrace them. It was like an encounter with old acquaintance I could never get along perfectly, or someone who used to bother me constantly.  I took a decision to hug them from that day on with much gratitude, thanking them for molding me to solid---from somewhat fluid.  I couldn't turn my face away to ignore them because those memories will find me anyway, always waiting for me somewhere around corners of my life.

    The story I am going to tell you is not only a simple history of certain time and place nor someone's memoirs. Hopefully it will reach the realm further beyond; accepting every each piece of who we are and pursuing what we are created for in the universe and better understanding of who we are.  We might simply call them heritage, tradition, or culture---atmosphere that often make us feel proud as a herd.  One moment of my life, I thought I could escape from being in the herd without any disrespect and total rejection,  by adapting something new and replacing partially.  But reality was that the more I tried to go away from them, the closer I was drawn to them.  At the same time, it provided a comforting effect for me.  I found myself in the comfort zone probably because in my memories, there were people I used to love so much that I never wanted to be parted, not even a minute.  There were also adventures, thrill, and horror taken place in breathtakingly beautiful sceneries.  Although sets of beliefs, customs, and superstitions my family had a great influence were not always positive impact on me, they became  my knowledges. Once I started to put all the material things and creatures in my memories together, they came back alive in full color fairly easily.  I had so many pictures my eyes have taken with flash so they have been imprinted in my brain with every each detail with its shadow.  Hours and hours, days after days, I lost in my grandparents' garden, chasing butterflies and dragonflies during our annual visit in summer.  As deciding to let those memories come in which abandoned for a couple of decades, a part of me says,

"No, don't invite them 'cause they are just ghosts and looking for chances to trouble you, all over again."
But the other part of me just laughs off and celebrates for how blessed I have been, for where I came from, and for me being......unique.  So now I'm ready to face what I used to be afraid to write.

John_Drydin   John_Drydin wrote
on 11/14/2010 11:43:37 PM
That's amazing sukie, it sounds like you put some thought into this. I my self have taken paths that led me throu hell, and a past that garauntees me a place in hell. even though I keep my past away from my present, this writing reminds me that it was all a part of who I have become. for me the past stays in the past, but this reminds me not to forget what brought me to greatness. thanx for that.

Short Story
writing SUKIE
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A Word from the Writer
"Love for One Day" is supposed to be a flower's name that will associate with this writing later, but I don't know the real name in English. Still searching.