Going to Back to the Basic
Lately thoughts of being old
aging makes me think
It's a big lie if I say
seniors are nice and gentle
peaceful especially
when I didn't get to rest enough
when I am broke
kids screaming, dogs barking
cats never stop meowing, asking for food
Then here they come old folks
They block my way when I'm in a hurry
They try to tell me what to do
what I shouldn't do
what they want me to do
what aches them
in the most metaphorical way
which perfectly rhymes
six syllables, four lines
     I don't know what to do
     I don't know what to do
     I don't know what to do
     I don't know what to do

They plant their needs in our heart
so we can harvest what they don't know what to do
cultivating only one interpretation
sending us to get prescriptions
to control colostral,  blood pressure
but most of them are painkiller
that we need to pick up for them
at pharmacy
which they are addicted to
put them to sleep
Often makes me wonder how many elderly are
addicted to and put to sleep
in nursing homes
We advice them not to take
We don't even go picking up
painkillers for them
on purpose
We might not be nice, gentle
peaceful as well
but I do care!
They are so pissed
They want painkillers and attention
for them

God bless them
I hope I will reach where they are one day
if I would, I don't know
so I just try to visualize
good things
in case I make it there in the future
so I won't feel as painful
and stay beautiful inside
while slowly deteriorating outside

OK...I want my own sanctuary
two-story house
solar panels on its roof
nice garden to grow
vegetables and fruits
Mountain-view from bedroom
Ocean-view from dining room
with my family and friends
to share harvest and laugh
not to discuss disease on the leaves and argue
A set of dogs, cats, and pigmy goats
some chicks and hens as companions
On balcony I sit on a rocking chair
to knit all day
while sipping camomile tea
I don't think I'm asking too too much
knowing exactly I would love to have
which makes me happy
God, bless me!
as I grow older
Above all the sore and pain
if going back to the basic
I know
I  would be alright

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A Word from the Writer
I realized that including myself, many tend to think about death more than aging. I wrote down the idea this morning when I was stuck in the heavy rain.
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