out with the old....
Why is it you feel so bad
I'm the one left all alone and sad
You say that I treated you like shit
But I guess you get to walk out with the last hit

Should I stay around or just walk away
Is all this worth my very next day
Lemme sit back a contemplate 
All this shit on my mind and how this will play

Treated you like shit I may have done
But what I did was nothing compared to how you stung
Did something I never would have thought 
It wasn't even a week till your ass was bought

I should be pissed but I'm not 
I should be getting rdy to strike back but I'm not
There is just no longer a point to all acting anymore
Put a stamp on it and call ya a .....

And then you had the nerve to come back to me
Sliding in like you was some pedigree 
Now I didn't know cus you never told
And because of that I've gone cold

Just indifferent to it all
I thought you would be different
Another notch on the wall cus your just like the rest
I guess to reach my final destination I have to pass another test

So god please I'm crying out to ya lord
Please send me an angel to help me not shut out the world
And if in the end this was what was ment to be
Then please give me the strength to stay out of history

Please send me someone who is my future not of the past
someone who will work to make it last
Someone who isn't tied up on the greed 
Someone who will lift me up when I'm in need

Someone that can take all of my jokes
Ready to dish it back like we toe to toe
Someone who isn't afraid to let me be myself
Someone who doesn't think of me as bought off the shelf
Someone who can be kind when I need it the most
Someone who isn't afraid when I get close
Someone who's down to ride no matter where we go
Someone can stop and take life slow

Someone who remembers the good none of the bad
Someone who doesn't turn away what they have
Someone who will never walk away when it gets rough
Always down for me even when things get tough

I don't pray very often but lord just hear this one prayer
O please lord don't act like you cant hear me and you aren't there
I'm not trying to scheme nor put you to the test
I'm just begging O Lord can you send me your best

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Never back down because i am never afraid of failing.
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Moving on in my my but had to get some stuff of my chest while making a request
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3/9/2014 12:00:00 AM
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