Te Amo?: My Fractured Heart
She walked into my life with a flame that never went out
Asking for my life but not knowing what shes about
Waiting to see if her words are spoken true
For this could be put together with the weakest of glue

To trust her with all that I am is horrifying none the least
Deciding whether shes an angel or a beast
Hoping she is what she claims to be
Hoping beyond hope she is here for me

Knowing that she says she loves me gives my heart a rise
Makes my heart so big I can't discern the lies
Wondering if this will be another downfall of me
Am I willing and ready for this love to be

She walked into my life with a flame brighter than the stars
Washing me down and burning away the scars
Wings to fly is what she has given my heart on this day
And to her Te Amo is all I can say

So Te Amo my love from the past
Maybe this time around our love will last
Different we are from what we were then
No longer the boy I was I have become a man

Te Amo my first and truest of loves
Your like an angel gods own doves
Make my day bright just with your smile
Your worth every stretch every mile

So if there ever is a time where you need my hand
Don't hesitate to ask its there for your demand
Just please I ask you don't break an already fractured heart
Your honesty and respect is a good start

Please don't bring with you the pain I couldn't go through it
Be easy with my heart it can't take it
Be kind to my mind it builds its own fictions
Be kind with my soul it can't take the friction

Te Amo my love and remember these words
Lies and dishonesty that shit is for the birds
Make sure your feelings and words are spoken true
If they are then have no fear for I am here for you

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