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Who? "alcoholic" What? "baseball bat" Where? "The mall"
The sound of smashing is all that can be heard. I am sitting in the food court at the mall. Everyone is on the floor and under tables. There is a man with a baseball bat. He also has a gun and has been drinking from a flask he keeps in his jacket.

I'm scared.

I've never been in a situation that I had to fear for my life before and now is the worst time for me to be. I'm 8 months pregnant. I'm having a little girl. I can't die today. 

He has already destroyed two restaurant fronts to pieces. 

I hear nothing but his devastation. The room is silent.

He keeps turning around to check to make sure no one has moved. The security officers are on the floor beside him on their knees. He pulls out the gun as one of them starts to rush him.


Screaming is all I can hear. He just shot the security officer in the chest. The officer beside him moved to the one just shot trying to stop the bleeding but I know it's too late. It was a kill shot.

"Oh!" I say quietly, even my neighbors can't hear me. I think I am having a contraction. No, no, no, this can not be happening. I am not due for another month. My boyfriends not here. I am in a mall. 

"Are you okay?" A young woman on my left asks in a nearly silent tone.

"I think I'm going into labor." I whisper back. Her face changes to a look of concern but determination. 

"We are going to get you out of here." She says to me while looking to the young man on her left. "My name's Jana, this is Matteo."

"I'm Katja." I respond while checking on the gunman. He is going through and smashing another restaurant front with the baseball bat in one hand, the gun in the other. "What  are we going to do?"

"Well, we think he is too distracted to notice if we just crawl behind people." Jana says.

"I can't really crawl right now." I say in response to my physical state.

"Oh." Matteo responds looking at my swollen belly.

"The cops are here, we can see them outside." Jana states.

"Do we just wait it out?" I inquire.

"You don't have that luxury." Jana replies.

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