Supernatural Story - Unamed at present

They ran through the trees,racing against the wind, eyes scouring the forest for a glimpse of her.Following her scent, breath growing faster and heavy but with no time to pause,they had to catch her before it was too late……

(1 year before)

The school bus was coming into view down the dusty road towards the old farm house.A sign still remained from many years ago, hidden by an overgrown Ivy bush, it read ‘Oak Tree Farm’ although no-one knew it was there. It hadn't been a farm for many years, yet there were still hints of farming, a broken plough lay rusting in the yard and remnants of stable walls crumbling in the field behind. A young boy Noah, stepped off the bus and ran across the drive, the door was locked, no-one was in. This came as no surprise, ever since his mum died, his dad may as well have been invisible. Not that he was ever around before, but now, on the rare occasion he was in the house, he was an empty shell, no conversation, no emotions,nothing. Noah sat down on the cold step in the back garden and stared across the fence, looking past the frost bitten fields to the dark forest which ran behind his house. Whenever he was younger he would try to sneak off into the forest but somehow his dad always knew where he was and would appear out of no-where to bring him home. His mother would tell him a story about the forest every night before bed. The story had a young princess who was beaten badly by her father and ran away into the forest for protection, although the forest had dark forces inside which had stolen her soul. His mum had died when Noah was only three years old, so much of the story was forgotten and his dad got angry whenever Noah asked about it. The familiar sound of his dads 4x4 engine came to a halt outside the house.

“Noah are you there?” Noah's dad, Harry was trying to find the keys mumbling something about last nights moon. Harry was obsessed with the lunar phases and the different star patterns. His dad’s hobby was astronomy or so Noah assumed. The door opened the two into a dark hallway, where they took off their boots, and gave a small nod of the head to acknowledge each others presence. Noah's dad went  straight out of the back door towards his shed. He had a large shed at the bottom of the garden where he spent most of his time recording and studying lunar phases and staring through his telescope. Noah's gaze followed him right up until the door slammed shut, he wondered if his dad even knew how old he was. Tomorrow was Noah's birthday, 15 years old, it wasn't a big birthday so he didn’t expect presents, but a small gesture would have been nice. He grabbed a bottle of juice from the fridge and noticed his dad had bought his favourite type of cheese, the one from the deli with all the jalapenos inside. Noah had asked over dinner one night but was answered with the usual silent gaze. Was it coincidence or had he actually listened. He wasn't sure which was worse, if it was coincidence it meant his dad probably ignored him, living as though he did not exist, which is how it seemed most of the time. Or his dad does listen he just doesn't know where to begin a relationship with him, but a small gesture of knowing which cheese to buy isn't going to make up for years of isolation especially on a birthday.

Noah went up to his room, and looked over to the house next door, it had lay empty nearly his whole life. Once there was a family living next door, and he would have play-dates there with their little girl, his mum and her mum spent nearly everyday together or on the phone. When his mum died she gave him a small bundle of bay leaves and said to always keep it near him for protection. To a three year old this means nothing and he tossed it aside in his room. Now he was older, he found a kind of comfort in the bundle, and had tied it on to his bed post. The little girl and her parents left a few weeks after his mum died, he watched them load up the lorry and leave, he knew they would not be back, although it took a longtime for Noah to even realise his mum was not coming back. He didn’t see her pack up any of her things, they still lay untouched on bookshelves and in drawers, as though she had just been away on a very long holiday. Noah sat on the bay window staring at the house day dreaming about his mother, the front door was swaying slightly in the wind, he must of dozed off because he was woken by the sound of voices, a woman in a long black skirt was looking around the house, she stared up straight at his window, her eyes seemed to be jet black he was overcome with the strangest feeling. She turned away and the feeling disappeared. She was with a man, who must have been an estate agent or something, he was carrying a clipboard and looked quite flustered. She seemed to be behaving quite rudely to the poor man, but he kept smiling, probably trying his hardest to sell the house, no-one had been interested for years and it was in quite a state. Noah was glad she probably wouldn’t take it anyway, he wondered if she had a family, a husband and if she acted the same way towards them. No-one ever bought the house, he wondered if his mothers friend still owned the house.

Noah opened up his satchel and took out his school work, ‘algebra, how fun?’ he thought. When he had finished, the sun had already faded behind the forest and the stars were beginning to pierce through the sky. The stars looked so beautiful out here, there were no other houses with lights to pollute the darkness, except for the one next door which lay empty. He would watch the night skies for hours, pointing out the different constellations, Perseus being his favourite. He would imagine he was the great hero of the skies, able to protect all those he held dear to him. This was a silly notion as he had no friends, no close family and it wasn’t even like he had a great relationship with his dad. The wind began to stir, causing the floor boards to moan, this familiar sound used to make him uneasy. He would cry out in fear yet no-one answered his calls, perhaps his dad didn’t hear him or maybe he ignored him,but after many nights of the sound and nothing horrible occurring from the creaking he had gotten over the fear, the sound now calmed him. It gave him a sense of security and lulled him off to sleep.

The next day the estate agent appeared with the woman. Noah had completely forgotten about her and the strange feeling he had felt when she looked at him. He jumped off the school bus followed by a soggy banana someone had thrown. He wasn't bullied as such, he just didn’t have any friends so he sometimes bore the brunt of the bullies. He shrugged off the banana and put it down to excitement, the Christmas holidays were starting at the end of the week and that meant they would get six whole weeks away from school. Anyway how scary can 15 year old's be? Noah smiled at that thought although he knew that actually teenagers can be very frightening, even though its best not to let them know this. As he walked up the path towards his house he noticed the house next door was covered in plastic sheets and there were builders all around. There was a caravan outside, presumably for the new occupants to live in whilst the house was being fixed up. He was shocked that anybody had bought the house, it had lay empty for so long. That same woman from yesterday was sat outside on a bench staring at him with such a piercing glare, he felt she could see into his mind. He waved to be polite but she just swigged from her bottle of gin and turned away. Noah turned away towards his house, his dad was inside. The smell of onions and peppers wafting through the hallway, this was strange he thought as his dad didn’t cook usually.

“Dad, did you see there's people next door? Are they moving in?”, his dad didn’t respond, he just continued tossing the vegetables.

“Son,I have to go away for the holidays. You’ll be okay. I’ll leave money in the jar for emergencies”

“Where are you going?” Noah asked, his dad looked as though he wanted to say something but just responded with,

“You just need to stir in the sauce and then its ready”, referring to the dinner,Noah took over and watched as his dad retreated back into his shed. After Dinner Noah went up to his room to put on a record, he didn’t like C.D’s they scratched too easily and sounded tinny. He only had a handful, he had saved up his allowance last summer to buy a record player. He usually listened to the same record over and over again, feeling his pain and frustration heighten. This night though he looked around in his box and found a record by R.E.M,  he placed it on the turntable and moved the needle across. Outside he heard shouting, the new neighbours seemed to be feeling at home already, he wondered if his dad was fleeing from the prospect of having to socialise with them. It was definitely potential, he couldn’t even remember the last time he saw his dad talking to someone other than the mail man. Noah peeped out the window and saw the Woman still swigging away at the bottle of gin, it was nearly empty. With mascara running down her face and the expression she was pulling, she almost looked demonic. Someone came outside and helped the woman inside the caravan. It was a young girl, he couldn’t see her face properly, as she seemed to move in the darkness almost as though she were a shadow.

That night Noahs dad came into his room, and kissed him gently on the head. With a big bag over his shoulder he left the room, tears falling down his cheek. Noah didn’t stir,not knowing his father had even said goodbye. That night Noah dreamt of his mother, in his dream they were all there, his father too. They were dancing in a meadow under the moonlight, and as corny as it sounds Noah was okay with it, it was just a dream after all.  In the morning he got dressed and started to go downstairs, walking past his fathers room he noticed the door was open. This was very unusual as his dad was such a private man. He noticed the place was a mess, so he went in to check everything was okay. He saw that his dads things were gone and his bed was  unslept in. He must have taken off already, panic set in, what was going on, his dad hardly ever even left the house. There had to be another explanation, he must have had a freak out and got rid of all his things or something. Even though his dad was never really ‘there’, he was always around. Downstairs he found the house empty, there was a note explaining the various bills and who to contact in numerous situations, and there was also a scribbled letter on the floor, but it seemed to be in some sort of code. Confused he threw it to the side and opened the money jar, there was over five thousand pounds in there, why would he need that much money?  It was then he realised his dad was not planning on coming back, this money was for bills and food to get him by, but what would he do after? The strangest thoughts were running through his head, he had no idea he could be so responsible. The house was paid for,but he had no job, he was only just 15 years old, how would he pay for food. He had the small vegetable patch his mother had started but that hadn't been worked for years. He fumbled around the kitchen looking for signs of where he might have gone. All he found was a package including his dads will, the deeds to the house, a strange bound book and a large crystal. He tossed them onto the floor and ran out to his dads shed. He had never been allowed in there before, but he didn’t care, he broke open the door. There was nothing inside, except for a telescope pointing out at the forest, and an old trap door on the floor. He tried to open the rusty lock but it wouldn’t budge. He wondered if his dad had taken everything from the shed or if he ever had anything in there in the first place.

Ina rage he flew out of his garden gate and across the fields towards the forest which was always forbidden by his father. He didn’t care, his father had left him. He was that much of a coward that he had actually left him. As the forest’s perimeter came closer, he heard the sound of a woman's voice telling him to go back, he turned to see who it was but there was no-one there.  He ran faster and faster until the trees enveloped him in complete darkness. He finally collapsed on a mossy bank, trying to catch his breath, he was surprised at how fast he had been able to run. Shadows of branches were creaking around him, whilst the wind tried to make its way through. The sound reminded him of the floor boards outside his room, and he drifted off to sleep. Whilst he was sleeping the storm strengthened and the trees began to sway violently, a branch fell metres away waking him suddenly. In a confused frenzy he jumped up and ran through the forest, torrential rain pouring down, he couldn’t find the way out no matter which way he ran. Fear set in, numbing him to the freezing rain, he tripped over a fallen branch, and lay on the floor weeping. He felt so small in this great forest, he was alone, no friends and no family.

 Moments later a girls voice spoke,

“Are you okay? I saw your running in here, i've been trying to find you, we should really get out of here before it gets any worse”

She held out a hand, to help him up,

“I'm  Elizabeth, Come with me” , He rose up towards her as though a magnet was pulling him towards safety.

He felt so weak he had to lean on her, whilst they made their way through the forest he saw her face, he recognised her, but couldn’t quite place where he knew her from. When they emerged from the forest, his house in view she helped him onto a rock to sit down.

“Happy Birthday Noah” she said gently,

Happy birthday, he thought. How did she know it was his birthday, he looked up ready to question her but she had dissapeared into the darkness. 


Chapter 2 (TBC)

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A very first draft of a story i'm working on....