Deacon's Reign

Deacon Riley was twelve years old the first time he was placed in a Juvenile Delinquent hall. He had been arrested for failing to meet with his parole officer. Six months earlier he was arrested for shoplifting an expensive personal CD player. Eight months before that, when Deacon ten years old, he was caught shoplifting from the same store. That time, they called his mom, but didn’t press charges. When he was caught shoplifting again, they called the police. The judge sentenced him with four years parole. Six months later, he skipped his weekly parole meeting and was arrested the next day. He was put in the Westerberg Hall for Troubled Young Men for six months.


It was August when he was released back into the custody of his mom. Deacon was twelve, and his brother, Kyle, was nearly fourteen. The boys were close in age, and close in friendship. Naturally, they had their fights like any other family. Kyle often called Deacon a screw-up. Down the road from them lived Matthew Hewes. He was a few months older than Kyle. The three were always together except when Deacon had gotten in trouble, and was sent away.


Five months after Deacon’s thirteenth birthday it was decided that he would go to a camp for troubled teens over summer break. The camp lasted for two months, from early June to early August. It was a two hour drive, to drop him off. Deacon sat in the back seat of his mom’s blue minivan in silence the entire two hours. Kyle rode with them so he could say goodbye to his brother. He was silent as well. Sally Riley, the single mother of the boys, often tried to start a conversation. She was desperately worried about her youngest child. She hoped and prayed that this camp would change his attitude for the better. She made small-talk comments, and got silence in return.


Upon arriving Deacon opened the door, grabbed his bag, and got out. Kyle got out, as well. “You’re such a screw up, try to change, will you?” He told Deacon, and got back in the van. Sally got out, and walked over to Deacon. He was almost as tall as her. She kissed his cheek, and told him to behave. She told him she loved him and that he’d have fun at summer camp. Deacon said nothing. He never even moved. He stood with his duffle bag slung over one shoulder, and looked off into the distance. Sally got back in the minivan, and drove away. Deacon didn’t move until the van was out of site.


With the bag still slung over his shoulder, he began to walk in the direction of the fence they had past when entering the camp. A large man stepped in his way. “What’s your name, son?” The man was tall, muscular, and quite unruly looking. He held a clipboard and a pen. “I said what’s your name?” The man repeated. Deacon looked up at the man’s face and saw a large scar under the rough hairs that were trying to come in on his chin. “Riley, Deacon. And I’m not your son” Deacon replied in an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.


The next week, Deacon had to scrub the pots in the kitchen as punishment for starting a fight with another boy in his age class. Deacon was punished, and the other boy was sent to the hospital for a broken nose, and then sent home. He didn’t get along with any of the other boys, only kept to himself. By mid-July he was sent home. The counselors called Sally Riley and advised she had him locked him up. Before he left, he was sure to have all the fun he could. Deacon lit a small, dead tree on fire the morning he was to leave. He left without any consequences from it. Everyone knew it was him, but they couldn’t prove it.


Fifteen months later, Deacon’s fourteenth Halloween, he was arrested and sent back to the Westerberg Hall for Troubled Young Men. Kyle and Deacon were left home alone while their mother worked. They invited Matthew over. They played video games, and watched movies to try to avoid letting Deacon find anything to get in trouble with. Their attempts failed though. Deacon went to his room. The walls were plastered with posters and pictures he had stolen. He lifted the old mattress, with the black bed spread, and grabbed a small bag from under it.


Deacon walked through the living room carrying it, and walked out the front door. Kyle and Matthew called after him. “Deacon, what are you doing?” “Don’t do anything stupid, De!” The boys called after him. Deacon grabbed his bike and road down the dark street, crowded with children trick-or-treating. Kyle and Matthew debated on whether they should follow or not. They decided not to, whatever it was Deacon had his mind set on doing, they wouldn’t be able to stop him, and they may get in trouble for it.


The two sixteen year old boys were alone in the house. They sat on the couch next to each other, sharing a bowl of popcorn. It was here, on this night, that Matthew confessed to Kyle that he was gay. Kyle moved away, uncomfortable, and freaked out. He almost asked Matthew to leave, but thought better of it. Matthew was still his friend after all. Matthew was still figuring everything out, himself. He had just accepted the fact, and stopped denying it. He asked if Kyle would refrain from telling Deacon. It was here on this night, while Deacon ran off to get in trouble, that Kyle and Matthew shared their first kiss.


Deacon rode his bike to the overpass that over looked the busy interstate. He stopped, and reached in his bag. He pulled a lighter out of his pants pocket, and pulled fire crackers from the bag. He lit a pack and threw them on the road below. It hit the top of a car but fell off before the wick burned down. He watched as the cars swerved to miss the exploding fire crackers. He threw down another lit pack. These landed on the roof of a cop car, and got lodged under the red and blue lights that were attached to the top of the car. They began to explode, and the car swerved around, before pulling off onto the shoulder.


Deacon cursed and hopped on his bike. He began to pedal and escape, but he didn’t get very far before being hit by a drunk driver. The car only did enough to knock him off his bike, break his arm, and knock him unconscious as his head hit the road. He woke up in the emergency room. His right arm was in an Ace bandage, and there was gauze around his head. He saw his mother, a nurse, and a police officer talking. He watched as Kyle walked by him and up to the three. Deacon couldn’t hear what he said to them. Kyle walked over to Deacon, called him a screw up, and sat back down in a nearby chair.


The police officer walked over to Deacon. “Son, do you know where you are? You’re in the hospital” He spoke with a terrible southern accent. “You were hit by a drunk driver; you got a bump on the head, and possibly a broken arm. Now, can you tell me what these are?” The officer held up Deacon’s bag, and grabbed a pack of fire crackers from it. He gave Deacon no time to respond. “What were you doing with fire crackers son? I’ll tell you what you were doing. You were being a punk. You threw a lit pack on the top of an officer’s vehicle. Do you know what it’s going to cost to repair the damages done to that officer’s vehicle?”


Deacon Riley’s hearing was two weeks from that day. He was tried guilty of vandalism, assault, and having fire works within city limits. He was sentenced to a year in the Westerberg Hall for Troubled Young Men, one hundred hours of community service when he was released, fined for the damages to the car, court costs, and an additional three hundred dollars, and the judge felt he shouldn’t be able to get a license until he was the age of eighteen.  Sally visited him twice a month, on family visitor days. Kyle went with her once a month. He often called Deacon a screw-up when he saw him.


When they visited for Deacon’s birthday, in January, Matthew came with them. No one had known about Kyle and Matthew’s relationship, except for Kyle and Matthew. They tried to hide as well as they could, but when they visited Deacon, he could sense something had changed between the two, but he shrugged it off. “Why do you have to be such a screw up, De?” Kyle asked his annual question.


Deacon was fifteen when he was released back into the custody of Sally Riley. The third night Deacon was home, Sally got dressed up, and asked Kyle how she looked. Deacon was confused, what had happened while he was gone? The doorbell rang and Sally answered it. There was a short, thin man, with thinning hair standing there. He held a bouquet of flowers. Sally invited him in, and called for Deacon. Deacon slowly came forward. Deacon was at least three inches taller than him. “De, this is Victor, and Victor, this is Deacon” The short man held out his hand. “Pleased to meet you” Deacon grimaced, smirked, and said “that’s what you think, Vic” He turned and began to walk away. Sally told Victor to go on out, and she’d be out in a minute. She looked sternly at Deacon. “Don’t leave this house” She commanded coldly, emphasizing each word. Sally turned, and left.


Deacon licked his lips, ran a hand through his hair, and fell back on the couch. “Who’s Victor?” He asked, emphasizing Victor. He picked up a magazine from the side table. “Victor” Kyle said, mocking the way Deacon said his name. “Is mom’s boyfriend.” Deacon stood up. “That’s just great” he angrily said. He threw the magazine back down on the table, and left the room, heading for his bedroom. “You knew it would happen!” Kyle called after him. Kyle sat on the couch, and thought for awhile, while Deacon lay on his bed, throwing a ball in the air.


There was a knock at Deacon’s bedroom door. “Hey, De, I’m going down to Matthew’s” Kyle said as he opened Deacon’s door. Deacon got off his bed and walked toward the door. “Wait, I’m going with you” He stood at his door, next to a poster with a graphic picture showing the Devil sucking the blood of a pregnant woman. “No, you’re not. You have to stay here.” Kyle was dead serious in this tone. “Stay here, De. Stay out of trouble, and for just for once, don’t be such a screw up. I’ll see you later, Deacon” Kyle closed the door, and walked down the street to Matthew’s house. Matthew’s parents were out of town for the weekend. Deacon cursed, and lied back down on his bed, and eventually fell asleep.


In the next year, Sally and Victor got married. Sally now had the crazy name Sally Cell. Matthew liked to joke around with her name. Sally was a fan of seashells, and the main bathroom was decorated in them. Matthew liked to call them Sally Cell’s Seashells. Kyle was in the wedding party. Deacon didn’t even show up for the wedding. Instead, he rode his bike to a secluded area by a nearby creek. This was his favorite place to be. He usually came to relax, and escape for awhile, but this time he came for psychotic destruction. He held an evil smile as he dropped small explosives into a beaver damn and watched it be destroyed. Deacon wasn’t a fan of Victor. Victor tried to get along with him, but it was hard. Deacon had grown apart from Matthew, and he wasn’t as close with Kyle, anymore.


Deacon stopped getting in trouble quite so much, but he still liked to vandalize. He often wrote DON’T on STOP signs, or wrote inappropriate words on other signs. He got in trouble at school quite often, though. He was failing every class but Wood Shop. He liked to work with the tools. He liked having the power in his hands. He liked having the knowledge of knowing that at any second, he could kill at least half of his class mates in a few short minutes. He was suspended several times. If his teacher pulled him out in the hall to talk to him, he would raise his middle finger, and tell them exactly what they could do with their mouths, rather than yell at him. He was almost expelled twice.


One morning, Kyle was sick, and didn’t go to school. Deacon was pulled out of fifth hour by the principal. “What is this? I didn’t do anything!” Deacon protested. Principal Webb waited for him to calm down before telling him Kyle had taken his own life, and his step-father, Victor, was on his way to pick him up. Deacon turned, and hit the lockers, that lined the halls, with his hand. He yelled, and hit them again, before laying his head against them. Tears filled his eyes, but he would not cry.


He later found out about Kyle and Matthew’s secret love affair. He found out Matthew had broken it off the night before, after almost two years. The funeral service was two days later. Deacon sat in the back, alone. Matthew did not show up. That night, Deacon decided what he had to do the next morning.

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Excellent work. I think you should revise and make the whole thing a book. It would sell I'm sure.

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A Word from the Writer
This is a second part to "For You, Kyle." I wrote it after "For You, Kyle." I just didn't feel like the story was complete. Deacon needed more background. They all did, but especially Deacon. As it was written this way, it's intended for the audience to read "For You, Kyle" before "Deacon's Reign."