A Message in the Stars
A Message in the Stars

By Rick Koestler

In the year 2019 the last of the Islamic democracies in the Middle-east broke into civil war, not because of land or politics, or even religion, those were, and always will be just a mask. Beneath that mask was hatred. Deep hatred. Millennial hatred. It wasn't a matter of 'if', but 'when' a nuclear weapon would be released by Iran against Israel. Sure enough, in the spring of that year, Iran snuck an armed nuke past Israeli radar, leveling Tel Aviv. Soon after an Islamic fascist war swept through Europe crippling its economy and plunging it, as well as Russia and the entire mid-east, into a living hell.

In the west, Islamic terrorists managed to smuggle three Russian-made suitcase nukes, and ten 'dirty bombs' into the United States via the Canadian border. All but three made it to major American cities, and on the first day of May, 2019, 9:30 am, the bombs simultaneously ignited.

Tens of millions lost their lives, and immeasurable damage to America's infrastructure brought the great nation to its knees.

Gloom spread throughout the world, as hundreds of millions lost their lives from radiation poisoning, or contaminated food and water. Disease and anarchy were rampant in every country as survival militias roamed their lands killing, stealing, and raping.

When the initial effects of the wars subsided, and governments sought to regain control, power stations and major communication networks were the first things re-established. Heavily armed soldiers guarded these facilities as government officials from all around the world communicated and learned that the destruction stretched from east to west, virtually ending life as they knew it.

Survivors from every nation cried out to their God. Christians prayed to God through Jesus, Muslims prayed to Allah, Hindus prayed to Vishnu, and Jews prayed to Jehovah.

People of faith from all religions prayed corporately, and at the same time united their efforts to rebuild their countries and seek God's intervention to cleanse the planet and once again restore peace.

After ten years of rebuilding, the nations of the world regrouped enough to re-establish their infrastructures and began trading with other countries. But while progress was made at an astounding rate, and most breathed a sigh of relief at their long-term survival, a godlessness spread into every nation. Many blamed God for letting the world fall into such disarray, and turned their backs on Him. "God is dead! There never was a God, and this war is proof!" they shouted, all the way from the streets of New York to the rolling hills of Lebanon.

Those of the nations that clung to their faith, quickly joined together, sending up a cry to heaven unprecedented since the dawn of civilization. A seven-day world fast was organized, and the partakers were to begin their fasting and prayer on the tenth anniversary of America's destruction; May 1, 2019.

When that day arrived, tens of millions of every faith and nation, fell on their faces, petitioning God for a sign. They prayed for an extraordinary sign that would hold off the swelling tide of hatred against the God that let the world destroy itself. They also prayed for protection against the governments of the world, including the United States, who condoned persecution of the faithful with impunity.

On the seventh day of the fast, panicked news reports flashed across television screens everywhere. Astronomers from every nation reported unusual activity in the stars. Every nation reported the same thing; millions of stars were moving through space to a central location just beneath the Orion constellation.

As the days passed by, people sat in their back yards or climbed to their rooftops waiting for the sun to set. When the black canopy revealed the universe, they sat dumbfounded, watching the 'impossible phenomenon'. Billions of stars moved through space at incredible speeds gathering into the form of a shaft, from north to south, the size of the Milky Way, directly beneath Orion.

Scientists offered no credible explanation, and kept referring to the hypothesis of the 'Big Bang' theory, but in reverse. They claimed the universe had stopped expanding and was now contracting, but at an exponential rate.

Only one thing was certain; no one had any control over it, and all they could do was sit back every night and watch.

After forty days, the activity stopped, leaving the silver shaft of stars visible over the eastern horizon, compacted and glowing as bright as the full moon on a clear night in Tahiti.

While the people of the world were relieved the stars stopped gathering, precisely seven days later the movement began again. And again, the world watched as stars moved to the base of the shaft to form another shaft beside the other, but this one was slanted at a thirty-degree right angle.

Another forty days passed before the second shaft was complete. When the stars stopped moving this time, the two perfectly straight shafts of light appeared in the heavens like this; l /.

The scientific world was baffled, claiming only a superior intelligence of unlimited power could arrange such a perfectly straight vertical line and a right angle directly next to it, but they would not mention God.

After seven days, the stars once again were on the move, only this time they attached themselves to the right angle forming the letter A, hence; I A was written in the sky.

At this point, the scientific world worked desperately to decode the mysterious I A message. They set their slide rules and computers to physics and even the hypothetical string theory, hoping it was a message from an advanced civilization, perhaps in a different dimension, desiring to bring the earth back to it's former glory.

On the seventh day after the A was completed, the stars began to move again, but this time far exceeding the past display in number and speed. The black eastern sky was lit up like Independence Day, and before the end of forty days the entire world went into shock when they realized the next letter the stars had formed was M. Hundreds of billions of stars had come together by an unknown force, writing the English words 'I AM' for all the universe to see.

Believers from all over the world gathered together in reverent celebration, while the rest of the world gazed in wonder and curiosity over the message in the sky.

When the end of the forty days arrived, news flashed across the world that the radiation-contaminated soil and waters were somehow cleansed, and vegetation sprung up where nothing had grown since the nuclear exchange. The oceans and rivers teemed with every kind of sea life, and the rains once again fell uncontaminated, bringing unprecedented harvest to a near starving world population.

The cleansing of the earth, and the message in the stars convinced 99.9 % of the world that God truly did exist, and cared very deeply about the human race and its survival. Especially when the stars began to move again and displayed the same message in one-hundred-fifty languages.

The nations knew peace again like never before, and they worked diligently together to rebuild the world back to its former glory, with a newfound respect and reverence for each other's beliefs and borders.

Over the next fifty years the world had not only rebuilt the nations, but they did it hand-in-hand, crossing borders for years at a time, bring resources, technology, and expert labor forces, to speed up progress of nations living in harsh environments.

The idea of war was almost forgotten until a group of college students in Iran broke into sealed college archives in Tehran and discovered newspapers dating back before 2019. They also found the journals of terrorists, filled with the seeds of hate and revenge.

One of the young men among them, Ahmed, was a genius, but also a fanatical idealist. By the time he arrived home that evening, the seeds of hate had germinated, and a plot to disrupt middle-eastern relationships shown crystal clear in the mantle of his mind.

As he sat down for dinner, Ahmed asked his father, "How did the great war begin, Father?"

"Why do you ask, son?"

"Because today I read some old news reports of what life was like before the great war. Our people have been robbed of their homeland. They were killed and tortured by Isra..."

"Where did you get these news reports?"

"It doesn't matter, Father. Is it true?"

"This is a new and peaceful world, my son. The past can only destroy that peace."

"The truth is in the past. Do we not have an obligation to honor our martyred family members?"

"We only have an obligation to Allah. Allah miraculously cleansed this world, and everything in it, after the great war. Can you not see His writing in the stars?"

"What I see in the stars has been there my entire life. For all I know it has always been like that. The world is hiding the truth from the younger generation, and I intend to find out why."

"Doesn't world peace mean anything to you?"

"After what I read today, truth is more important than peace. I hate Israel!"

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